[Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys it has been quite a while since I have been talking to you face to face in the video when I went island hopping with my family to the Big Island in kawaii I had forgotten my vlogging camera the one where I can like turn it around and talk yeah so that's why I haven't like sat face to face and talked to you in a while I'm gonna be doing some sit-down video soon hopefully like a gentle parenting video from my gentle parenting series we're also gonna have a whole Hawaii home tour and garden video and garden update video coming up soon but for now today is Elvis a sixth birthday party and we're really excited to celebrate especially because we just got our kitchen remodeled and so now it's a much more like cozy comfy spacious place it's totally feels like home now and we're really excited about it so I have so much fun filming my kids birthday parties because it's such fond memories to look back on and they're Elvis's favorite videos of mine that I make he loves watching his birthday party videos and I will be filming Sandi's this year at the end of April when that comes I already have most things prepared let me show you what I got here these I don't know what to call them leave a thumb prints Oh balls so they're just these little balls made out of oats end dates and almond butter and coconut flakes talked with a blueberry H and they're super good I wanna put hemp seeds in it as well you can put cheese seeds or cashews in there or whatever and I just pulse it in the Vitamix or you can put it in a food processor as well it's super simple if you do it in your Vitamix blender and make sure you put the wet ingredients at the bottom like the dates at the bottom and if the dates you have are super dry you can always add maple syrup a little bit of maple syrup to get like the wetness going so they mold together now I'm gonna make some guacamole with vegetables hi Andrew you wanna say hi alright so that's what I'm doing and then I'll show you the rest of the party people come in we got biodegradable water balloons paralysis requests and then we also have a treasure hunt coming up which I spent like an hour and a half trying to cope with the rides for the treasure hunt last night so we'll see how that goes yes Haley's coming with Kanna [Music] I love have a second race right now [Music] I just ran it [Music] now we know this beautiful Reggie splatter super easy to slice up no circle cuacamole and hummus the next thing that I also want to share about is that if you saw my three-year-old birthday party for Elvis I made homemade flashback errs and homemade almond carrot crackers but I just really didn't find the time this time to bust out the hydrator and make the crackers myself this time so I bought them at the farmers market Andrew got this morning they're actually made on Maui so we got three bags of these garden carrot tomato crackers and they're so good I almost love them throughout their raw crackers clean ingredients and then I also bought some of these go Raw's SD Pizza crackers which I'm pretty sure are nationwide in America if you just put it like your local health food shop I think Whole Foods probably has them a little tiny raw crackers so I'm going to serve this as well in a bowl with the guacamole and then we have kombucha that I'm serving with some cold lemon and lime water I did if you like it excited for your birthday Oh daddy's gonna hang you like it oh you're gonna pop it you don't want to play water balloons okay you don't have what [Music] well I woke up this morning a rainbow fear the sky [Music] yes I woke up this morning a rainbow fear but that was God telling me everything's gonna be alright we're so long friend when will we meet again I [Music] said so long when will we meet [Music] well I don't know I don't know but I guess I'm seeing [Music] [Music] [Music] well I move back my all the time all day [Music] I move back my own no oh damn [Music] Oh and I know but I guess I gots to go [Music] this one rainbow sky hey who can pick up the water balloons the best is ready go alright so now I'm going to get ready for the treasure hunt so these things a little treasure boxes I'm going to hide what cutely these are they really cute and I bought these little beads and jewels gemstones at the jewellery shop in town this is like their treasure that they're gonna find so I separated into two groups and they're both gonna lead to different treasures so now I can go hide them Jerrod that was God telling me everything everything's gonna be all right [Music] – water we are plants when it's one fuck of a spell let me help you copy yeah you do it to find the next clue [Music] everybody's a treasure [Music] [Music] Alvin first president from [Music] [Music] birthday [Music] I hope you have a lovely birthday Lee would you lots of fun [Music] seminal [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music]