so we are at Justin's Nana's house and her house is gorgeous it's like the perfect southern home is so pretty but she's got all her Christmas decorations out most of its on the table and all in the dining room here so I'm gonna show you all that in a minute but I'm gonna bring you guys along today we're gonna go shopping in a minute I wanted to get some ribbon for her tree and just some other things like some ornaments and things like that just small things but for the most part we're gonna use what she's got she's got a lot of stuff so it should be really easy to decorate and I just thought it would be fun to bring you guys along on this process again my decorate with me has been one of my best videos in months so I know that you guys love it so I thought I'd give you guys another one and just help y'all get in the Christmas spirit so I'm gonna show you all what so as I said we've got the dining room table just full of decor these are so cute she's got so many things that she actually made and I kind of put this together because I was like those colors really matched so I'm thinking we might put those in there kind of together something like that I'm really not sure yet and then she's got a lot of like greenery berries snowmen she loves snowmen so we've got like a whole box full of snowmen there just like I said lots and lots of greenery and berries so we could decorate with all that we've got some poinsettias over here this cool wreath right here with a bell and she's got a lot of these little greenery pieces that can go above pictures so like over here above her piano I was thinking we could put this or something like this above that picture just to add a little extra something something this is what her tree looks like for right now she's got some colored lights on there so I'm gonna have a fun time decorating that I think I'm gonna get like some white ribbon and brighten it up a lot so I cannot wait I'm super excited I've been planning this for like weeks now so I'm really excited about it [Music] you love him [Music] [Music] [Applause] we just got back from Walmart and I've laid everything out and I'm about to start decorating the tree I like to start with the tree first because that's like the focal point of Christmas decor so I like to go ahead and start with the tree and then we will go ahead and decorate everything else after that so she's already got some ornaments on the tree but since we decided to get some new ornaments and some ribbon I'm actually gonna start fresh I'm just gonna take all these ornaments off and figure out what we can use yes ma'am you sure can help me and this is all the stuff that well not all of it she she had some of this stuff already but I put everything that we got from Walmart over here too and I picked up these okay baby I picked up these huge like snowflakes and stars there's another blue snowflake in here so as you can see we're kind of going with turquoise white red and green all right so like I said I just started by taking every ornament off of her tree and starting fresh so I even took the boat off at the top and whenever I was taking everything off I really wasn't organizing or cleaning up how I was putting the ornaments I was really just setting them aside because I wanted to use them later on once we had everything on the tree and I got a lot of questions whenever I did my decorate with me about how we did the tree and if we could go into more detail so I'm definitely gonna do that for you guys we started with the topper first and I just picked up these picks from Walmart as I said pretty much everything I think the entire tree except for the like keepsake ornaments that she had came from Walmart but what you want to do is just basically try to balance everything out so whatever you do to one side make sure you do to the other side too and it's just gonna balance everything out and seriously it is so easy you can't go wrong I know it looks really complicating but as long as you keep that in mind that you're just trying to balance everything out you're gonna do great I promise so basically when it comes to the ribbon on the tree you don't want to put any ribbon or any different colors too close together you want to get different color ribbon and you also want to get different size ribbons because if you get all one size it's just gonna look weird like you really want to make sure that if you're including lots of different ribbons get different sizes and then after I got all the ribbon on the tree I just put the biggest ornaments on first which were these snowflakes that I absolutely loved I really feel like the snowflakes kind of made the tree this year [Music] [Applause] [Music] I did finish decorating the tree but you guys are gonna have to wait until the end to see it and then I went over there to one of her side tables and we decided to put these snowmen up there but I thought it would be really cool to add this like ribbon that I got I think it was technically ribbon but it looks more like fabric but it looks like snow thought it would look really cute with these snowman [Music] so I was feeling like when you did something extra over here so I added this and then I took one of her candles and it looks like this it's just it was just a yellow candle and then I took some fabric set it down so I could show you guys but I took some fabric and wrapped it around the whole candle and then put some tacks on the back of it so it just makes the candle look like that much more unique Dustin just found this like miniature wreath thing and it's got like a hole in the middle and so I put it on there and now I'm happy with it like before I kind of felt like Oh something is still missing but now it's perfect it's Christmas snow starts to fall then you know as Christmas for the children of the hall and you know it's Christmas Santa's on his way we stand under the mistletoe man it's Christmas Day the joyful times we witness forever stays Heather alright guys so it is the next day I ended up finishing at like 10 p.m. last night and I still put some finishing touches on this morning so I kind of needed to go just into like decorating mode cuz when you're decorating your own house like you have a few days to do it but I was only here for like one full day we're leaving today and we got here like the day before we started decorating so I only had like one full day to shop and decorate and everything so I kind of just needed to go into like decorating mode and forget about filming so and I'm gonna do a house tour for you guys instead but I hope you guys did get a few tips whenever I was decorating and but now I'm gonna show you guys the house tour we ended up doing Christmas all over this house and I love it I would say the main thing that we ended up doing was ribbon everywhere and that is like key if you're gonna be decorating get yourself some ribbon and you can put it in different places throughout the house and it's just gonna tie the entire house together and I would suggest getting like different size ribbons and also getting different color ribbons but still kind of stay in the same thing so we ended up going with blue silver green and red those were our color themes for this year so anyway I'm gonna go ahead and let you guys see the house tour and I hope you guys enjoy [Music] we wish you a Merry Christmas we wish you a Merry Christmas wish you [Music] good [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well I'm all for Christmas all the happy smiles and the wishes and I wanted all from the lights to the mistletoe [Music] tell me one thing is there anything that you're missing I will keep as soon as you remove that small whatever we do we all right these holiday wonders will open your mind may all your wishes tonight come true [Music] is Christmas only one those two [Music] [Music] [Music] whatever we do we would be alright this holiday wonders will open your mind [Music] the dream I knew [Music] well I'm all for Christmas it's a magical time full of kisses take a walk outside and tickle the Snowman snow [Music] did you hear something from the chimney I will keep you warm as soon as Oh it'll be alright he's holy [Music] control [Music] this Christmas I only want [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]