hey guys and welcome back today's video is going to be a clean with me I know a lot of you guys are preparing for the holidays as am I and we're also preparing for a trip right now I have been in a cleaning spree lately and decluttering especially around the holidays that is one thing that I like to do before the holidays and before we get new gifts and all of that I like to kind of go through and declutter something so we're going to be doing that in today's video as well last night I actually decluttered my closet and I'm going to show you guys the clothes that I actually ended up getting rid of and today we're gonna declutter the kids clothes and also clean up just some normal things so you guys can watch us clean up so this video is actually sponsored by 5 miles and what 5 miles is is an app you can have on your phone where you can sell items in your area so this is what the app looks like and as you can see I've listed a few things I just put five dollars on each of mine just to make it really easy and it's mostly just shirts on here but as you can see this is what it looks like once you get everything on the app when they contacted me and I checked out this app I thought it was so cool because they actually have reviews so whenever you are wanting to buy from someone you can actually review their history and if they're a good person to buy from basically I can't tell you how many times I have tried to sell something and someone was like hey I'll be there at 1 o'clock and then they never show up it would really come in handy if you could have a review for that specific person and how reliable they are to show up when you're wanting to self now their really cool thing is you can actually pay for your item on the app which i think is really cool because you don't have to like exchange money when you're there they can go ahead and pay you through the app the next thing that I thought it was really cool is they have a safe exchange locator on their app so it will suggest places that you could exchange things in a safe area and I think that that is really cool because a lot of people don't make the best decisions and so this is one thing that can just make sure you know that you are going to a safe place to exchange your item lastly another thing that I wanted to tell you guys about is they have a place on there where you can chat so you don't have to give people your email you don't have to give people your phone number you have to do is just chat through the app and then you can meet at that place so it keeps you like very secure and very private and I love that this is a free app so if you go check down below in the description box you will find it there and click the link and you can download it on Google Play or your app store or anything like that like I said it's totally free I think it's gonna be a really cool new way to sell your items and you guys should definitely go check it out so here is the stack of clothes that I decided to get rid of like I said I went through my closet last night and found a few things that I haven't worn in at least a year so I decided to get rid of them that's kind of my rule if I haven't worn it in the last 12 months it's time to go so now we're gonna go upstairs and declutter the kids clothes and we're also going to just clean up the regular things after that to give you guys some cleaning motivation julie has been begging me to do a Power Hour with her so she's gonna be helping me with this and maybe Ross too if he wants to and we're gonna go ahead and get started all right so before we started decluttering their clothes in their dresser we needed to clean this room up first so Julie went ahead and started on her bed and cleaning all that up and I went up and I fixed Ross's bed which really doesn't take long at all he only has a few stuffed animals but Julie as you can see she loves stuffed animals so she has way more than Ross does Ross is really more into like toys he doesn't care for the stuffed animals as much as Julie does but as soon as we got their room clean Julie decided to vacuum and she was seriously so cute throughout this video and just like begging me to do this video with her if there is one way to get your kids to clean try to film them I don't know maybe it's just my kids and the fact that I'm a youtuber so they see mommy doing this but they feel like it's kind of an adult thing and it just always makes her want to clean even more if I'm filming her so after we cleaned up in there I went ahead and brought all the clothes out of their dresser into my bedroom and just sorted it out on the bed deciding what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to give away I have a nephew that just turned one and so I'm thinking he's gonna fit into these clothes really soon because most of the stuff that I was getting rid of was Tootie so I'm figuring probably within this next year who he will be in these clothes so I'm sure they'll be put to good use and so I was just bagging all of this stuff up and putting it in there Ross went through a growth spurt lately and I swear he was only in like 3t for probably a month it was crazy he went from like 2t to fourteen so fast so now both the kids are in 40 I'm telling you guys it's just crazy [Music] after I went through his clothes I went through Julie's clothes now she doesn't grow as fast as he does right now so I really didn't have that much stuff to get rid of for the most part we kept all of her clothes but there were a few things that were either worn way too much and I didn't feel like she should be wearing them anymore and a few things that didn't fit her so we decided to go ahead and get rid of those [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] by the way you guys are gonna have to check out her folding skills it is adorable like she has her own little way of folding I did not even teach her that she just does her pants like that on her own it is so cute [Music] from the moment we held on to things we cannot see I would cross the sky [Music] it's only just begun I know you will look greedy so then I decided to put everything away back into their dressers and while I was doing that Justin took them into the playroom so they could go ahead and start cleaning up this pigsty they had made a huge mess in here so it really needed to be clean [Music] [Music] [Applause] tell me when you had enough no this is what they were done I just vacuumed in there just to kind of tidy it up I love vacuum lines so I'm looking for any excuse to vacuum you know my hardest one all the freedom inches what [Music] and then we went downstairs and Julie started using her cleaning products to clean with it's really just water and I put like one drop of essential oils in there but we went ahead and just wiped down all of our counters and she helped me out with this and I just think that they are so cute anytime they start cleaning with these cleaning products and tools they are so cute [Music] and lastly we went into the living room and just tidied up there and if you want to keep your kids busy while you're cleaning and let them feel like they're helping out and have them fluff the pillows that is one of their favorite things to do and like I said it keeps them busy so I can kind of do the actual work and they are actually helping out to fluff the pillows for me but I hope you guys enjoyed this video please leave it a thumbs up if you did and hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel and I will see y'all next time bye [Music]