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we are in full-swing ahead for the holiday season. I'm gonna show you guys a
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know you guys are enjoying what you guys are seeing. So, it is the beginning of November, which means holiday season
is in full-steam ahead. That's right, between
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, all around the corner, it
is time for potluck parties and you going to parties, and
parties coming over to you. So I'm gonna show you
guys some side dishes that are easy to take to
any party or any potluck to go ahead and share with your friends, or are easy for you to go ahead and do, and have the party come over to you. These are dishes that we personally do inside our own family,
so without further ado, let's jump right into
side dish number one. So, for the first little side dish for your potluck or any
party, we actually eat these for every Christmas, we
absolutely love these. But we're gonna make
some cocktail hotdogs, so you're gonna need
two packs of these like, little cocktail hotdogs. I have the Beef Lit'l Smokies. A jar of chili sauce, and then eight ounces of grape jelly. It has to be jelly, not jam,
doesn't work if it's jam, needs to be the jelly. So all I'm gonna do is put
the chili sauce inside a pan, put the jelly in there,
this is gonna melt together and turn into a nice, sweet, tangy sauce
for the hotdogs to go in. So all I'm gonna do is
put in the little hotdogs and turn it down to a medium heat, and just let them simmer. (upbeat music) And there you go, you
have cocktail hotdogs. You can place them in a little Crock-Pot, put it on low and they
will stay good for hours. You place some toothpicks
on the side of them, and this is a great dish
for any potluck party or any party that comes to you. So next up, we're gonna be
making a very simple bean dip. So all we're gonna need is
a big can of refried beans, a package of beef chorizo, a pack of ground beef,
this is a small pack, a can of black olives, a small can of green, diced chiles, some cheese, and then some
tortilla chips to eat it with, and then you can also
put in some cilantro, that is optional. But let's get going on
this real easy bean dip. So all we're gonna do
is place our ground beef into the pan to get that cooked up. We're gonna toss in our chorizo. (upbeat music) Now that that is all cooked up, we're gonna add our refried beans into the chorizo and beef mixture. Now we're gonna toss in our black olives and our green chiles. You're gonna let this simmer
for about, maybe 15 minutes, and then we're gonna transfer
it into a baking dish. So all I'm doing is
putting the bean mixture inside this baking dish. So what we're gonna do, is we're just gonna spread this around, and then we're gonna
sprinkle some cheese on top. I love using colby jack,
so we're just gonna put that all over the top, and then place it in the oven to melt. So all we're gonna do is
pop this in the oven at 350, for about 20 minutes until
everything has melted together and it is super yummy, and
it is ready for any party. (upbeat music) Okay, so that is it. I hope you guys enjoyed that video. Let us know, down below,
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