hey guys and welcome back to my channel today we're gonna go in the Dollar Tree and shop for Valentine's stuff trying to get some ideas I don't think I'll be buying anything today but I'm just trying to get some ideas about what I want to get to put in the Valentine's baskets for the kids and we're here at the huge Dollar Tree that I've brought you guys in a few times if you have not watched those videos I'll link them down before where we've been in this huge dollar tree but it's ginormous like the size of a grocery store big so I'm sure they're gonna have a lot of good things in here oh those are cute they're like bracelets and they light up Julie likes these girl fries if you've got kids in school too or you just like giving these to like your nieces and nephews and stuff I've got lots of different kinds of Valentine's parts in here my little pony and Minnie [Music] but you'll be moving on we – my people never believe lucky one what is that oh you scatter him on the table that would be perfect for a date night we were just talking about those little Valentine's cards that you spend to class with your kids and stuff and I remember filling ours out when I was a kid and like the boy that you had the crush on in the class you would never give him the good one because you're like no I don't like you you know it was always just like happy Valentine's Day I've always known Valentine's Day with our kids we think it's a lot of fun normally I will get Ross something for Valentine's Day and Justin will get Julie something for Valentine's Day and we've always said that's like a tradition we want to keep up like Ross is my Valentine and Julie's Justin's Valentines [Music] secret I go insane nothing beats it when you call my name my love with every day your keep [Music] like a king every time the way together I feel we can make this moment Lester's for Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] alright guys so yesterday I feel like the Dollar Tree didn't have a whole lot of stuff there for Valentine's Day I thought we could make this video even better and go to Target and also look at this [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] baby [Music] sometimes I forget to breathe baby [Music] baby [Music] wrapped around your finger tell me what you wanna do part of something bigger and I my mind is filled with you oh you know how you know you know you know how you know oh you know baby [Music] No Oh [Music] No [Music] baby [Music] maybe [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]