hey guys so I was just sitting down to edit this video and I realized that somehow I deleted the very first clip so I wanted to go ahead and give you all a little intro to this video and let you guys know that this is going to be like two days and so we basically had a Fall Festival in our neighborhood that I really wanted to document and keep for us and so I filmed that day but it was basically just that morning and the Fall Festival and kind of like you know a day in the life on that day and then I cut it off after the Fall Festival and then we jumped back on on Halloween day so we could document all of that but I thought it would just be really easy and really organized if I put it all in one vlog for y'all so that is what is going on in this video so without further ado let's go ahead and jump on into this day in the life or a few days in the life and I hope you guys enjoy it right now we are all just cleaning up before our guests get here I need to go and make the kids beds and they are in the playroom right now cleaning up with Justin so they're getting all their toys cleaned up so we're trying to get this place company Rea so I wanted to show you guys the bedroom of two preschoolers who share a room this is like crazy I watched Ross's sheets today that's why they're off the bed but look at all this craziness even up above here they have one of my LED candles they love like having these in their bedroom when they're sleeping just as like a little nightlight but look there's one all the way up on the fan so crazy so I've got to get it clean in this room [Music] so I totally ended up changing my shirt I just put short sleeves on because I was getting so hot looking up and I was wearing that like 3/4 length shirt burning up so I put some short sleeves on hopefully I don't get too cold out there but I also wanted to show you guys the kids outfits too because they look adorable I might take them outside so y'all could get like a really good look at it one of my good girlfriends sent me some stuff from her boutique and so I wanted to give her a shout out and show y'all seriously how cute these outfits are look at my little cuties oh good job strike a pose strike a boom do you think I'm talking about you so let me show you all these outfits this shirt came from the baby Fox boutique that is my friend's shop and I'll have it linked down below and she also sent a coupon code for you guys for 10% off through the rest of the year so if you use the code love Meg you can get 10% off any of her stuff on her Etsy shop so this is one of the shirts that she sent looks super cute and you can roll these up and down those sleeves you look handsome buddy and here is Julie's outfit super cute we got hers in I want to say this is a 5 it came in an extra-large though and she is normally like a 40 so this is the little shirt that she got you on turnaround show them how it goes longer in the back it's so cute like it looks almost like a dress in the back and like a shirt in the front and it came with a little infinity scarf and also some pants that match yeah so everything except the shoes came with that outfit and if you guys are wondering those shoes came from Walmart you look beautiful today you look beautiful every day I gotta say it feels wonderful outside today I was worried whenever I put my short sleeves on I thought it was going to be like too cold outside but no it is perfect weather today all right so we're on our way to the Fall Festival now we got halfway there in our golf cart and then I remembered that they're doing a food drive – it's like turn around we gotta go get some food so I went and picked up some of our cans in our pantry and so we're going to bring those there – but we're on our way [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] [Music] happy Halloween you guys today is Halloween day go ahead candy in her mouth already because we have our bucket of candy out which was a huge mistake because I think everyone in the house has been eating it so we're definitely gonna have to put that up but we're watching Halloween town for the first time this year I have been meaning to watch this for weeks and just have not or the kids would tell me no every time they didn't want to watch it they wanted to watch their own stuff but today I laid down mama law and I said no we're watching Halloween town because I want to so we put it on and we're also doing a puzzle down here putting Barbie together and just having a fun Halloween day and later on today we're gonna go trick-or-treating and I cannot wait to show you guys the kiss costumes and everything we are gonna go riding on the golf cart it is about five o'clock now and we take these off so you can see me trick-or-treating starts at 6:00 and it's 4:45 so we're gonna go riding and see if anybody is like setting up we are doing like a trunk or tree in our neighborhood too so we're just gonna I don't know just to have some fun we were kind of bored and waiting around to trick-or-treat so we were like let's go for a ride daddy told Molly she could go she thinks she said in the front now yes home ec because she loves riding but she's a pain to ride with [Music] [Music] [Music] Gami brought doughnuts these are pumpkin spice boys – she brought the kids special ones look what is that oh it's a spiderweb cool that's exactly what y'all need before candy huh we're candy for tomorrow y'all look at my mom she's so fine let me show them your makeup she's so nervous you look good she was always like this – growing up she decorated I mean she decorated she got a costume every year she was so fun this is a homemade costume we are all dressed already – got your trainin let me show you guys the kids look how cute y'all are Julie is owlette should I have her mask here but she is owlette from PJ masks and Ross is lion guard friendly angle y'all are adorable turn around so I can show them your cute little butt this part right here this is my favorite part of this costume Oh your joke you Julie's a little bit confused about how this trick-or-treating goes she thinks that we take our candy that we got for our trick-or-treaters and we take it to their house so there's someone out here sitting out one of our neighbors giving out candy and Julie's like let's go take them some candy you think we're supposed to take it huh yeah you're so sweet really you get to go to their house and they give you candy all right isn't that fun yeah [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] me and Justin we're just saying how hungry we are everyone decided to grill out tonight feels so good and we've been asked about three times if we want wine everybody is like candy for the kids one will be enough [Applause] [Music] [Applause] eat your candy go get your candy [Music] while they're not cared [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] yes look at all of this candy they got y'all did good thank you guys for watching this video I hope you all enjoyed our fun Fall Festival and our Halloween trick-or-treating night and leave this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel and I will leave a few other videos up here on the screen for you guys if you all would like to watch more from me and I will see y'all in the next one bye