hey guys so in today's video we're gonna do a Dollar Tree shop with me and we are shopping for Christmas stuff only so I'm gonna show y'all what is that my Dollar Tree for Christmas decor and all of that you're excited yeah all right but let me show y'all who is beside me Paige from Paige Danielle you guys definitely have to go check out her channel if you haven't already she is one of my best friends on YouTube you want to tell them about your channel I pretty much do a lot of the same stuff meg does she is the cleaning clean she's taught me a lot in my life but if you want some cleaning motivation some shot with me some cooking videos then come on over I'm very excited for Christmas though we have a lot of stuff going on yeah and we are gonna be shopping at Hobby Lobby on her Channel so we're gonna do a Hobby Lobby shop with me and dollars for you shop with me Oh Christmas related so let's go ahead on so we are over here in the bags section and I found this one I think this is about the only one I think I would use for Christmas but this would be adorable and Paige said we should put a red bow on there I think that's a good idea and then also this one wouldn't be bad for Christmas either oh and then there's this just regular silver one I think these are more pink they kind of like red on camera but they're they're pink that's really cute and I did get candles for all the girls in my family this year so that it that would actually be perfect and there's a really cute little yeah they even have red ones over here too so they have gold silver and red all right Paige helped me out so we ended up getting all of these so I can put all the candles in here and then I'm gonna fill it up with some of this like decorative shredded stuff and so I'm gonna do white in the red boxes and then for the silver and gold I'm gonna put pink in there too since it all is for girls and stuff so I thought the pink would be a good touch actually Julie thought the pink would be a good touch she picked that out [Music] [Music] [Music] they also have this stuff here if you're doing like a Christmas party or something and you just want to put like some things out you might need some extras but you don't always need extra plates and bowls yo you're gonna have a Christmas party oh oh she needs that she's but she's taking off with it she says oh guys so many Christmas cards oh my gosh yeah you're still stuck on Halloween we're doing Christmas now oh my gosh I can't even like everything that is beautiful like that's something you would see at Hallmark you know this one [Music] [Music] see oh it's pink you know the way to my heart oh I see oh my gosh love you wait a minute too bad that doesn't say husband I would get that [Music] this would be something really cute for the kids to do might have to get up for them they would love this oh my gosh the gingerbread that is adorable yeah we're gonna have to do this I need these you got this really yeah I was just telling Paige how I wanted to display all of my cards that I get this year and I said that I was gonna put it like on the fireplace mantel it says decorated Christmas garland kit but it's like little clothes pins that's the white but it's got little snowflakes on there and this one has Christmas trees so I'm gonna pick some up okay so they have some lights down here they're only 20 lights in there which would be really good if you just want to do like one of those small trees or something you know small that you're decorating but I definitely wouldn't get these for like a Christmas tree but pretty good if you've got something small you want to decorate [Music] they also have biggest bags there are six in a pack so they've got this one that says let it snow this one with ornaments and then this one that says Merry Christmas with all the people on there Santa Claus the reindeer and all of that which this one is definitely my favorite so I just saw these and one year I actually ended up filling these with cotton balls and then putting like a wallet size picture in there for my grandparents so they loved that gift too and they still have those on their tree so that's just a little idea for you guys have a set of two as well and me and Paige we're just saying that these are plastic – they're not glass so really good if you have kids definitely going to go ahead and pick up some of these hooks – wish they had the green ones though I kind of prefer the green plastic ones over these metal ones [Music] [Music] so apparently we are here on a day when they're putting out more Christmas stuff because there's just boxes lined up [Laughter] because inside this box it's chair covers witches are adorable that is so cute different little Christmas morning [Music] [Applause] there's a bright star shine in tonight I have never seen before it makes the snow come alive with the light like a spotlight on the glistening winter floor look at these cute containers and then they have these cool tops to go on them yeah lids that goes with my theme this year retro yeah because it was only a dollar [Music] the city's in this gown so come on and take a Christmas strong me tonight [Music] we can take a shortcut through the park walk will close holding hands there in the dark have some chocolate Easter the doesn't that sound like something for so watching tonight on a Christmas troll throwing treat town it's a when the safety scene it's a comment with me tonight [Music] is much too short passers-by [Music] so take a leap [Music] [Applause] the song's a try so Wow we found Christmas tree scented candles and we cannot stop it smell I'm thinking it's like like a real Christmas tree and I was saying these have got to be like the Glade knockoff because it says air fresh but the logo looks just like late I can't stop I'm gonna have to buy one [Music] me too – come on and take this Christmas so come on and take a Christmas tree [Music] yeah these would also be really cute stocking stuffers with lipgloss yeah and you could also put money in there if you want to be a really cool purse these are super cool they're like icicles and they light up that is really awesome [Music] [Music] thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope y'all enjoyed watching me and Paige shop around definitely make sure you go check out Paige's channel where we go shopping at Hobby Lobby for Christmas decor and hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel I would love to have you be a part of my YouTube family and I will have a few other videos right here on the screen for you guys if you want to watch more from me and I will see y'all in the next one bye [Music]