– Okay, love is in the air. (smooching) Hello, and welcome back
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great, big thumbs up. Well, it is love month, it
is Valentine's Day season, love is in the air, and we
wanna give some chocolate and valentines to the people that we love, and our kids wanna give
out valentines, too. Kay, today I'm gonna be
sharing with you some fun, semi-homemade Valentine's Day card ideas that your kids can give
out at school this year. And I'm sure you've seen these before and they're nothing new to you, but to this old lady, I like 'em. They weren't around when
my kids were little, so we're gonna do this. So, we're gonna make some valentines that my fourth-grader and my first-grader can give out this year,
so come along with me. Okay, the first and
seriously the easiest thing that your kids can put
together for valentines for their classmates are these
cute Valentine's pencils, where all you have to do is seriously glue the saying onto it. This one is a fast one to put
together very last-minute. Kay, all the printables that I'm gonna be sharing with you today, I will have linked down below for you. This is from the YellowBlissRoad.com, and she has two printables of these, two different ways of saying it, so I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed a packet of pencils. This was so easy and you
can throw it together, seriously, the morning of. I just cut the tags out
and glued it together with a glue stick. Super fast, super easy. Now, on the back, I just cut
the excess tag off right here, and there you go, super fast
that they could pass out for Valentine's Day. Also, I printed out and cut
out these cute little sayings, like, “Bugs and kisses,
Happy Valentine's Day,” “You 'quack' me up,” (laughs) “What does the fox say?” These are so cute, so you can print these on card stock if you want, and then you could put a piece of tape to the pencil, but
I'm gonna use my hot glue gun. So, all you have to do
is take your pencil, just add some hot glue, and just stick that right on. So, if you're working with printer paper and not card stock,
this will work for you. So, when the kids pull it off, it'll just peel right off for them. So, there you have it. These are quick and easy
to put together as well. So, here is another fast, quick, and easy last-minute Valentine's Day idea. Kay, so for this next one, I went also to the Dollar Tree and picked up this little bag of, like, creatures and insects. I loved the frogs in it, and then I saw this thing on Pinterest, of course the link is below, “You make my heart jump,”
so I thought this would be fun for the little boys to get. What I'm gonna do is put a little bit of hot glue onto one of the frogs. And there you have it, definitely
use card stock for this because these will be heavy, obviously. But, there you go, I think any little boy would have fun with this,
getting this for Valentine's Day. That's super cute. Another fun idea is giving
the kids some glow sticks, and the saying is, “Valentine,
you make my heart glow. “From your friend.” So, this one, you can also use card stock, but today, I just used normal paper because a lot of people don't
have card stock on them, especially last-minute, so let me share with you how I'm gonna put this together. So, I grabbed some glow sticks, also from the Dollar Tree. This pack has eight of them. What you're gonna do is, you're
gonna cut out your sayings. Okay, to make this work
with my thinner paper, I don't wanna punch a hole
because this is very thin and it won't fit through, so I'm just gonna take my pencil and just make a little dot, and then I'll punch it
through with my glow stick. And try to do it without
cracking the glow stick. So, I put it at the
bottom of the glow stick and I'm just pulling it up, and then coming through the top end. So, I went through the bottom, and then through the top, and
it's gonna look like this. So, “Valentine, you make my heart glow. “From your friend.” So, this still works well if
you don't have card stock, especially last-minute. I know that's something I don't always have on-hand at home, so there you go. I know the little boys will
get a kick out of this, but all kids love glow sticks, so this would be a hit. Alright, another super-fast valentine that you could put together. You don't even need to print it out, your little ones can write the saying on card stock if they wanted to. And so, it's, “You make my heart pop,” and all you need to do is tape a balloon to the card, that's it. That is so easy. Alright, there you have it, four great Valentine's Day ideas that your kids can put together, and especially at last minute. Now, you don't have to go all crazy and do, like, Pinterest-worthy valentines. Like, keep it simple, and you know, really,
the kids are just excited to get something, so
they really don't care how hard we put the hours into it. It's sad that they don't know, but honestly, they're just excited to receive something from their friends. Yeah, so those are just some of my Valentine's Day
card ideas that your kids can give out this year. Okay, what have you done in the past? What has worked for you,
what have your kids loved, or what have your kids loved receiving? It's so fun and creative to see what people come up with, AKA the moms, so leave them down below. Alright, thank you for
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