ready hey guys we're mommy hi okay guys we like camping yeah we did all right so we went camping near the Haleakala Crater a few weekends ago and I recorded some clips and I just put them together and I'm gonna do this video a little differently this time I'll listen sandy haven't seen the video yet so we're gonna watch it with you and walk you through the weekend so some good guys yeah yeah yeah yeah okay do you guys like the videos that I make yeah what's your favorite video that I made um my fabulous so anytime that you want the video to stop you just tell me and I'll pause the video and you can tell people what you want about the day or else I'm good yeah all right let's do this down a little bit you want to come on my lap yeah yeah okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] let me shave my mom prettier and crazy shots okay you ready okay so should we shot all the guys on first we got layer one layer your pants and sunshine oh my gosh when she's putting on her socks she said like these are a Halloween costume oh you're right I do say that you give it away these were like a Halloween costume socks I was in like high school all right what do you think of us have enough wears on I think I want to be worn did you get your double pants on other layer socks on once you have these two socks on pants yeah other pants in here what so what's under here what I got we have the Builder PJs I think just Elvis's size yeah yeah I think there's some of Elvis you're gonna go get dressed any [Music] all right who's ready to go to Holly on class yeah so we're really excited we're getting ready to go to Haleakala it's gonna be so cold there so we packed as much of our warm stuff as we have pretty much all of our warm stuff and we're meeting up at the top with our homeschool group it's like a scold if Antarctica oh not that cold but it's pretty cold it's like how do we describe how cold it was it was like it's closing game you're right actually yeah we went to Indiana one time didn't we and it was snowing so it's a little bit corny but it was so cold it was like it was getting there we're getting a chance to go into the observatory and check out the telescopes that are up there one of the dads in the homeschool group works up there so we are getting this like to go on a special tour quite so anyway today is Wednesday so yeah we're really excited a little nervous because I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to the cold but I really did my best really I can't feel my arms is that you sandy [Music] [Laughter] [Music] boy you fall down when did you tell him to put shoes on I told her to wear shoes but she just wouldn't she wants to push play this time saying is like the king of it yeah I'm going to the observatory right now and can't film in there but I'll tell you out what so like beep doors open the whole like there's like around like a giant ceiling a giant circle on the ceiling yeah yeah yeah that opened up to show big telescope oh stop yeah so the ceiling was this big circle door that opened up and you could see the dark black sky in the ceiling huh yep yep and when as they were opening up the ceiling sandy looked up it was you say no what you did cine yeah yeah you you saw the ceiling up there and as it opened up you went but not normal and then daddy go today pick you up and he said oh don't worry sandy it's just a door and you go just up door funny it's getting dark there should be warm oh I didn't think you were guys gonna come I thought you guys would like skirt just go home we're still steam coming out of this city how's your hot cocoa beans potato buddy's like going crazy there and we're watching a movie oh yeah what who is that I brought the projector I'm glad you brought the fridge oh yeah I'm going to watch the war yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right good ready for bed good night all this super cool and even a jacket [Music] I love the doors to your ancestor you don't do your ancestor all right so it's in the morning now and we forgot to put the rain tarp dream little before God put some rain carp and you were leaking yeah and we forgot huge well we had shoes but what are we doing them they get so so and then these nice friends gave us Hughes flies up because we didn't realize it was gonna rain last night and it rained all last night we woke up and there was so much water like drooping in our tent because we didn't have the rain flies I think it's called rain flies even though the rain flies up and wow we're really wet all of our blankets and pillows yeah we're just super wet and and then we left our shoes outside to source shoes are soaking wet but luckily our friends like just come super prepared you're like oh we have extra shoes and they just so happen to be the right size so we're good we got shoes and now we're just hanging out in the morning with our friends it's really cold it's about like 30 40 degrees it's amazing a lot of people don't know that there's so many micro climates and Maui just an hour and a half down the mountain it's normal hot 70 degree weather and here we are up here and it's like really really cold then I got my socks all wet yeah my socks have gotten wet because last I had to pee in the middle of the night so I went down the tent and I had socks on and I like didn't realize it was raining and then I stepped my foot into the grass and instantly my socks they're like soaked so I took my socks off and then this morning I like had to run across run across the grass to like get under a like that thing what it was raining in the morning and I felt like I was walking on ice I mean it wasn't really ice but I thought I was like walking like they were frozen so fast I just don't do the cold very well she's not good but we've had a great time and the observatory was amazing it was beautiful is really cool to see the huge telescope so I'm gonna end the vlog here I think we're just like having some tea in the morning cuz it stopped raining so the rhythm is the key I love the doors to your ancestor you take chances