hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be the whole making tag or the whole maker tag I'm not sure which one it's actually called but I was tagged by Paige Danielle one of my good friends here on YouTube so I'll leave her channel link down below and her home making tag and as well as the ladies who created this tag I'll leave their links down below so you guys can see those and at the end of this video I am going to tag a few ladies but basically what it is is just a list of questions I think there's about 20 questions and you just answer them and they're basically all about home making and working from home and stuff like that which I think a lot of you guys always ask me these questions anyway so I thought it would be a good idea to sit down and do this tag for y'all so we're gonna go ahead and get started the very first one says have you ever had anyone say anything negative to you about staying at home / working from home um I work in social media so obviously I've had so many people say negative things I probably hear a negative thing about me saying home about once a week actually so I guess the easier question is what have people not hated on me for the second question is what is your favorite / least favorite part about staying at home / working from home so I would say my favorite thing would be that I thoroughly loved my job like I get to stay at home and work and that is just a dream come true so I would say that that has got to be my favorite thing I mean like I get to be with my kids every day my husband gets to stay home with us now and so it is literally a dream come true and the least favorite thing I would say is probably it kind of gets like repetitive all the time I feel like we really have like a morning routine an evening routine and kind of like our afternoon is a little bit different every day but it's kind of the same thing too so it just gets a little bit repetitive and you're at home a lot so I would say that's probably like my least favorite thing the third question is what is your favorite / least favorite chore my favorite chore is probably vacuuming or wiping down the counters probably wiping down the because I love countertop spray I think it smells amazing and that's probably my favorite thing to do let's see least favorite is probably the dishes oh no the bathrooms yeah I hate the bathrooms number four what time do you wake up slash go to bed so this all depends like it all depends on how busy I am that day there are some days where I don't work at all and obviously I'm gonna go to bed a lot earlier but there are some days where I am just staying up so late trying to finish three videos and all of that so it kind of all depends I think that's one thing that just comes from working from home is that you can decide I want to do all my work on Tuesday and then I'm gonna take you know Wednesday and Thursday off so it varies my kids are always up at 8 a.m. though they normally wake up between like 8 & 9 normally 8:00 so I would say that that is normally when I wake up I've gotten really bad lately I used to wake up before my kids got up and get ready but that's definitely on my new year's resolution for 2018 is to start doing that again because I've really slacked off lately with that and I need to do it again because I just get so much more done when I can wake up before them and also I feel like it has a lot to do with youtubers are a lot busier around the holidays and so I'm staying up later so it definitely makes me want to sleep in a little bit more in the mornings typically I guess I would say I'm up by 8 and I'm in bed by 2 next question is do you put anything on in the background while you clean / work cook and I guess I made TV radio podcast and stuff like that so I personally love watching movies or TV shows when I'm cleaning up I don't know why that's just kind of like my thing but I would say that there's two different ways that I clean one is like the relaxing way and the one is like speed cleaning and I need to get stuff done right VIN and it's probably not a good idea to turn on the TV whenever I'm trying to get stuff done in it like a 10-minute span so I would probably turn on the music if I need to clean up really fast but if I'm having like my evening routine you guys have seen me do this a million times I'll turn on a movie or the TV number six do you get dressed most days or do you stay in your pajamas I do get dressed most days because my job is this and I don't want to get on YouTube and have thousands of people watching me and I am in my pajamas and I don't have my makeup on I'm like I take my job very seriously and I want people to take me seriously so I do get dressed most days I would say that I probably have one day out of the week where I don't number 7 is how often do you do your hair and makeup and I would say the same is the last question number 8 is what is your trouble zone or area in your home that needs the most help my closet that's at me a minute but it's honestly my closet like once I thought of it I was like yes that's it because my closet is kind of like the catch-all I keep all my lighting equipment in there I keep all of my extra throw pillows in there whenever we had like our Christmas presents and stuff I was hiding them in there so my closet was cluttered I mean very very cluttered and I hate that um now it's clean it's clean right now it'll probably stay clean for the next week or so then it'll be back to needing cleaned again number 9 how often do you find yourself getting distracted honestly not very often because I'm the type of person to where I won't even start the project like this is just my personality type if you're an infj you're like this too you won't even start until you know that you can finish it to completion like it we will like procrastinate because we know that once we get started we're in the zone and we don't stop until we're done with it so I would say I'm that with everything you like even when it comes to editing videos I'm like as soon as I'm done filming I'm like okay I'm ready to edit right now like I don't even want to stop so I'm like that was cleaning too and basically everything else in life number 10 do you enjoy staying home or do you miss going to a job every day so I've stayed home basically our whole married life I did have like two jobs one was working from home where I homeschooled my brother when he was younger and then the other one I was a lifeguard for one summer whenever we were married the first year we were married but that's basically it um I so I really don't know any different I've always stayed at home and I've always kind of made money from home in one way or another I used to sell Mary Kay as well the very first year we were married I also had a booth where I made like craps like home decor stuff like DIY home decor and I had a booth set up in it was like a not like a flea market but kind of like a flea market it was like all DIY like wreaths made and good like quality items like that and so I had a booth in there so I was doing that as well that was when I was pregnant with Julie but after I had kids I really like slowed down with everything and just focused on the kids until I started YouTube for 11 what is your never-ending tour laundry I think everybody would say that laundry and dishes you can do the dishes right away and then a few minutes later someone's gonna eat something and there's gonna be dishes in the sink or dirty dishes in the dishwasher it is always dishes and laundry you 12 what is your favorite way to relax or have me time honestly like right here in bed and watching TV that is my absolute favorite thing to do that is what I told my husband I want to do for my birthday my birthday is December 27 so it's coming up very soon and my husband was like what do you want to do for your birthday I said I honestly want to sit in bed I'm gonna watch movies and I want takeout brought to me all day and cake number 13 how often does your or significant other chip in every single day you guys don't see that in in my last clean with me video I had so many upset people because Justin was sitting on the couch but you guys did not see him like cleaning up from dinner that day and like this morning he cleaned all the bathrooms for me I didn't even even have to ask him seriously there is not a day that goes by that he does not help do a chore and normally I don't even have to ask him to do it he just knows and he chips in and he's really good about it 4:14 if you have kids when do you find time to do chores at night I have a morning routine and I've talked about this before I'll link it down below my morning routine is very simple there's like three to five things that I do my nighttime routine is when I get most of my stuff done that's when I'm starting laundry I'm folding laundry I'm vacuuming all the floors I'm cleaning up from dinner I do basically anything that needs to be done is that night after the kids go to bed number 15 how do you balance being a homemaker and creating YouTube content so what I like to do is bulk videos so I'll have like two or three days a week where I film and then the rest of the days in the week are my days with my kids so like I said I take my job very seriously so like today is my filming day and I'm actually filming two videos today that way next week I've got these videos that means I get to spend more time with my kids so I think I kind of learned this when my husband was a firefighter and we had 24 hour shifts like he would work for 24 hours and a lot of people don't really understand that lifestyle but I kind of liked him having to go to work for 24 hours because it's like he got all his work done that day and the whole next day the whole 24 hours the next day he had off so that's kind of like I think where I've learned that where I just kind of want to bulk all my videos together or bulk all my work together in one day and then take the next day off number 16 what is your favorite room in your home and why that's a hard one I would say it's either right now it's probably the living room because I've got all my Christmas stuff in there and I'm obsessed with my Christmas tree so I'd say right now it's the living room but I do love my bedroom too so and not just because like I love the decorations but because it's kind of like my safe haven place like I said it's my me time it's where I go to watch TV and just have my me time so I would say it's between like my bedroom and the living room number 17 what is your least favorite room in your home and why the playroom that is so easy because I have not really bothered to decorate it too much because half the time it's a mess I probably clean that playroom and the kids help me but we probably clean it like once a week maybe twice a week if we're lucky just because I know that they're kids and they're home all day they're gonna play in the playroom it's gonna be a mess but I do love having a playroom like a lot of people ask now that we're in a bigger house do you feel like it's harder to clean and honestly no I feel like it's kind of easier to clean because when we lived in our small house we had like the living room and then the kids bedrooms were right off the living room like there wasn't even a hallway it was like if you're standing in the living room you can see into all the bedrooms so it was like I had to keep their bedrooms clean for my sanity now that we have a playroom I just let it be a mess and I don't even care so and I can just shut the doors or I can just be like that's the playroom it's for toys it's alright you know but all the rest of the rooms are clean I feel like I'm doing a good job number 18 do you feel your home reflects your personal style why or why not so I would say yes and no because I feel like I could definitely improve in my home decor like it's I'm a perfectionist and I feel like my home is never perfect but it probably never will be but at the same time I feel like I do pretty good at home decor people who come into my home and people who comment they tell me that it looks good and stuff so I feel like I'm we're in the middle I feel like I could make my home look better but at the same time it looks alright I like I like the way it looks and I feel like it is my style so I would say that was the hardest question I just had to answer I don't know number 19 what does your home smell like I would say just the home itself smells like cinnamon I don't know why normally I have different candles going or essential oils going so that can make the house smell totally different right now I've got a lot of like Christmas trees in it stuff going in peppermint I always have like peppermint going upstairs it's just my favorite thing to diffuse in the diffuser um but I would say for the most part like when I walk in my house it smells more like cinnamon than anything else last question what is your strong point and what is your weak point when it comes to home making so my strong point you guys could probably guess this it would be cleaning I enjoy cleaning I love cleaning it's what I do just for fun I know it sounds crazy but I really do enjoy it my weak spot is cooking I never have enjoyed cooking I don't feel like I'm a good cook when I do it's just cooking is a hard thing for me even baking I'm not good at it like I have to find a recipe and then I'll probably bake it or make it so many more times if it turns out good and my family like to the point where my family is tired of eating it because I'm so scared to try another recipe because normally I'm not good at cooking at all it's just not what I'm good at and I don't think I ever will be but um so that's probably my weakest point that is it for my video I hope you guys enjoyed it leave it a thumbs up and definitely check down below in the description box to see if I tagged you to do this and I will see you all in the next video bye