hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today's video I am going to be giving you guys all of my favorite cleaning products that I found in 2017 so these are products you definitely need in 2018 these were like my cream of the crop like the ones that I could not live without this year I had a few others that I almost put in like just honorable mention but I was like you know this video is strictly for the products that I literally cannot live without well maybe not literally but I don't want to live without my husband always picked on me for using the word literally too much like in that how I Met Your Mother episode he's like no figuratively literally anyway let's go ahead and jump on into these and this video is also a collaboration with growth collaborative that is a website where I get all of my cleaning products from there is one thing in this list here that is not grovyle save that for the very last that way you guys don't get confused and you know exactly what you can get on the growth collaborative site but everything else is from that website and that is where I get all of my cleaning products I rarely shop anywhere else anymore for cleaning products just because they have all of the best all-natural products over there and it's just so easy to do it online so if you sign up as a new member and you spend $20 on their website they are going to give you this free set you get the caddy and it says growth collaborative on there and then you're also going to get this sponge set and then you'll also get the Basel dish soap as well as the hand soap and the Basel lotion from mrs. Meyers and the basil scent they let me pick which one I wanted and the basil scent is my absolute favorite mrs. Meyer scent that isn't holiday because I would say the peppermint is my favorite holiday one but the one that isn't holiday that is my favorite is the basil scent I just love it if you are an existing customer over there and you go ahead and order something you're still gonna get it the sponge set for free but this whole set is just for new customers alright let's go ahead and get started on what is all of my favorite cleaning products from 2017 and the very first one I'll talk about is this laundry detergent also in the basil scent I'm tell you guys lately I have just been obsessed with the basil scent it is so fresh and my clothes smell amazing with this stuff and it's from the missus Myers it says you can get 64 loads per bottle in this so I really love this stuff and then to go along with all of the laundry stuff I'll talk about this method fabric softener and this is in the beech sage scent oh my gosh guys this paired with this is heaven it is so fresh like that is the way I would describe it it's just fresh and I think of my clothing that's how I want it to smell like I want it to smell like just super fresh like it's just been hung outside on the line or something and then also to go along with the laundry theme I had to mention these molly's suds wool dryer balls these are amazing they cut your drying time like basically in half I seriously feel like it's like no time for my clothes to dry anymore with these things I've actually bought two sets that way I can have one in every load I also really love to pair it with essential oils so you can take essential oils and just drop them on these dryer balls and it does not stain your clothes I've had a few people say I would be scared if it stained my clothes but it doesn't it just stays right on the ball but the ones that I love to use is orange and I also love these like in my diffusers as well so I picked my favorite essential oils for 2017 and it would be orange and peppermint I love this one and peppermint is probably my favorite and then rosemary as well like I said all of these are from the grove collaborative website so you can even get essential oils over there too last but not least in the laundry category I had to mention the Sweet Pea stain remover from Cal drea I love this stuff and I mean it works so good this is we had a very nasty situation this is gonna be nasty but we had a situation where Molly threw up Molly our dog threw up on our white carpet in our bedroom and it was a mess but honestly like I was just like I'm just gonna have to get a new carpet I don't even know what to do um but I ended up just trying this out and it worked like you cannot even see where happened there is no stain whatsoever I've used this on bloodstains it works on everything is a miracle-worker countertop sprays and multi surface sprays had to be like my favorite cleaning product of 2017 so the ones that I loved the most were this one from tangle Oh palm wall is from Calgary of brand but this one isn't a tangle Oh palm frond they have the weirdest names for their bare caldron products but this one smells amazing it reminds me of a scent if you ever go to like the Sheraton Hotels their shampoos and conditioners and body washes and stuff like that they all have a very citrusy smell I've always loved that smell though because we stayed at a Sheraton hotel like on our wedding night and so anytime I go there it always reminds me of like my honeymoon and when I spread this in my kitchen I was like that's it that's food that's the smell the Sheraton smell so that's one reason why I love this stuff but I've also seen a lot of other youtubers who are just like they swear by this stuff it is amazing and then the second one that I have from Cal drea was my all-time favorite this is the one that I'm just like if I could have only one of them this is the one I would pick and it is sea salt neroli oh my gosh guys yeah it's very like lemony also kind of reminds me of like a nice like high-end hotel which is why I feel like I like these so much because anytime I like spray these in my house I kind of feel like I'm on vacation so I love those and so I also had to mention that I love their room sprays as well these are room and linens sprays so you can spray them in the air or you could also just spray them on the couch or on your bedspread or wherever you want to spray them but they have them in the same sense that I just mentioned for the counter top spray so I love these also for the counter top spray and multi surface spray I had to mention the spray from mrs. Myers that is the basil scent like I said I'm just obsessed with this scent it's my absolute favorite scent from mrs. Myers but I just had to mention it you guys are probably going to see it like a million times in my videos this year I just Oh is so fresh and the candle they have a candle like this too I probably should have brought that down but they have a candle in the basil scent and we burn those all the time they smells so good for my glass cleaner this year my absolute favorite product was the method glass and surface spray and it has a mint scent and mint peppermint spearmint anything like that is my favorite stuff works so well though I don't have any streaks or anything like that I just love the smell of it I also clean my microfiber barstools off with this stuff you guys might have seen that in a video or two but it works really really well so I also forgot I brought this hand soap out and it is also from the couch area brand it's in sea salt and Rolly but I wanted to mention this because if you don't know if you're gonna like any of the scents you can always just get like some hand soap test it out see if you like the scent and then you can actually go and buy the products if you figure out that you like it but this is just a good way to like test it out before you go and buy like the countertop spray and the room spray and all of that just because I've recommended it try to figure out if you like it first and a good way to do that is to buy some hand soap that way you see what this scent smells like but I just wanted to mention that because I have this sea salt neroli in basically all the bathrooms right now because I'm obsessed speaking of the bathrooms I wanted to mention this auntie back toilette cleaner from method this was my favorite it's also in the experiment scent so there you go no you know why it's my favorite but this one I have been loving I had one from mrs. Meyers and I liked it at first but then it really gave me just like a I don't know I I all of a sudden didn't like the smell it really smelt like if you go into Walmart and it's like the bathroom still stinks but you can tell it's been cleaned it kind of gave that scent like I really didn't like it this one however always leaves the bathroom smelling really good doesn't stink at all just leaves the bathroom smelling really fresh and clean and it cleans my tool it's really well too for my dish soap my absolute favorite one and I think this is the only seventh generation brand that I have in all of this stuff but this year I was just loving the dishwasher detergent in seventh generation and this is in the lemon scent the very last product I had to mention and like I said this one you cannot get on the growth collaborative website but I get this at Walmart but it is the wayman's stainless steel dirt and polish this is the best stuff out there I just spray this on my stainless steel appliances and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and it leaves no streaks whatsoever I was having a problem with the method stainless steel cleaner I absolutely hated that one I've said that before but oh I hated that one so much it left my stainless steel looking so greasy but this stuff is in my opinion the best stainless steel cleaner that you can get if you guys enjoyed listening to what my favorite cleaning products were in 2017 and definitely going to be my repurchases in 2018 and products that you guys are probably gonna see a lot like I said don't forget to go check out groov collaborative I will have their link down below and the link that you can use to get all these free products don't forget to leave this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe to my channel if you are new and would like to see more videos from me and I'll see you guys in the next one