I get very excited about the books that I get for Christmas it's pretty much the only thing I ever want for Christmas because new books are so shiny and new and I just I get a little obsessed with them so I thought I would share it share with you guys what I got and if you guys happen to have any like Amazon gift cards or Barnes & Noble gift cards that you got for Christmas then you can take a look and maybe you might be interested in some of these the first book I'm going to show you is half a lifelong romance by Eileen Chang it's set in the 1930s in Shanghai and apparently it's considered a classic although I know almost nothing about it so I'm very excited to dig in I really like writing reading Chinese literature that especially I fall in love with some Chinese short stories and I'm so I'm really excited to get into this one the next one I got is a book by one of my favorite authors I'm sure you've heard me talk about her before Helen oyeyemi she is honest I I fall in love with everything that I've read by her and this is her latest book it's actually a collection of short stories called what is not yours is not yours she is a Nigerian born author but she is British and she just has such an amazing way of weaving in the supernatural with the reality and I don't know I don't know how to explain it but she's one of those exquisite exquisite writers that you kind of you you really wonder how is she doing what she's doing so I'm very excited although I normally don't love reading short stories all the time I know I'm gonna like it because it's Helen my girl Helen the next one is another Helen or Yeti book this one's called widest four witching I don't even know what this one's about to be honest it's probably creepy book she's really good at the creepy the icarus girl was liked by her first book and it was just creepy enough for it to be perfect so I'm definitely looking forward to that this one is called this census taker by China maybe like that's how you say the name I think the reason the way I came across this book is it's a book that Helen oyeyemi I think that's what I what I said so that is how I came across it all of these books I requested I don't know how your family does it but give them a link like these are the books that I want right now and this kind of has a definitely an air of mystery to it and supernatural my next book that I got is the Queen of the Night by Alexandre Qi again I know almost nothing about this one but I think I heard this recommended on some website I'm not really sure that's why I'm willing to give it a shot this takes place in the Paris Opera um yeah that's about all I know about it I I kind of like going into books knowing almost nothing and just being surprised but I just need someone to recommend them to me so I know that it's really good and this is what I heard about this one this one I'm very much looking forward to it's called forest dark I heard about this book on one of my favorite podcast called bookworm with Michael silver blast I have mentioned him before on my channel definitely check out the podcast bookworm he recommends some really amazing books this book is about basically a rich guy who decides to sell up all of his possessions and then goes to Tel Aviv to have a kind of a life-changing experience it apparently it's beautifully written and it's everyone's really falling in love with it and I think it must be stony because it's in hardcover so isn't it a pretty cover I'm really excited about this one for a start by Nicole cross and another one that I found out about from bookworm is the familiar this book is so heavy it's huge and it's really cool because it oh sorry this is by Marc Danielewski and it's not like a traditional type of novel if you guys can see there are some pages that look traditional but then there are other pages that look like this and then he even has me see if I can find one some illustrations it's really just playing with the written word and how he can express the story I know almost nothing about this story except that this is part of a series is the first one and I don't quote me on this I'll look it up and I'll put it on the screen here but there are a lot to be expected of the series and people are devouring it righteously and demanding more so the author is still writing these it's a heavy one so I don't know I don't know when I'm gonna start this one but hopefully soon I'm trying to get through my books quickly the last book that I got is a hunker also this one cost apparently more money than was expected it's it's like a graphic novel it's called my favorite thing as monsters by Emile Faris and another one that I found out about from bookworm from micro silver black and this is about a young girl in the 1960s set against the political backdrop of you know all the stuff that was happening in 60s I assume the Cold War and things like that and I'll just show you a little sample of what it looks like yeah so I'm definitely excited currently I am reading Pride and Prejudice for my very first time I know that sounds crazy but I actually saw the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice over a dozen times the one with Colin Firth the really long one that takes almost every scene in the book and portrays it in movie form and I love it like a family favorite of ours so now I'm finally actually reading the book and I really and I'm really glad that actually saw the film version first because it's helping me really understanding characters it's incredible I really really am enjoying this book I'm trying to get through it because I really want to get diggin on to my new books currently it is December 26 and we are still treating today like it's still Christmas because yesterday was not relaxing at all at least oh just you know a lot of a lot of family stuff a lot of chopping and cooking and things like that so I am drinking my tea and reading basically all day um Merry Christmas that's it