– With Valentine's Day
right around the corner, you're probably already thinking about what you're going to
give to those you love. – Yep and the best gift you can ever give is the gift of your time. (upbeat music) – Hey everyone.
– Hi. – I'm Eden. – I'm Alisha and we are the Laughing Moms.
– The Laughing Moms. Welcome back to Millennial Moms.
– Yay! – Happy to have you. Before we get started
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– Big thumbs up, please. – Show us some love. – Valentine's is one of those holidays where I don't love just
giving candy and chocolate to my kids.
– Yeah. – It's not my favorite thing to do. My husband, we have all
daughters, four girls, and he does a great job of
giving all of us flowers and making us feel special. – That's cute. – Teaching them, if marry someone someday who will treat you special.
– Awe. – But I am always kind of at a loss for what to give my husband
and what to give my girls. – Another thing that's so
hard about Valentine's day is it's like six weeks after
Christmas, after the holidays, and so, you've already just, like, given everything – That they wanted.
– that they want – The whole year.
– and then you're like, well now what, what
could you possibly need that you haven't already gotten? So we came up with this idea and craft that you could do for your family. We've catered it to children
and also to your partner, so you could do both or one or the other, depending on your situation and so we wanted to kind of just show you what we came up with to
give the ones you love the gift of your time. – Yep. – Let's get started. – Okay. (swooshing) – Okay so here's what
you're going to need. You're going to need a mason jar and we chose a quart size mason jar. You're going to use some
chalk paint, any color. We chose Valentine's
colors for the holiday. You're going to need some Popsicle sticks and any sort of little, fun
decorative embellishments just to make your jar
look festive and fun, and exciting to look at. We used chalk paint and
just foam tipped brush, to brush on the paint of our jars. Chalk paint we got just at Walmart, same with the brushes and
all the little embellishments we got were from Michaels. So just to save some
time, Alisha and I already pre-painted our jars and
let them dry overnight. Chalk paint dries pretty quickly. You can do as many coats as you want, just to get a really
saturated look on your jar. (swooshing) Here are the finished jars. – We did also get the
smooth sided mason jars, so it just has a little
bit of writing here, 'cause we wanted more – Surface.
– Yeah, surface area. – To decorate, and we're going
to take all of our little bobbles here, we've got
glitter, glitter glue, some cute little strands
of sparkles, some ribbon. – We also get these
little mini stamp sets. We saw online, we thought it was cute, where someone stamped on it and it made it look, kind
of like Conversation Hearts. I thought that was super cute.
– Kiss me. – Yeah.
– Be mine. (laughing) So we're going to go ahead and first decorate the
outside of our jars. (swooshing) (upbeat music) Cute. – Awe, that is cute. (upbeat music) – Be mine. – So cute. (upbeat music) Okay so now we have our decorated jars. – So cute. – Yeah, I really like how
the stamping turned out. – Can you see how that stamps look? – [Alisha] Super cute. – Really, really cute and something that we learned is if you decide to the stamping, that a wipey, if you like mess up, or get a little too excited
with the ink on the stamps, it will come off with a wipey. – Well, it comes off of
the dark colored paint. – Right.
– It stained the white paint. So you can see this
little heart sticker here is covering up where I
tried to wipe it away and it stained and then some
of my paint came off, so, thank goodness for stickers.
– There you go. (laughing) – But now we are going to
put in our gifts of time. So what we did is we came up with a list of 14 ideas each. I did the kiddie jar. – And I have the spouse/partner jar. – Yep, so I have 14 kid ideas
and Eden has 14 partner ideas, and we're just going to
write those ideas on our jumbo Popsicle sticks
and were going to glue a cute, little puffball onto one tip, so that when we put them in the jar they will stand up with
the puffballs on top and then once that activity
has been chosen and completed, they'll turn it upside and
stick it back in the jar, so that they can see, oh,
that one's already been done. – That's right. – No double dipping here folks. – Nope, nope, nope, that's gross. (laughing) (upbeat music) (popping) (gasping) (laughing) (upbeat music) While these are drying, we're just going to read off our ideas. Now these are kind of catered to our kids and our partners and spouses, so you know your kids, you
know your spouse, your partner, you make it to what fits them and their likes,
– Their likes and interests. – and what you think
you like to do together. For me and my husband, get a foot massage, as in, I give him one. He loves his feet rubbed. He's on his feet all day at work and so he loves to get a foot massage. Make a favorite meal
for him, go on a walk, we love to go on walks together. So any chance we can do that is fun. Sometimes I can bring him lunch to work. – That's nice. – So that's a fun one
to do and a picnic date. A lot of these are, like, around food. (laughs) We like to eat together. They're pretty, just, generic, kind of, fun things to do together. So I kept it clean.
– G rated. – Family friendly. (laughing) That's another jar. (laughing) A jar for another time. – With a lock and key. – Uh-huh. – So for kids, some things my
girls are always asking to do go to the park, cook with mom. They always, always
– That's a good one. – want to come help me cook. Paint their nails, they're
constantly digging through my nail polish and
wanting me to paint, like, 50 color combinations on their nails, but it's fun and their nails are little so it doesn't take that long and it makes them super happy. Make a smoothie. My three year old is a pretty
pro smoothie maker now, it's one of her favorite things to do is make smoothies with me, and lunch dates, this can be like, when they're not in school,
you actually go out together, or go visit them at school for lunch. – My kids love that. – Hm-mm, mine too. So yeah, these are just some fun ideas, things that they regularly ask for, but I don't also have time or
make time to do those things because life. – It's hard.
– Yep. – Something else that we do as a family for Valentine's Day that's not with this, but something that you can do is, instead of my husband and I
going out on Valentine's Day, it's always so busy and crowded, and we're always competing
for the same restaurants or places, as everybody else is. So we do a romantic family dinner, where my husband and I we make a really nice meal for our kids and we set the table, we do candles, maybe I have some fake rose petals, and I kind of sprinkle that
on the table, make it nice, and then we give them a
little Valentine, you know, at their place setting. So that's something fun that we do. We call it our family romantic dinner. So, lot's of fun. – It's great idea for our family too, because actually my
three year old was born on Valentine's Day, little
Valentin's gift from Heaven (laughs) That took away all of our
Valentine's date options. (laughing) So, it's good. – Birthday trumps
– Yeah. – Valentine's.
– Birthday trumps Valentine's. So, but I think that family
dinner idea is awesome and tell us some of your ideas. What do your kids love? What does your spouse
love or significant other? 'Cause we would love to hear
your ideas and add to it, especially free ideas. There's never enough free ideas, like, we'll take all we can get. – Well and that's the best thing about it, is time is free. You don't have to save up
for it, it's just there, and so we have to though,
consciously make the effort though to use it wisely.
– Use it wisely. – And to make it count, so yeah. – Thank you guys so much for joining us for a Valentine's craft. We hope you got some good ideas and we'd love to hear any of your ideas in the comments below. – For more videos from us,
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icon right here to subscribe. We hope you have a happy Valentine's Day and enjoy spending time
with those you love. Bye.
– Bye. (upbeat music) (lips smacking)