hey guys today we are vlogging a little bit I wanted to do a fall bucket list DIY with the kids just for fun today and so we need to pick up some supplies and I needed to get something at Target anyway so we're here we're gonna look in the target dollar spot and see if I can find everything here that I need for my fall bucket list but if not Dollar Tree is across the street and I haven't been in Dollar Tree in a few weeks so we could go there too and we can just do like some shop with me and then we can bring you all along when we do the bucket list DIY so we're gonna have a fun day today and we're gonna bring you all along [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so we came over here to the Halloween costumes and the kids have found theirs they want to do trolls this year but they want us all to do it too they want mommy to be lady glitter sparkles and they want Julie wants to be Princess poppy right branch yeah what's daddy gonna be Brian Ross is perfect yes you are you could be Creek okay or no you have to be the Bergen because you're my boyfriend oh yeah [Music] we're back from Target now I'm gonna show y'all just a little mini haul of what I got and show you what we're doing for our like bucket list so for the bucket list I picked up this from the dollar spot and then I also had to go over to Michael's and pick up these popsicle sticks but I got the like thicker kind so we can paint those and I got all these like fall color paints and we're gonna paint our popsicle sticks and then right on there our fall bucket list and then stick them all in here and so I also ended up getting a few other things like Halloween bingo and we can write that on the fall bucket list and we can just do those one day I'm sure we'll end up doing these today too but there's a lot in there so I'm sure we'll be able to do this a few times and then I also got this cute little like tic-tac-toe low like pumpkin and then it has cats and ghosts in there so I thought the kids would have fun with that and I also picked up this giving thanks wreath and you can just write in there like things that you're thankful for and make that so I thought that would be a fun thing to put on the bucket list too but I also thought this would be a cool way to make a bucket list as well if you wanted to oh and you could just write down things that you want to do this fall on there and kind of you know make it your own so then I just picked up these foam brushes to paint with and then we also got some Halloween books this one is the Sesame Street one and this one is the little old lady who was not afraid of anything we have a few more but I thought that would be another fun thing to put on the bucket list is just to read like Halloween and fall books one day and then I got some stickers for them and thin I got Tower of Terror who remembers this this used to be like my absolute favorite me and my older sister loved this every time I would come on we were definitely watching this so I was super excited to see this at Target and I had to pick it up so I think we might watch this tonight too but Julie just keeps saying you know is today Halloween over and over and I tried telling her like leading up to Halloween is just as fun as Halloween like the actual day so I decided to kind of do this and do the bucket list thing that way she realizes that we're doing things leading up that is also fun so I thought that this would be a really good way for her to be able to visualize things that were actually doing until Halloween [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] filling out all of our little bucket list things and this one says go to the mountains so I told Justin we need to go to the mountains this fall and he's like I have been thinking about that all day today so I was like well let's go tomorrow and he's like no we can't go tomorrow and then he told me that he had already made plans for us or for me I don't know what's going on this Friday and earlier I had gotten an email from a spa that I went to like two or three weeks ago and I had gotten a massage and Justin was in said that he had scheduled me a massage for Friday and I had no idea but I told him earlier I was like I don't know how I have an appointment on Friday because they sent me an email about it I was like how in the world I'm like I guess I'm gonna have to call them and let them know that I didn't schedule this appointment you know but he has scheduled it for me because sunday is wife Appreciation finally would make more sense so yeah Wow thanks buddy this is how it turned out our little bucket with our bucket list stuff inside I'll let you guys know what we have so this one is paint and carve pumpkins and this one is our thankful list which is what I showed y'all with a little like wreath thing a fall scavenger hunt a hayride [Applause] make chili by the way the kids put like stickers on the back too so make chili and visit a pumpkin patch fall photo shoot which is definitely for mommy fall baking go hiking we have DIY fleece blanket I want to make that with the kids make like each one for them go to the mountains I want to make caramel apples and have a Halloween movie night picnic this one is a random act of kindness this one is a corn maze and we've got two more they're kind of stuck together okay this one is read our Halloween books and this one is pumpkin ice cream because we have a place near us Gillis Hill if you're around this area they have amazing homemade pumpkin ice cream and so I like going there every fall and they have like really cute stuff it's like a farm and stuff so it'll be a lot of fun to go there and get our pumpkin ice cream and all that but I think it turned out so super cute I'm just gonna put it up here in the kitchen and we can pick one out every day so I was also going to show you all the new comforter we had to pick up today for our bed I felt so sick I ruined our comforter on Sunday I was getting my purse ready for church and then for some reason there was a Polynesian from like chick-fil-a sauce packet in my purse and it came out and like I didn't know I had grabbed it I didn't even know it was in my purse but when I grabbed some stuff out of my purse I just brought it up and when I did it was like open like I said I didn't even know it was in there so I certainly didn't know it was open and so it just like flew everywhere all over our white bedspread it was like beyond repair I tried fixing all the stains but it was red on white so it definitely didn't work but I wanted to show you guys the new one that we got today at Target so this is what the other one looks like I think it is so pretty like I said we got this at Target but I like this one even better than the last one to be honest so I'm really happy with it and I just wanted to mention it on this video because I know if I just did like a cleaning video you guys were gonna be asking what happened to your other bedspread and where is this one from so I wanted to let you guys know all about that and what happened so it is now 5:40 I've had to come upstairs and do a little bit of work I was on the phone with someone at YouTube and so I was writing down a few tips and things that I want to do for my channel I love those kind of talks like they just like really inspired me and get me motivated to work so I'm really excited about the content that I have coming up and all of these like classes that I'll be taking with them now that I'm done with that Justin needs to get on his phone call he has a phone call with someone at six o'clock so I need to go downstairs and get the kids from him and let him do that and then we're gonna have some supper so guys I think I'm gonna end up ending the vlog here things ended up getting kind of crazy after dinner and I needed to get the kids in the bath it was kind of late and it's about eight o'clock now so I finally got them out of the bath brush their hair and I gave them some medicine too because I think they're coming down with colds so everything got kind of crazy but I hope you guys enjoyed this video I will be sharing my updated evening routine with you guys very soon so y'all will get to see kind of what our evening routine is like but I hope y'all enjoyed our like fall fun stuff that we had going on today and like this vlog if you did leave it a thumbs up and subscribe if you are new to my channel and I will see y'all next time bye