[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be my Christmas home tour a lot of you guys have been asking and waiting around for this and so today I'm finally bringing it to you guys and I'm gonna show y'all where I got everything from I got a lot of questions on my decorate with me video which has been highly popular right now so if you have not watched that video definitely go check down below in the description box in case you missed how I decorated my house so in this video today I'm gonna share with you guys where everything came from and I mean everything so we're gonna go ahead and get started and I hope you guys enjoy the first thing we're gonna come to is my entryway table and I have this blessed Sun that I picked up at Kirkland and it was originally wooden and I just painted it this turquoise like aqua blue color and I keep this up year-round though so I wanted to kind of incorporate my Christmas decorations with this sign so I picked up these ribbons from Walmart and it just has blue snowflakes on there and I thought it would go really good with this sign I also put this picture frame right here it is from Hobby Lobby and we just updated our Christmas picture and so I have that in there and then I got these little reindeer from Hobby Lobby as well and I picked up two of those just kind of balance the table out and then I have this table runner right here it with just snowflakes and lots of glitter on it and it came from home goods and so Julie wanted to help me do this house tour so she's gonna tell you all where these pillows came from you go ahead for some this is from girls and not my brothers but this one is from another all shopping this braid learn it from the Christmas tree show so moving on into the living room which is where I did most of my decorating we'll talk about the pillows first and Julie's got this one too yeah yeah the picture weird one come from came from that's right any bright ones came from make law that's right over here at the tree I got most of my decorations from Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree we also put in our just like family ornaments so like my husband is from South Carolina so we have one of these that was given to us last year as a Christmas gift and then we have like our baby's first Christmas and our first Christmas married ornament and just a little special ornaments on the tree but I picked up a lot of things this year because this is the first year I've been able to decorate and not have toddlers clawing at the tree the whole time so I was really excited I decided to go with kind of like a retro theme but a very subtle retro theme I wanted it to be mostly classy with a little retro in there so I got these Santa Clauses from Hobby Lobby and I just thought that they were super cute with vintage looking and then I picked up a few of these little round ones at Hobby Lobby as well and I thought that they were also very retro looking so those were just some little touches I put on the tree to give it that subtle retro vibe and then I also decided to go with turquoise and red because when I think of those colors I always think kind of retro as well so that's why I chose that for my color scheme this year and then this Merry Christmas sign I get asked about all the time and it came from Hobby Lobby too so a lot of you guys have been asking questions about how to decorate a Christmas tree and for me to go into more detail and I will have another video coming out for you guys we're actually going to be going down to my husband's Nana's house and decorating her house for Christmas so when we go and do that I'm gonna go into detail a lot more and how I decorate her tree [Music] where'd we get it at the Dollar Tree so I just picked up a few things for over here at my fireplace and I got this star at the Christmas tree shop and we just painted it silver it was like a brown color and I think it was only like five dollars it was very cheap and then over here on my wreath stand I picked up this wreath at Walmart and a lot of you guys asked about the wreath stand and it's from the Christmas tree shop – just a few more things I want to talk about in the living room this pillow came from home goods and I think it's so cute it's just a little map of Santa Clauses route and then over here on this dresser I just picked up this figurine with a little boy and a little girl and it reminded me of Julianne Ross so I got that at Hobby Lobby and I also thought it gave this room like a little retro vibe to it and then over here I ended up taking off some of my fabric on here because I felt like if I left that one on it was gonna be too much pattern in the room because I have a lot of plaid in here now as well so I just took that off and kept the turquoise on this fabric is from homeo me yes why Emre and where's this room yeah this beer is from Big Lots and where's this candle from the candle is from Grove collaborative then we got this picture frame over here with Julie and Ross in it and it cannot Hobby Lobby yeah this came from Hobby Lobby my mith picture let's polka Donnie this topiary tree is from Turkey so going on into the kitchen I got a few things for over here in this corner this is normally where I do my seasonal decorations and I just got this mistletoe picture frame from Hobby Lobby and then I got this cake stand from Walmart and it's the Pioneer Woman brand and then I just put the Santa Claus with the little girl on top of it and we thought that that would be super cute and the Pioneer Woman cake stand really just gives that retro feel to so that's kind of my like thought behind that process there and then I just have another candle right here that I kind of decorated with just some red and white ribbon the only thing that I have over here on this side is a Christmas tree so in a candle and I'm just obsessed with Christmas tree scented candles right now so they're everywhere in the house and then last but not least I have some peppermint dish soap and hints out from mrs. Myers and I do still have that coupon code for you guys and I will leave it down below and you can get some free stuff from the growth collaborative website so check down below if you're interested in that so I kept it very simple in the office I don't like a lot of dick who are in the office just because it's easier for me to think in the office when I have a very clear space so like I said I kept it very simple in here I just have another Christmas tree scented candle I get these from Walmart and then I have this shadow box that I picked up last year I believe it came from Dollar General or some dollar store like that and it just has an ornament on there with a chevron print and I also just wanted to point out that I recently got my hundred thousand subscriber play button from YouTube and I'm really excited about that and I just wanted to thank you guys for subscribing to my channel and letting me get this over here is our upstairs entryway and a lot of people asked about this wreath it is from Target but I got it about two years ago but I think that they're still there I do remember seeing this very recently so I do think that Target should still have it there and then I just have these candle stands and I've had these for a while as well I got these from Hobby Lobby as well as the candles that are on top they're from Hobby Lobby too and then I just have this Merry Christmas y'all cotton sign and this is what I normally call my southern table so I kind of dress it up as like a southern style so I thought this would be perfect to go on here when I saw it at Hobby Lobby and then I just moved my we turn over here as well [Music] and that wonderment came from mom mom did you and Ross have fun decorating it yeah we have fun decorating it and this is in our white room bring your king from what's it Fred Dollar Tree Dollar Tree if it's on the Dollar Tree and I asked you a fucking to have it into it [Music] over here in our bedroom we decided to put a Christmas tree we've never had a Christmas tree in the bedroom before but I thought it would be very classy if I just did white with no ornaments and just put lights on there so we decided to go with some warm lights because it is very white and our bedroom is a lot of white but I also want the bedroom to look cozy too so we went with the warm lights and then we got this tree at Walmart by the way and then we just put a few Christmas presents down here at the bottom [Music] last but not least I'm going to show you guys our back porch which is one of my favorite areas and if you guys are wondering where we got our rug or any of our furniture I will leave that video link down below a few christmas ball ornaments in this greenery box right here and thin the table runner it came from Big Lots it was only twelve dollars so very cheap for a table runner and then I also picked up these really cute white and silver pillows from Big Lots as well this one is just in a deer and then I have another one over there in snow play and then over here I decided to decorate my little tray table just a little bit and I got this from home good and I liked how frosted the flowers and the leaves were I thought it was perfect for not just Christmas but also all throughout winter and then I just picked up this candle and the candle stand from home goods as well because I thought it matched really well with that flower piece so that is it for my Christmas house tour I hope you guys enjoyed it and it answered a lot of your questions about where I got everything from please leave this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and don't forget to subscribe if you are new to my channel and want to see more videos from me and I will see y'all in the next video