alright guys so today we are here to do the highly highly highly suggestive video on my Dyson vacuums I have two of them I have the Dyson v7 motor head and I have the dyson v-6 animal so I'm gonna be sharing with you guys the differences between those two so we actually got the v6 animal first that was when we first moved into this house and we just had a lot more square footage in this house and so I wanted something that was easier to vacuum with so we got this one and thin like a few months later probably like two or three months later Dyson actually contacted me to give me the v7 Motorhead and do a video for them this video is not for them I did that video a few months ago so this video is not sponsored by Dyson but I just get so many questions about my vacuums so I thought I would do this video for you guys and let you know like the differences and all of that so let's go ahead and get on into it so this one right here this purple one that I have is the v6 animal and this is the one that we had first this one actually retails for more than the v7 if that makes any sense like I feel like that doesn't make any sense but this one is actually more expensive than the v7 on the Dyson website the on the Dyson website this one retails for $500 but I was able to get ours on Amazon for $300 so that was a really good deal and I am gonna find a few Dyson's on Amazon and link them down below that are a lot cheaper than what the dachshund website has them for so just check the description box if you're interested in any of these I'll have the Dyson website and then I'll have the links to the Amazon stuff too this one right here is the v7 motor head and it's pink and purple and I love the way this one looks I think this one is prettier than the other one probably just because it's pink but this one retails for $400 on the Dyson website and like I said this other one is $500 so there's about $100 difference between them now that we've talked about the prices let's talk about the time and how long each of them run because they are cordless vac and that is one thing that I absolutely love I love not having to plug in my vacuum every time I need to use it it's being plugged in when I'm not using it and then when I'm ready to use it I just unplug it from its charger and I can just go all around the house so that is like the number one thing that I love about it but they do have different like runtimes how long you can use them the v6 you can use for 20 minute but if it is on max then it's only gonna run for six minutes so B seven will run for 30 minutes and for about six minutes on max a lot of people say that that's actually not enough time to vacuum your house but personally I've been using these four months and it's been very rare that the battery runs out on me and I think it's because I will do like the downstairs area first and then come upstairs and clean this and while I am cleaning the upstairs I have my vacuum charging so I basically only vacuum like one level at a time and in between each level I have it charging for a little while so that's probably why I've never had it actually run out if I was to do my entire house in one time then I definitely would run out of battery it's gonna take me more than 20 or 30 minutes to do that charge them up completely it's going to take the v6 three and a half hours to charge up like from completely dead to you know a full charge and for the v7 motor head it's gonna take only an hour so it has a lot faster charging time on that one a lot of people also ask about the weight and how heavy it is not heavy at all the v6 is five pounds and the v7 is like five point four five pounds so there's really not much of a difference they kind of feel the same when you're holding them up something else that I love about the v6 is it comes with different attachments they both come with like sets of the same attachments but the v6 comes with a few extras and I love those attachments it's really easy to like vacuum out your car with them and just get in lots of different places and be able to vacuum up a lot just lots of different places so you don't have to use it like as a full vacuum here let me show you guys you don't have to use it as a full vacuum you can take this entire part off and how an attachment on here so you're really it's kind of like a handheld vacuum – they both have the same amount of suction and I wanted to show you guys another thing that I love about the v7 compared to the v6 is how you can empty the bin out so whenever you're emptying this one out I'm not gonna open it up just in case there's some dust in here but there's a little thing in here that basically pushes everything out instead of like the v6 this just opens up but then you kind of have to dig everything out but with this one it all gets pushed down into the trash cans so I like that for emptying out the bin so personally I think that they are totally worth the money I know that they're a little bit on the expensive side for vacuums but for me this has been the best vacuum I have ever had I used to own shark vacuums now I have these Dyson's and I don't think I'll ever be going back I just love everything about the Dyson especially the cordless ones because you don't have to plug it in like that is like my number one thing and I also love how skinny they are so you can easily get like all the way up under the couch it's no big deal to be able to do that but with my other like sharp vacuums number one like you were pushing it with the cord like to even be able to get all the way under the vacuum the vacuum the couch but you were pushing it even to be able to get all the way under the couch but also it was so bulky that it just wouldn't fit anyway so I highly recommend these vacuums I also love the swivel feature because it just swivels as much as you want it to it makes cleaning so easy anywhere I use it on my hardwood I use it on my tile my carpets my rugs anything I use it on my back porch and I'm telling you guys anywhere you need to vacuum something up so I even like to take this part off and just hook the attachment to this and dust like that as well so occasionally I'll do that if I have like dust on of you know the fireplace mantel or on dressers I'll just go over and dusting things off like that and so that way you know like dust isn't going everywhere you're not collecting it on a washcloth you're actually like sucking it all up I really love doing that there's just a ton of things like I said I'll have the Dyson website link down below for you guys just in case I missed anything and you have any other questions that maybe I cannot answer for you just go check the Dyson website and I will have those Amazon links for you guys just in case like I can find some discounts on them and I hope y'all enjoyed this video they've got a thumbs up if you did and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you are new and if you would like some cleaning motivation I will leave it right here on the page for you guys and I will see y'all in the next video bye