– So, this year for Christmas
I did something super risky and I'm gonna let you know
if it was a super success or a super fail. (smooching) Hey, everyone, I'm Eden. Welcome back to Millennial Moms. Before we get started, go ahead and click the red subscribe button right here and give this video a big thumbs up. This year, I wanted to
do something different and I don't now about y'all, but sometimes Christmas can make me grumpy and it's not because of the holiday and the spirit of it all, it's just because of the commercialization and the accumulation of all this junk. We spend so much money on stuff that ends up being meaningless and my kids don't know this, but after they get their
Christmas gifts, months later, I go through all their
stuff and I throw it all out and it just makes me so angry
that I spend so much time and energy on finding a
gift that means nothing and so, maybe six months before Christmas, I approached my husband and I said, I want to do something different. I want to give our kids experiences and so, we worked on
starting to hatch a plan to create a week's worth of
experiences for our kids. Now, before you go thinking
my kids were deprived, I knew they had gifts from
grandmas and grandpas coming and I knew that Santa
thought they were good enough to get them at least one gift to open on Christmas morning, so I
figured they could be okay and we kind of prepped our kids, saying that, as a
family, as a mom and dad, we decided that we were going
to ask Santa for experiences. So, they knew it was coming. I was hoping that that was
enough to prep them visually for the lack of gifts they
normally get under the tree. Starting Christmas morning,
right out the gate, we had some really fun
things planned for our kids. Some of the things we did
was going to Six Flags with our cousins, we hiked Enchanted Rock, which is this really
beautiful, pink, granite rock right outside of Austin,
we went ice skating, we went horseback riding, and I documented some of those things so that y'all could come along with us and share in these experiences
and memories for our kids. So, let's go take a look. (upbeat music) Do you hear the screaming? I think those are my kids. Oh, boy. – That was so much fun. – [Eden] So much fun? Hey, what'd you think? Woo! – That was awesome. – That was awesome? (screaming and laughing) I just got off the Firebird and that was pretty brutal. I'm too old for this stuff. Ugh! Here we go. Okay. We are hiking up Enchanted Rock. This is the summit trail and it's supposed to
be pretty challenging, but there's a lot of people doing it, so I feel like we're in good company. We'll see. (upbeat music) I think we've reached the top. We made it! Let's see how beautiful the view. That was a lot of work, huh? – But it was worth it! – It was worth it. (upbeat music) Oh, so beautiful. (upbeat music) Okay, we made it to the top and it was hard. My legs were burning and I'm sweaty, but it's beautiful. The camera doesn't do it justice. He's throwing beef jerky at me. (laughing) (upbeat music) Is there an elevator? – [Savannah] Yeah, seriously. An escalator.
– The bird right there. – [Savannah] Let's take the escalator. – [Eden] It is kinda
spooky when you're walking towards an edge and you
can't see the other side. We're trying to go down and
I know we came up this way, but that's kinda spooky. She goes down. Down she goes. Okay, we're heading down
and it's kinda spooky. Look at this cliff right here. Can you see it? I don't know, but we started going down the wrong way, so now we're in unfamiliar territory. (upbeat music) – [Savannah] It looks black. – It's like a red. Dark red. – [Savannah] Hey, Chan. How's it going? Let's see. Ooh. – Hey. Let's see. Purple. Okay, so I finished mine
before everyone else. I got a light pink. Now, I'm gonna go get my eyebrows waxed. Oh! I didn't even know that was on. – [Savannah] Yeah, she did that to me too. – [Eden] I wanna get my legs waxed. – You should get your back waxed. – [Eden] We are at the Ninja
Warrior obstacle course. (upbeat music) Okay. (upbeat music) (record scratch)
(husband laughing) (upbeat music) Oh! So close! (upbeat music) (husband laughing) Does my butt jiggle? I'm not sure big bodies
were meant to do this. (upbeat music) Ninja! Now, we're having Chinese food to go with our Ninja Warriors. Channing, what did you
think of Ninja Warriors? – It was fun. – [Eden] Boz, what do you think? – It was awesome.
– Now, we're having some egg drop soup and Channing went
over and grabbed some sushi from the grocery store. We're gonna enjoy a
little Chinese food lunch. (upbeat music) We're on a horse. (laughing) – My toes are freezing. – Her horse is getting a drink. (upbeat music) I don't know where everybody else is. – I may or may not have
fell on the way over. – She biffed. She biffed it good. (upbeat music) – It's fun. – It's fun.
– We still have three more hours. – It's fun, but it's hard and it's gonna take awhile to remember how to do this properly. (upbeat music) (camera snapping) There you have it. I would say that the majority
of all the activities the kids loved it. There were no complaints. They loved it and I asked
them the other night, do they feel like they
missed out on things and they said no and
that they wouldn't mind doing it again next year. We'll see. We'll see about that. But, some of the things
that you didn't see in that footage was we
had a day at the movies and that was super fun. We got cuddled up in our jammies, we had new blankets and
so we went and cuddled and watched movies at that theater. We went to an escape room
with our oldest girls. That was super fun. So, so fun. We also did a polar bear swim that night that you didn't see. That was super fun. And, just being together, lots and lots of laughter and fun times and the kids were really great and we actually had some snow
flurries on New Year's Eve, which was a special treat because we don't really get that down here in Texas, so that was really awesome. The one thing that I would say is that I don't want you to get discouraged or think that you have
to spend a lot of money doing these things. You know, we actually,
throughout the year, work on a Christmas budget all year, so this was money that we
were going to spend anyway. We had planned for this, but don't think that you
have to spend a lot of money. There's lots of things that you could do, I'm sure, locally, where you live. You can check out things
that are happening, but don't get discouraged with that or you can save up. Save up to do something
really, really awesome to share with your kids. This worked really well
this year for my kids 'cuz they're all on the older end. My oldest is 16 and my youngest is nine, so this was a really
good time to introduce this type of tradition. Next year, we'll see. We might do experiences
or we might ask Santa to take us on a family trip. I'll let you know how it happens. Leave a comment below on
anything that you got this year that you really loved or experiences that you had
or have done with your family that were really successful. I'm always looking for good
memory makers for my family. To see more from me, click right up here. To see more videos from Millennial Moms, click right over here, and don't forget to subscribe by clicking right down here on this kiss-y face. I hope your New Year is full
of awesome new beginnings and I hope 2018 brings
you lots of blessings. We'll see you later. Bye. (smooching)