this is gonna be a delicious video Budda Budda uh uh booyaah gopal so uh buddha bowl roll call a Buddha Oh Buddha bowl hey you guys it's Cristina hey you guys it's Sandra and we're so happy to be back in the kitchen with you today we're gonna be making fully raw beautiful Buddha Bowl Sabu dieting a bootable a Buddha Buddha Buddha if you haven't already hit the subscribe button join our family mom and I are having fun in the kitchen today and we're excited to have you and if you like this recipe if you like these videos that we're making for you be sure to give this a thumbs up comment below and let us know what other kinds of recipes that you would like for us to make fully raw for you so we're making Buddha bowls today and a bootable is basically a very hearty delicious rainbow kind of hippy salad but mom and I have decided that we're gonna make our own little Mediterranean type of colorful rainbow twist on this recipe we're really excited about it and we're each gonna make our own Bowl from this delicious and beautiful spread that we have right here consider it a challenge to see who can make the better bootable whoa so we have many different types of salads here everything from a carrot and cabbage slaw to cheesy kelp noodles sauerkraut's to bully 2 different kinds of mango salsas pico de gallo olives all different kinds of veggies and fruits and bell peppers guacamole and kale so we have all of these already delicious prepared mini salads and vegetable and fruit toppings that we're going to assemble into our Buddha bowls and then after that we're gonna make a very creamy and delicious rosemary sauce or dressing to drizzle on top for those of you who want a little bit of extra added cream salads and fruits and vegetables and I can't wait to get started – I'm hungry – I can't are you ready mom I want to see your creation I want to see your owners I want to see you in action who won every Asian you and I love that that I really are I love your creativity look it starts she didn't get that from me Josh let us get started [Music] all right you guys we just made our bootable they look pretty delicious and now we're gonna make a rosemary cream dressing to drizzle on top for the dressing I'm gonna be using my Vitamix blender to make a super creamy sauce if you guys are interested in a Vitamix or getting free shipping on any order you can use the affiliate code on the screen when ready add in 1 cup of raw coconut water or water if you only pop a cup of raw pine nuts small handful of fresh rosemary a small handful of fresh basil and a pinch of Himalayan salt you can add in here any other herb or spice of choice if you desire blend until creamy pour and enjoy you can drizzle this on top of your salad you can use it as a dipping sauce and so much more ladies and gentlemen I present the most delicious rainbow fully raw Buddha bowls of all time mom and I did pretty good all right let's try the dressing perfect creamy do you like it it's very different to rosemary minty fresh it is time to dig in for the taste test all right you ready mom yes I'm kind of excited I don't know exactly what I need to try first because it all look so good I don't know the best part about a bootable is mixing it home together and letting all of the flavors mix in really well so you already ate some okay I got a catch-up ready and go it's good I'm gonna in a little bit of each by very good hmm if you guys have liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and let us know if you like our Buddha bowls if you guys want more tips tricks or recipes on how to go fully raw subscribe to our channel join our family we're so happy to have you here if you guys want to follow my other social media you can also find me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram and Twitter I'll let fully raw and fully rock Christina alright mom and I are gonna go and enjoy the rest of our Buddha bowls and we hope that you get to go and do the same sending you all our hugs when I look