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video a big ol' thumbs up. So, I get asked all the time, “You have such clear skin,
you have no breakouts. “What do you do?”, and I have, like, a more intense skincare routine, but then I also have, like, my everyday, simple skincare routine. So, we are in my bathroom today, and I'm here to bring you that easy, mom-on-the-go skincare routine. Let's go. Okay, so we are gonna start
with face moisturizer. I use this Perfectly Posh
Moisturize Nine One One. It works amazing, it really
sinks into your skin. I put a little bit on my hand and I just work it into my skin, I go in circular motions on my forehead, and then I make sure that I
get underneath my eyes really, really good, and then I always make sure that I pay attention to my neck as well. I try and put whatever goes on my face, goes on my neck, to make
sure that everything stays nice and moisturized. Next up, since I have
super, super dry skin, I like to use an oil, and I use this one by Tarte, I believe it's Maracuja Oil,
is how you pronounce it, but when I get it on my hands, what I like to do is press this into my skin and not just, like, swipe it and work it that way. I like to really just
push it into my skin, really get around my nose because that is the area that gets super dry. But, I love to use an
oil because it really does help moisturize my face since I have super, super dry skin. And whatever I have leftover, I like to just go ahead
and work on my hands since it is winter and
my skin is super dry, just in general. Next up, you need to
take care of your lips, and I love this Neosporin Lip Health, and it's an overnight, but you can use it night or day, and I really like to just go ahead, put this
on my lips at nighttime or in the morning, underneath my lipstick. Next up is this Mario Badescu Facial Spray in Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea. This is one of my favorite
sprays of all time, it smells amazing and really
just hydrates you skin. Last up is this Body
Pudding, it's by Zoella. I mean, that packaging is just amazing and it smells like flowers. I'm not a flowery girl,
but I love to put this on my hands, on my elbows, on my arms, and really just work it in, and other than that, that is my simple, simple skincare routine. Alright, you guys, that is it. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I have super, super, super sensitive skin, so it's hard to find good products that actually, I feel like are penetrating into my skin and really moisturizing it. If you guys have anymore tips or any go-to products,
please leave it down below so I can check it out. So, if you guys wanna
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