hey guys and welcome back to my channel or welcome if you are new today's video we are going to take down all of the Christmas decorations and put up new decorations you're seeing a little bit of it behind me because I'm filming this intro after I actually did all of the cleaning up and decorating and all of that I did it one night after my kids went to bed because it was just so much easier to do it when the house was quiet and everything so I had a lot of fun doing this and I'm really excited about today's video because it is a collab with my friend Belinda Selene hey guys my name is Belinda Selene and I would absolutely love it if you guys stop on my channel I am so excited to be doing this collaboration with Megan absolutely adore her and her cute little family Megan I am your number one fan on my video I will be sharing with you guys at my cleaning routine and how I'm taking down all of our Christmas decor like tips and tricks when it comes to storage because I know it can be really stressful sometimes and hopefully you guys learn a thing or two so I hope you guys that join me and I'll see you guys over on my channel which is this those my you guys definitely have to go check her channel out I will have it linked down below she's also gonna be taking down all of her Christmas decorations and putting up new decorations and you guys would love her channel she has like a lifestyle channel but she also does beauty and cleaning and planning and she was actually at Disney World kind of around the same time I was I think we might have overlapped a day and were there like one of the same days but she also just did a Disney World video and things like that so you'll definitely have to go check her out if you guys are coming over from Belinda's channel I just wanted to say welcome and I hope you guys decide to stick around and subscribe to my channel if you like my videos and let's go ahead and get on into this video I am really excited about all of my new decorations so I hope you guys like them too my theme for this year is just feeling grateful and bliss so you guys are gonna see a lot of those words around my home now and I also really wanted to put a lot of yellow in the home because yellow gives like a positive energy and positive vibe so I wanted a lot of that in the home this year too so I'm really excited about how everything turned out I absolutely love it and I hope you guys do too all right so the first thing I started doing was taking all the ornaments and ribbon off of my Christmas tree it actually didn't take that long this was the first time I've had like ornaments and ribbon on my tree for about two years because we've had toddlers in the past and so this was the first year our kids were old enough not to pull the things off the tree but I had a lot of ribbon on there this year more ribbon than ornaments and that made it really easy for cleanup so it really didn't take that long by the way I know a lot of you guys are gonna ask where I got my container to put all of my ornaments in and all of my containers came from Walmart this year as you guys can see I ended up fitting all of my ribbon and ornaments and the picks for the top of the tree and everything in one container and then I started putting all of my pillows all around and all of the decorations that I had in these two containers by the way I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for sending in your Christmas cards this year that was so sweet everyone who sent Christmas cards to my p.o box I put them up in the house and I really enjoyed reading all of y'all's letters so then I went into the kitchen and started taking down all of the decorations in there and I don't know if you guys noticed but behind the picture I had a candle and that is a tip I have for you guys if you ever feel like you don't have something that can stand up on its own or you feel like putting it up on a plate stand kind of gives it a weird height try putting a candle behind it no one will ever know I don't think anyone ever knew that was behind there only I knew and it did its job well and it stayed up all season so it didn't fall so it worked really good and after that I started vacuuming and cleaning up I had all of my Christmas stuff put up in the containers and so this is when I started actually cleaning up the house but I wanted to go ahead and give it a good clean up before I started putting out all of my new decorations we did recover the dresser with new fabric all the fabric came from Hobby Lobby and I am absolutely in love with it I love the birds I love the yellow and Chevron I just love it all and so that's where we got all of that from and if you guys are wondering how we do this it's basically just like covering seat cushions if you've ever done that it's exactly the same way all you need is fabric and a staple gun and some scissors and that's it the only new thing I bought was this white rooster I got it from Hobby Lobby and Hobby Lobby is having some amazing sales right now and so all the other stuff I just had in my home decor that I've already had and then I got this new table at Hobby Lobby as well like I said they were having amazing sales and I knew I wanted to go with kind of like a blue and yellow theme so I picked this up we have been needing a table for this space for a while because we've had our DVD player over there and it's kind of just been sitting on the floor like literally since we moved in so I'm so glad to have a table over in the spot now and then I just pulled this yellow lamp out of my home decor stash and this greenery piece and set up this little sign I also needed a candle behind this one to give it a little bit more stability than just being on the plate stand like I said candles are as good as plate stands underneath it I decided I really wanted to hide these wires I couldn't figure out how I was gonna hide the wires so I decided to put a pillow there and I felt like this pillow wasn't enough height so I ended up adding the blue pillow which I liked a whole lot better anyway I like the pattern that it gave over there and the color the pop of color and so I was really happy with that and it did its job and hid my wires so I picked up these new yellow pillows at Walmart they were only like seven or eight dollars apiece and I had all the rest of the pillows on the couch already and then over here in this corner I also decided to put this windmill I also got this at Hobby Lobby on a really good deal too I felt like we needed some pop of white pop of color something over here so I decided to put this picture up over here and put it on a stand and it says we are truly blessed you guys might remember this from our old house I actually had it on the wall in our old house and so I ended up just propping it up on the fireplace loved how this looked and then I went over to our entryway table and started decorating over there too I knew that I wanted it to be pretty simple because I knew I was going to have a lot of decor in the living room so I didn't want it to feel cluttered so I kept this area very simple and just put some greenery and tied some yellow ribbon around the lamps just to give it a pop of color so this is how the whole living room looks all done and like I said I love it I could not be more happy with it and it kind of gives me the feeling of our old home too I think it's all of the yellow and turquoise because that was the color that we had our kitchen in in our old house before we painted it all white but I think it kind of just gives me that feeling so it definitely feels like home like I just love those colors something about those colors just speaks to me and then I wanted to keep my command station very simple so I basically just put a greenery piece a candle and my purse over here to clean off my kitchen counters I'm using the orange clove mrs. Meyers multi-surface everyday cleaner and I love this stuff so on one side of the kitchen counters I just put a turquoise picture frame with a picture of me and my husband in there and a candle and then I got this picture at Hobby Lobby and it says begin each day with a grateful heart or something like that and then I also picked up this rooster and of this plant at Hobby Lobby as well but hope you guys enjoyed this video and liked all of my new decorations leave it a thumbs up if you did and don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel and I will see you guys in the next video bye