what are you doing you standing on the wheel yeah my goodness you are so cool be careful yeah where are we going Ross where are we going do you know we're going to see Christmas lights oh my gosh this is what I deal with every day so we are going to see some Christmas lights now we are going to Lu Mill so if you're kind of in the like North Carolina almost like Fayetteville area then it's not too far from there it's only about 30 minutes from Fayetteville it's about an hour from where we live so we've drove all the way here we're gonna see some Christmas lights this is actually my favorite one which is why we drove so far but it's one of my favorite ones because you can stay in the car a lot of the ones around here you get like on a train ride or you have to walk through it and when it's cold outside you don't really want to do that stuff so I really like this one because you get to stay in the car and they have it where you can like set your radios radio station to kind of synchronize to what they have there so it's really cool and also I think they're supposed to be having like onna and Ilsa and spider-man and stuff like that out there tonight too so we're gonna bring you guys along and vlog and then tomorrow the kids are having breakfast with Santa Claus so that's gonna be a fun time too so we're gonna just vlog because this is something that we really want to remember [Music] [Music] brows you want to see spider-man who are you seeing Julie she said I want to give my hug go ahead GZ [Applause] [Music] [Music] we're leaving and they won't even let me get my words out like to vlog because they are just like talking nonstop and Julie said they have done good here because they invited on us Elsa she really approves at this place and what they have done here right Julie we are just playing in the playroom getting ready to go see Santa Claus and have breakfast with Santa Claus so we're really excited about that yeah they are obsessed with these dogs and we're actually partnering with wowie on today's video they sent us these puppies and they love them I actually posted a picture or an Instagram story on my Instagram and a lot of you guys were asking where we got these from so I will have the link down below for you guys if you are interested and they really are cool they are like these little robot dogs and we got one in pink and blue for the kids Frost got blue and Julie got pink their favorite colors and so they have really been enjoying them and they have like tons of features I think they have more features than any other robot dog so that's pretty cool and also this is like their step up from last year's and last year apparently they sold out really fast are you gonna make him dance first he's got the moves yeah her dog is pink but she insists that it's a boy it's not a girl singing yeah guard put him on guard Julie the guard is really cool because it goes into like guard mode and it will bark if it detects like movement there is like here that's cool oh wow it's growling at you because you were moving and it's on guard you can also set it where it just roams free so you there's a button on the remote that you can press it says roam free and it'll just do whatever it wants to do okay Julie's new Christmas dress do you want to stand up and show up I got this at the thrift store I scored it last weekend when Justin and I went to Columbia for the South Carolina Gamecocks game and I found that at the goodwill there and then I recently picked up this bow too for a dollar [Music] Giles Nicholas this way don't you tell a single soul why I'm gonna say Christmas this cars now you dare whisper I shall ring me tell me if you came [Music] [Music] to where [Music] with your pack you creep Oh [Music] Nina my you know the shirt [Music] I hope you guys enjoyed today's video please leave this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching this and just some fun things that we were doing this holiday season we have got so many more Christmas videos coming out soon so subscribe if you are new so you don't miss out on those and I will see y'all in the next video bye