hey guys welcome back to my channel today we're gonna cook and clean with me Justin's actually gonna do the majority of the cooking because I've been filming and ultimate clean with me all day long today and I'm tired he knows it and he offered he don't like yeah I'm not a great cook I don't mind cooking yeah he used to be a fire fighter so he used to do his fair share of cooking and cleaning but yeah so Justin's gonna be cooking the majority of this I'll probably jump in and help him a little bit and I'm gonna clean up after dinner so you guys are gonna get a full cooking clean with me and we're actually cooking some pillow fresh tonight this video is sponsored by hello fresh you guys know I absolutely love hello fresh like I'd not only order hello fresh but also on the weeks that I don't order hello fresh I remember the recipes and I keep the recipes and I make them on my own but hello fresh is just really easy to use when you're having a busy week because I had an appointment in Charlotte earlier this week tomorrow Julie has an appointment in Raleigh and in between like appointments I've also been trying to stock up on videos because we have something coming up that I need to stock up videos on so I've had no time whatsoever this week to get to the grocery store so we figured we would have our hello fresh this week and it would be perfect so I'm gonna go ahead and let you guys see what Justin is cooking tonight it looks amazing it's some kind of like barbecue chicken I cannot wait to have this like we've had so many hellofresh meals I can't even count how many whoo you've had now they're all amazing there has not been one that we didn't like so I'm sure this one will be the same way so let me tell you guys a few more things about hello fresh and why this is our favorite meal service and I'll be sure to leave the recipe down below so you guys don't miss out on anything but one thing we love is you can pause your account for weeks at a time so if you aren't needing the meal service you don't have to get it you can choose to get it only on weeks when you need it we also love trying out new recipes neither one of us are really great in the kitchen so hellofresh has helped us out a lot with that hello fresh offers a wide variety of chef curated recipes that change weekly and the recipes normally only take 30 minutes to cook once again I was able to get a coupon code for you guys so to get $30 off your first week of hellofresh you can use the code love Meg 30 [Music] by the way how cute were these kids cooking you're gonna see Ross cooking – in a minute and oh my gosh I watched these clips over and over when I was editing [Music] this macaroni and cheese was to die for honestly like this is probably one of my favorite things I've had with hellofresh I never thought about putting cream cheese in my macaroni and cheese but I'm definitely gonna do that from now on because it totally changed the game it was delicious [Music] also another thing that I feel like I'm gonna start doing lately is putting the barbecue sauce on last like they had us do in this recipe normally I would just marinate my chicken in barbecue sauce and then cook it like that but they cook the chicken first and then added the barbecue sauce on last and it definitely gave it at like a better taste I don't know we just really liked it this way and this is another tip I'm definitely going to be using [Music] so I just finished mine it was amazing and I've got a little life pack or mom hack for you guys Ross was unsure about his lettuce he was like I don't know about this and he was calling it leaves he's had lettuce before though you guys I don't know what this was about but I was like well you made it so it must be good and he was like oh yeah it is and just started eating it so mom hack for you guys let them help you and then they will leave it so now that dinner is over I'm just gonna go ahead and start cleaning out the kitchen [Music] I'm using this new mrs. Meyer spray and it's in the radish scent and I did not expect to like this one so much but I'm loving it it's probably now my second favorite you guys know that the basil is still my first but the radish is a close second it's really good the old knife on my skin [Music] by the way do anyone else's kids take like forever to eat I feel like we finish eating so much faster than the kids do and we also had my cousin Rachel eating with us this night you guys know that she stays with us a few times a week because she goes to school near us but this meal was actually enough for three adults and the two kids so that's one thing about hellofresh too is that it's normally more than plenty for all of us to eat sometimes we even end up having leftovers for lunch the next day to see the for Prasanna [Music] or two for penny I don't know what it is about cleaning out the sink but whenever I'm watching other youtubers clean their houses I feel like this is like the most satisfying thing to watch I don't know am i weird or what but I just love watching other people clean out their sinks [Music] Oh there's our [Music] this is another clip I definitely watched over and over I'm sure I'm gonna come back to this video like years to come and watch this clip she was so cute helping me clean [Music] tomorrow time now the house is all quiet this is one of my favorite times of the day when the house just seems so relaxed and the kids are put to bed and now it's time to start a movie with my husband or things like that and just relax but I hope you guys enjoyed today's video please leave it a thumbs up if you did and don't forget to check out hello fresh down below I will have the link in the description box and subscribe to my channel if you are new I have a giveaway going on for my subscribers right now so be sure you check that out and I'll see y'all in the next video bye