[Music] [Applause] [Music] my biases it's probably an exotic I'm a playa yeah well the red ladies are a little smaller actually this kind of looks like a watermelon Oh piyo not taller sure got on a banana pie yeah you don't like the water my little boy yeah you just want to look like ya want your own plate this is so sweet I can get your own plate [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay [Music] [Music] [Music] sukham man so come back she come back come back so after having a papaya snack I did some yoga a lot of people ask me what exercise I do while pregnant my favorite forms of exercise while pregnant are walking uphill and pregnancy yoga lately I've been using the site Yoga plasma and uka for yoga videos it's the only live and interactive online yoga studio in the world and features loads of classes for life yoga meditation fitness and Pilates whenever and wherever you want yoga a plus been dukkha online classes helped you become fitter and healthier all while getting it done right in your own home so with this site you can choose live classes to where you have the option to turn on your camera to receive personalized guidance and encouragement from the teacher which is perfect for me during pregnancy to make sure I'm doing proper yoga poses that are safe and healthy for pregnancy and all of their live classes are recorded so you can access them anytime you like Yoga is super simple to use I partnered up with your guide to get you guys an awesome discount a monthly plan is $19.99 and a 12 month plan is $9.99 per month but click the link in the description box of this video to sign up and get a one-month free trial so definitely check it out if you're interested [Music] [Music] now that I learn the lesson Apple debate the message capturing the essence of the present moment imperfection will not be so alive check out my every stride living in the garden children of the Most High I will climb the mountain and I will sing the song I will find the silence in Alma sing alongs but love will always guide us right back to where we are we will never die so come so come back so come back [Music] I will come back up the mountain the mountain the mountain [Music] he'll come back to the garden now come back to the garden I will come back to the garden the God the garden the bottom yes come [Music] I will come back [Music] commander hey guys I thought I would take this time to just talk a little bit about my pregnancy and answer the common questions I've been receiving first and foremost the most common question is if we're finding out if our baby is a boy or a girl and we always like to wait until we give birth to find out because I kind of feel like finding out beforehand is like finding out your Christmas present before you get to open it and I totally get that that's not for everybody to wait but just for us it feels good that way and we just don't really have a desire to find out beforehand mostly because we really don't care if we're having a boy or a girl it doesn't matter to us either way with Elvis and Sandy we waited until the birth to find out as well and it was such a special surprise and if we have another boy it would just be so awesome I know that a lot of people have been saying they're hoping this next baby is a girl but but we truly do not care we'll be so excited either way having three boys would be so fun and crazy and just watching their bond grow up I think that's super special but then a girl would be super fun as well something totally different so that's the main reason for that umm the next thing is exercise a lot of people been asking me what I do for exercise while pregnant and you kind of saw a little bit earlier in the video but I really enjoyed doing yoga when I'm pregnant it feels so good to be gentle in my body normally when I'm not pregnant I love doing the high-intensity interval training exercises between 20 to 25 minutes of just really working your butt off breaking a huge sweat and toning up your muscle but when I'm pregnant those exercises like jump squats and lunches they can not feel good when I'm pregnant they don't feel good on my lower back or my body in general it feels much better to be more gentle and smooth with my body so prenatal yoga really feels good when I'm pregnant but the other exercise that I find super beneficial to be able to get out of breath pump that lymphatic system is walking uphill walking uphill feels so good on my body it actually relieves a lot of pressure on my back and it feels good on my body while being able to break a sweat and get out of breath there's a beach down the street from us that has a big hill and it's on sand which makes it even more comfortable for me and I'll just get away from the kids and the family for a little bit for about an hour meet up with a friend and walk uphill on the sand up and down the hill for about an hour and that feels so good on my body so I haven't been working out as much this pregnancy in my last pregnancies which is just my own well with prioritizing because I have been working a lot sitting on the computer editing videos and such but I do find it important to keep it a priority as best as you can tips for healthy vegan pregnancies I really recommend to focus on getting a lot of that Chia flax and hemp seeds in your diet for that good balance of omegas and I really love to add this to my green smoothies but if you live in a cold climate where green smoothies just don't sound good to you that's totally fine you can add hemp seeds and soaks chia seeds to your salad dressings and your salads or even just sprinkled on top of your meals with quinoa whatever whatever floats your boat it doesn't have to be in a smoothie that's just how I enjoy them and getting lots of greens in general is super super good for you and your growing baby lots of minerals and iron good for teen health good for just growing your baby in general and if you're having a hard time stomaching greens on in salads that's totally normal and okay certain phases of pregnancy and for some women all throughout pregnancy having salads is just not very tasty and a lot of them have food aversions to them myself included for certain parts of my pregnancy and then sometimes I'm really craving a salad it just I just kind of go with the flow with it if you're not enjoying salads and you're not having smoothies as well where for me I get a bulk of my greens through my smoothies where I add a huge bunch of kale from our garden into my smoothies but if you're not gonna either those things try steaming some kale or you can just like sneak in bunches of dark leafy greens like spinach and kale and collard greens into your cooked meals with sweet potatoes or squashes and just mix it all in there so that you can still get to chew on a lot of greens and the number one most important thing is to eat enough calories you know your body with high-calorie whole plant foods this will help satisfy you to feel your best help for your growing baby and help you to not crave unhealthy food so it's really good to just be on top of it and prioritize to eat enough calories when you're pregnant and for some women especially towards the end there's not very much room in your belly to eat large meals but that's okay just eat smaller portions more often and snack throughout the day and high-calorie whole plant foods that will fill you up our my sweet potatoes squashes beans lentils and these are foods grown all around the world regular russet potatoes you can bake golden potatoes pop them in the oven i sum up as as like potato fries sprinkle some garlic powder and black pepper on them and that's a really great way to go dip it in some guacamole and if you enjoy eating a lot of fruit like I do I personally really love to have a lot of papaya fresh orange juice and but yeah a certain even in my first trimester that was having the conversions to certain fruit and that's okay just go with the flow but when it comes to calories it's good to prioritize it and just keep reminding yourself to eat enough calories another thing people have been asking me a lot is if sandy is still breastfeeding and he is still breastfeeding just not very much anymore when I first got pregnant he was still breastfeeding a normal amount that he was before I was pregnant which was probably about 2 or 3 times a day not very long though mainly about 10 minutes in the morning and just one or two minutes twice later in the day but once I got into the second trimester you started not wanting milk as much it's pretty common from when I read for your milk to change while you're pregnant and so that it tastes different to your baby it's pretty common for your baby or toddler to not be as interested in it anymore so I just kind of went with the flow and now that I'm in the third trimester now he's back at wanting it the last the last few weeks to a month he's been wanting milk again so he is having breast milk in the morning but that's pretty much the only time he's having breast milk and I enjoy breastfeeding him still so it's all good but when I was in the first trimester I was definitely very tired and my knuckles were tenders and sensitive so if I wasn't feeling it or if I really feel like I needed my space I would definitely tell him like mommy cannot give you milk right now and I would give him try to give him something else or given to Andrew to take him somewhere else that he'd be okay so yeah you're like breastfeeding and you're pregnant and you're struggling with it you can always just have boundaries and you know you don't want to feel bad about having the boundaries because you want to take care of yourself especially when you're more tired in the first trimester and for those of you who aren't sure this is this will be my third home birth and having the same Midwife that I did for my last my last birth was sandy she was cp/m and with every birth so far we've had two midwives as well and assisting Midwife there and all through my births are low-risk healthy pregnancies and I feel my safest at home but wherever you feel safe this is where you give birth and doing your research that you can understand both sides to it is really important so I hope this helps I'm just gonna show you the rest of my day and how I go about preparing for bird all the while taking care of myself so that I'm feeling my best and helping my body to best grow a healthy baby and have a really healthy emotional mindset as well which is so important [Music] [Music] welcome back come man [Music] you you