hey guys welcome to another video I'm excited to share with you ethical conscious and eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas I'm going to start with adult Christmas gift ideas and then I'll move on to kid Christmas gift ideas and something I just want to say is that when you're purchasing Fairtrade items the items are gonna be a fair bit more expensive than if you were to go to Walmart but that's because you're voting with your dollars you're basically paying more for the people who are making the product to be paid fairly when you purchase things that are quite low in price there's a chance that someone along the way didn't get paid fairly to make that product and if you're looking for lower-cost items or things with a smaller budget for gift items there's still so many other things but these are so beautiful and totally worth the investment I think because you really are not just buying a gift for someone that you love you're also supporting economies across the world sometimes it feels really hard to be able to make an impact positively towards situations that feel so out of your control but in regards to your dollars if you're purchasing consciously is very beneficial that's just something to consider when it comes to mind with Fairtrade products so the first Christmas gift idea I want to share with you is purchasing something from the home good line of this company called 31 bits you haven't heard of 31 bits oh that's awesome people before profit company I actually went to college with the girls who'd founded this company so 31 bits uses fashion and design to help drive positive change through hiring artisans in Uganda and volley with dignified job opportunities so I want to show you their new home good line which is amazing I'm so proud of these girls and you can go on to their site which I'll put the link in the description box below and you can learn all about their company and how they have positively impacted so many people's lives okay the light is getting in my eyes I'm gonna move over here put my hair up hot mess so the first thing I want to show you is at the end to hiv-positive [Music] the most beautiful little canisters I've ever laid my eyes on and there are hand glazed by a man in Bali use a solid sand to create the sands light and they work perfect for putting q-tips in it or cotton balls or you can even use it as a prayer potted plant made from a zero-waste sustainable dye Factory in Bali all made from plant dies okay I'm gonna move on to the next company I love you thirty-one bits I love all of my friends who work there and I'm so I feel so lucky and blessed that I got to go to college with them and spend time with them so the next company I'm going to share with you about is a company I've shared with you about before that I really love called groceries apparel and there an ethical clothing company made in California so there's sweatshop free of course they're made sustainably and they use a lot of recycled materials 100% vegan materials as well and a lot of people are asking in my last video what sweater I was wearing in our rainy day video actually it's not really sweater it's like a poncho because there's no sleeves that's super comfortable we're gonna be going camping up towards Haleakala this week with our homeschool group and it's gonna be super chilly in the evening so I'm definitely gonna be wearing this and my other my other jacket as well from groceries the problem when I bring both of them so a sweater or poncho like this especially if you live in a cold climate would be a really great if to give and I'm gonna put a link in the description box below to all these companies [Music] all right the next company I want to share with you is this company called earthling beauty which has these amazing face and body oils it makes my skin feel so soft and so smooth and I really love it especially Tulsi rose one Jill is my sister's friend who started Earthling beauty and it supports the nonprofit called the edible apartment that she also created which is a nonprofit that builds gardens mentors educates and provides free information on how to create gardens anywhere in the world and I'm obsessed with their oils her whole line is vegan cruelty free crystal infused and handmade in California so even a bottle of oil like this a special face oil would be a really special gift to give to a friend loved one or family member next on the list are of course the in the soul shine product with messages on their products to inspire a vegan world vegan ethically made and even all their products come wrapped in compostable wrapper they're not wrapped in plastic which i think is super amazing and they're all Fairtrade what I think would be a super cool gift is really awesome canvas grocery bags we use all these bags for our groceries when we go to the farmers market and the grocery store and they're a great gift to support using reusable bags instead of plastic bags or even paper bags so lastly another idea is to also consider getting a gifts that isn't a material physical possession but rather an experience like Groupon is an amazing place to go and find discounts and deals for experiences like a vegan restaurant gift certificate a massage gift certificate or yoga class get certificate and all of that has a very light footprint on the planet because you're not buying a tangible physical gift so that's that's another idea in regards to having a light footprint on the planet and still giving a special memorable bit I'm gonna start with this first company called the small folk so this company is based in Australia made with intention and consciousness in mind and I have literally fall in love with their site I have amazing goods on their site so I'm gonna show you the specific items that I really love the first toy that I got for Sandy is this wonderful musical toy about a small folk so excited to give it to him because I know he's gonna love it it's all made of wood and it comes with these little balls and you basically set it on top and it makes this beautiful little sound and the reason I got inspired to get this toy for Sandy is because of this wonderful mama that I follow on Instagram called new earth mama and she had posted about how she has this toy for her children and how they have played for hours in front of this little toy she keeps it in a safe place to make sure it's not harmed and to make sure the little balls don't get lost and then when they're ready to play with it she brings it down and they'll sit there for hours she has said enjoying this the musical sound so I think this toy is really beautiful and I'm so excited to give it to Sandy I think he's gonna love it [Music] everything I got the small folk and I'm super excited to give them to my kids alright the last thing I want to share for a gift that I got my children are these awesome goose grief wooden craps so they're fair trade hand turned dolls I got them on Etsy the designed in Brooklyn and each peg is hand-chiseled on an electric lap in bogota colombia using sustainably forested wood and they're hand-painted with non-toxic materials and i love the message behind this one specifically which is called peacemakers and they have all different all different types of dolls really like this one because it's a great way to create play while informing children about important people in history this one has Martin Luther King jr. mother Teresa Harriet Tubman and Gandhi so I'm gonna give that one to Elvis and there's no man I give to Sandy and it's of children of all different cultures and ethnicities Etsy is a great place to find sustainable products a lot of the companies are Fairtrade and handmade made it home by stay-at-home moms and I love supporting that type of thing yeah so this is by goose grease wooden crafts so in regards to the XE idea looking for gifts on Etsy another good idea of something that I got Elvis last year for Christmas which we have used so much this is probably our most used toy in the house is this wooden state puzzle and it's 100% made of wood and I honestly don't remember what this company was called but if you just go on etsy.com and search wooden state puzzle it should pop up they also have a wooden world puzzle on there I don't know if it's by the same person or not but my kids have used this puzzle so much and it's super educational so yeah so this is a super awesome state puzzle that I highly recommend something else I got for Elvis like a couple years ago was these troll dolls bellies for his birthday and I also got these on Etsy these are super cool because they're a second hand product and you're not supporting like new products that aren't made of sustainable materials these fun kind of toys these you can find that Etsy as well just type in second hand trolls or something like that and second hand items are a great way to go so the last thing I want to share about for a kid gift idea is to do a treasure hunt now I did a treasure hunt for Elvis Christmas morning when he was 3 years no yes wait and actually man in YouTube video about it and if you've been with my channel for that long thank you so much for supporting us and watching my videos for that long it means so much to me actually that Christmas video was one of my favorite videos that I've made from like my older videos special orders from a captain Jeremy Claus and he wants you to open that first one right there with the ribbon [Music] [Applause] [Music] dear pirate Elvis Paul we go blow the main down this year is captain Jeremy Claus I've hidden me some treasure follow the teams to find coins from a far distant land that's crystal Tyler I'll put a link in the description box below for you to see how that treasure hunt went to give you like a little bit of ideas this treasure hunt Elvis loved so much he actually asked me to do another treasure hunt for him this year I'm planning on doing that getting another map writing out clues as to where all these treasures will be hidden around the house and the reason why I think this is a good gift idea is because you can literally make anything treasure something whatever they're interested in it can be something within nature and they can think of that as a gift and find gratefulness for that when for Elvis Lee he will literally opened the door to see a bundle of sticks wrapped in a bow it was like driftwood that I had gotten at the beach and he freaked he loved it so much it was like one of his favorite gifts for Christmas that year from a book I just finished what the conscious parent is it is we who teach our children how to be greedy by giving them diamonds instead of sticks and stones that was just really inspired by that clip so that is a really sustainable way an affordable way to give gifts to your children so if these fair trade items are out of your budget that is totally fine to consider doing a treasure hunt for your child makes it a really special experience and you have you don't have to spend any money you could do things like take treasures from when you were a child I don't know if you have keep your treasures but I had a treasure box as a child I had my mom ship over these treasures from my treasure box at home when I was a little kid so they were all free gifts they were just like little it was like a little crystal from when I was kid and coins from different parts of the world [Music] there's so many ways to get creative with a treasure hunt without having to spend very much money and having a very little impact on the planet so a treasure hunt is a great way to go so that's it and I hope this was helpful to you and gave you some ideas and stay tuned for the next video bye [Music]