oh that was a good squeeze I love it when you get a lot of juice out of the lemon for those of you who like squeezing lemons and for those of you who love making your own salad dressings be sure to hit the subscribe button because it's about to get delicious [Music] hey you guys it's Christina I'm so excited to be with you today we're gonna be doing a salad dressing DIY and not just any salad dressing today I'm gonna be showing you how to make a lemon garlic ginger salad dressing it is creamy and savory and you can put it on any salad of your choice when I say the word salad dressing what comes to mind most people think about a bottle that they get in the grocery store has oil or vinegar salts you keep it in your refrigerator for months at a time and whenever you need it you just sprinkle it on your salad that is my past definition of a salad dressing and I'm so excited to show you that you can make your own salad dressing it can be fresh delicious vegan fully raw oil free it can be low in fat if you want it to be and they can be super fun to make I'm gonna be putting this dressing on a delicious bed of romaine and kale you can add cucumber noodles or zucchini noodles to make this a pasta salad and something different new and fun that I'm doing in today's video is I am going to be using a brand new kuvings vacuum blender it's kind of a special treat to be using this blender in my video today because this blender this model is brand it has just been released it's one of a kind and I'm so excited to give it a try this kuvings vacuum blender is pretty cool it acts as a vacuum and it sucks out all of the air while blending to keep your food from oxidizing so that there's a minimal loss of nutrients it rotates at 32,000 rpms with a 3.5 peak horsepower it has three different presets you can use it to make anything from smoothies and juices to soups and even salad dressings like we're going to be doing today because this model is brand new it's going to be demonstrated at CES 2018 at the kuving's booth for two eight five eight in the sands expo hall and you guys can go check it out there or you can check the link below to find out more information about this amazing machine the lemon garlic ginger dressing that I'm going to be showing you how to make today is so easy after we make it you can put it in a glass jar it'll last for three to four days you can mix it into any salad or dish that you want and it's about time to redefine our definition of what a real salad dressing is are you guys ready to mix it up let's get started for this salad dressing I am using my kuvings vacuum blender and I am so excited about this you can make as little or as much of the salad dressing as you like adjust the ingredients accordingly to your desires I'm first going to put in approximately one cup of cherry tomatoes after this I'm gonna add in approximately three to four stalks of celery cut one cup of raw unhulled sesame seeds half to one cup of raw shelled hemp seeds one bundle of fresh cilantro a small handful of fresh basil three cloves of garlic a small thumb of ginger a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt and the juice squeezed from three to four lemons or limes when ready go ahead and turn on the blender you're gonna see it completely remove all of the air and then it will begin to blend how cool is this I'm completely obsessed with watching this blend as a recent and I just think it's amusing it's pretty fun I love kitchen appliances that is so good that is hmm that is the only after this blends to be completely smooth you can pour this in your glass jar of choice you can seal it import on your salad when ready to eat or you can go ahead and begin to decorate your salad now dress it up and get ready for the final bite ladies and gentlemen how delicious creamy and savory does this dressing look it's fully raw it's vegan it is completely homemade with fresh ingredients and I know what this is going to be a household favorite salad dressing that you will love I'm so excited about this bowl can you see how delicious this looks pretty epic yes I put cucumber noodles in my salad and yes it tastes amazing let's give this a try oh my god you guys don't even know how good this salad is I'm freaking out right now it's so good Wow Wow Wow Wow remember what I told you you can keep this salad dressing in a jar for up to three to four days you can eat it whenever you want I recommend putting it over a bed of greens or veggies you can even use this as a dip if you'd like so if this dressing if this recipe looks good to you be sure to give this video a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button join the family I'm so happy to have you here you want to follow me on my other social media you can find me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter snapchat instant orys all the above at fully rally rock Kristina I am gonna go and enjoy the rest of this incredible salad and I hope that you guys get to go and do the same send you all my hugs [Music]