– Hi everyone. Hey, welcome back to Millennial Moms. I'm Eden. – I'm Alisha, and we're the Laughing Moms. – So how many of you know what treasures lie in all the nooks and
crannies of your car? (laughing) – If you're mom's like
us, anything is possible. – Yikes. – Yeah. (laughing) (kissing) So today we are going to
invite you into our cars because we are having a
little scavenger hunt. – A car scavenger hunt. But before we get started, don't forget to subscribe
by clicking the button below and give this video a big thumbs up. – So to make this fair, instead of us just writing down what we think might be in our cars and then saying, “Oh, look what I found,” I made Eden's list for her. – And I made Alisha's list for her. So, we don't know what's on our lists. – Yeah. – So let's see what we find.
– What happens. – Don't judge me. (laughing) it's like a window to my soul, my car. – I hope my soul is
not as dirty as my car. – And the thing is, is I just traveled and haven't cleaned out my car yet, so. Oh my gosh. – Yeah. – Here we go. – Wish us luck. (laughing) – Okay, so we're here at
an undisclosed location. It's an empty parking garage. – It's cooler than outside
in the sun right now. – Yeah, it's really bright out, so we needed to find some shade. So we have our lists. – Yes. – I think I'm gonna go first. – From the looks of our cars, we opened all our doors, we're like ready. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna
win this hands down. – Bring it. Okay, here we go. – This is Eden's car. Looks like some treasures. (upbeat music) – There's possibly live
animals living in here. (upbeat music) – Ready, set, go. (banjo music) – Is bottled water in there? – I think I did put that on the list. – Um. (banjo music) (laughing) That's full, too. – Multiple kinds of cups. – They're all full. – It's okay, you got them. (banjo music) – Gonna look in here. – (mumbles) pen. (very fast talking) (laughing) (very fast talking) – That's pretty miscellaneous. You've got clothes hanging in the back. – Oh yeah, I do have clothes… Clothes. – Makeup, I got makeup. – Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, – Anything else? – Five. – Crusty food. – Four. – (mumbles) there. – Two, one. (buzzer) (laughing) – Okay, I'm gonna keep this list in here, and afterwards we'll compare
and see who got the most. Let's see what Alisha's working with here. – I might be able to find
everything on the list right here. – In that one area. There's the back. (upbeat music) I mean, this is just reality folks. This is just reality. – should I sign up to be an Uber driver? What do you guys think? – Yeah for sure.
– Totally. – Qualified. – Qualified. – Okay, let's see what's in the back. – Got some good stuff. – I mean, crutches anyone? On your mark, get set, go. – Okay, so water bottle. (fast talking) Grocery bag. Got a plate. – You have a plate. (banjo music) (screeching) Is this on there? – What is that? – I don't know. Oh, straw, I have a straw inside my drink. That counts right? – Yeah, don't take it out of the drink. – Okay, I gotta leave (mumbles) Pen, it's a cool pen from South Africa. Diaper. There's a dirty diaper in
my diaper bag (mumbles) I got two balls for ya. (fast talking) that's on my list. – That is the biggest umbrella. – We got that in London. Napkin. Here's a shoe. (fast talking) Stroller. Blanket. Oh, sock, yes. Candy. Candy. (fast talking) How much time do I have? – Thirteen. – Seconds?
– Seconds. – Ahhh. Hair tie, got a hair tie. Jewelry. – Was that on there? – I don't know (mumbles) (buzzer) – Timer. – Sunglasses. Okay, I got sunglasses at the buzzer. – Okay. – Okay. I'm not sure. – You may have won. You may have won, you were right. Okay, let's see. I may have won because
of my filth, awesome. – Eden's is on the left, Alisha's is on the right. We're gonna tally them up. – Okay.
– Hi. – The tally's are in. Okay, I got 13 items off my list. What did you get? – That's pretty good. But (laughing) my sloven, filth, it's pretty bad, got 18. (cheers) And I didn't even pick my
free miscellaneous item that I could choose on it. – Shoot. – So I would have had 19 if I just grabbed any item from my car, but
I ran out of time, so. – All right, there you have it. – I probably could have gotten
about 10 more things on… – There was a lot of pressure,
like the timer made it, and I kept, I panicked, what's on my list, i don't know, I don't know. I should have just thrown
everything in the basket and I probably would have won. (laughing) – Yeah. – So there you have it. That's the, she's the clear
winner here, clear winner. – Am I really the winner? – Or are you the loser? (laughing) – I think I might be the loser here. – Oh man, leave a comment below on the craziest thing that
you have found in your car or the dirtiest or the randomest. – Yeah. – We all have those things, right? Okay, well thank you for watching. To see more from Millennial
Moms click right here. To see more of us, click right above it. And to subscribe remember to
click the little kissy face down here in the corner. – And if you want to check
out our Laughing Moms channel there will be links in
the description box below. Thank you guys. – See ya. – Bye.
– Bye. (kissing)