so whatever you want to say you better say now because you can't you won't be able to talk too much right I'm gonna put an apple in your mouth you won't be able to say who are you are you my mother are you a mother hi you guys this is Sandra hey you guys it's Kristina hey you guys this is Sandra we're doing a fun videos yeah face mask with truly organic problem gonna be a lot of fun we can't wait for you to join us but I'm so excited because I get to do a face mask ah yay amazing thing small not lose great known about for mom hey so happy that you guys are joining us today I am here with my mother and we are very excited to do our very first face mask challenge this video is done in collaboration with truly organic which is one of my favorite skin and hair organic lifestyle companies and I'm super excited to share with you what's about to happen so a few weeks ago at truly organic sent me these brand new face mask products that are in their line they sent the blue and green algae soft and moisturized face mask the beet and turmeric repair and revive face mask pumpkin and rosin and that one is for firming and the heightening they also sent their face facial oils and facial concentrate and a face moisturizing serum one of the reasons why I love truly organic is because they really are a lifestyle company for a hair skin so any type of product all of their products are and I love they say this on every bottle vegan certified organic gluten free cruelty free chemical free non-gmo sulfate free all-natural and paraben free their products are the closest that I have found to being raw vegan products I know all of their products are vegan but to also being raw they're the closest ones that I found I use their products on my hair on my skin I love truly organic and I'm really excited to try their face mask today I can't wait to try it myself and I love their packaging to Christina it's really very classy very pretty and it really does look organic this was the box that it came in super beautiful just box with a little bit of padding in it pretty cool I love it alright mom so okay I don't know what I don't know how okay I don't really know what to do but let's let's read the directions okay I think that would be bad you will need to read because I cannot see without my glass okay perfect I'm choosing the pumpkin and rosehip and it is to firm and tighten which I can use for my neck and for underneath my eyes it'll help me out you know us women that are older in age that need assistance with tightening of the of the neck and the eyes and I'm choosing the blue and green algae to soften and moisturize Oh or should I do the beet and turmeric to repair and revive which one should I do I'm mooster eyes go with moisturizer right so I'm gonna do the blue and green algae to soften and moisturize and well we're gonna do the other one too well oh no no so what we're gonna do is each of us is going to read the directions out loud and mix our own face mask with water into these little cups and then we're gonna apply it on to each other so mine says this fabulous mask comes packed with its own set of nutrient-rich properties that are designed to work with the liquid chosen to activate mask the mask can be used two parts powder to one part any liquid suitable for hydrating the mask a thinner mask can be made by adding more liquid and a thicker mask can be creative with less liquid right a little less and you read that what does it say just to make sure – is the same thing apply a thin layer to cleanse skin avoiding the eye area or open wounds rinse off after five minutes and its irritation occurs rinse immediately light tingling will occur of yours as a tingle oh dear if skin becomes irritated washed off immediately with warm water and apply vegetable oil to face Rhaego your no mind warrants this is after all right well then let's put water into mine and holes by us first you dip my special and it smells really good smells like minty fresh it's really good creamy okay alright so go ahead and pour yours into your jar this looks really good [Music] I'm gonna put hers on my face weight and mine on your way out no no wait no wait wait I'm gonna put hers on her face and she's gonna put mine on your face okay oh can you go first okay fingertips are clean first I wash my fingers mom yeah okay look at me and I'm gonna go in a circular motion avoid the eyes Wow okay and avoid the the the mouth so she doesn't get it inside her mouth but make sure you cover all the areas because if you want it to moisturize which yours is supposed to be doing thanks mom all right but definitely we needed your hair to be back a little bit dasu cannot be contained we will try to kick it on around your nose most nose areas have a lot of open pores which you need to make sure nose really good you smell that it smells so good and it's like light and feels like cucumber on my face feels so good it's so smooth it almost feels like it's a mix of like avocado and cucumbers on my face and I'm going into circular motions does that help circular motion vitalize the skin and the circulation and everything I want to get all over the areas that sweat a lot get your pores kind of clean in there and the nose is one of the ones that have a lot of little tiny force you have a lot of tend to maintain blackheads mmm I didn't know you knew so much about the topic oh you know I don't know as much but maybe facial products beauty products for your body count me in okay now you better took issue with my dear so whatever you want to say you better say now cuz you can't you won't be able to talk too much alright I'm gonna put an apple in your mouth you want me able to say your turn petunia who are you watch out be nice now than I am be gentle cuz you were gentle with me yes all right Dina I'm going to take I'm gonna take this pumpkin mask I'm going to gently apply it here do it I really feel like I'm putting pumpkin pie on your face or an emotion circular stay away from my eyes [Laughter] your face smells like sweet pumpkin baby food but it's it's cool it's fresh very fresh I'm qualified to do this I'm definitely not an esthetician it's fresh and you notice me but I need to tell you that night you did sessioning to the touch it feels very refreshing I'm not diner and Keaton movie baby boom we saw me oh no why would this reminds me of that memories Kendall to get you ready oh wait hold on okay so we have applied our face masks mine is drawing a lot faster than mom's it's been about two minutes clock starts now two o'clock started two minutes ago you can see Christina's mask is drying you can see portions of it is still not tight it's working on firming and tightening her skin my mass feels very fresh and cool I don't know if it's is it firm your nothing yet I don't know should I keep working keep tightening keep making that face get tighter go for the neck tighten the neck go just make it awful do the job well I need help who are you are you my mother are you I know mother do I know you do I know you hey dad look at our faces there's a cool sensation and it really feels great well so we've waited about 10 minutes my mask is pretty much dry mom's is firm and she's had her tingling sensation so now we have warm hot towels and we are going to remove each other's masks I know you loved every minute of this not running out time to take off your mask okay okay ready baby shoes me pĂ©tain okay so next up we are going to apply the facial oil and the concentrate serum um do you want to do the intensive recovery or the skin enhancing well I think do you put them on both well actually one of them says daytime and one of them says nighttime so let's do the daytime skin enhancer okay and then I think I don't know how you use this but I think you just you do a drop on your finger the tip of your finger do I drop it on your face okay on your finger mm-hmm one drop two drop and then I'll do mine and you like this go in an upward motion for the motion oh that feels good oh this is really good and you go in the middle of your forehead and you and you stroke out stroke out and then you stroke up but in my face look beautiful here's two and it looks very good thing I think the word I would use this radiant it glows right mm-hmm I like this video I like facial products this is very good facial product I give truly organic a thumbs up mom very nice I've never seen you come alive before an in videos cuz she really is happy right now final thing to do is we're gonna add in the super facial serum moisturizing cream it's also anti-aging and it's super delicate I really do like this um all right mom you go first okay just put a little yeah it's very creamy you only a little goes a long way for this oh wow that feels wonderful perfect I love it I love it not you Grady glowy alright you guys that wraps up our face masks challenge if you've liked this video please be sure to give it a thumbs up we've had so much fun filming this with you today and for those of you who are interested in getting your own truly organic products look in the description in the link below this video and use the promo code to get your own discount on one of these awesome face masks thank you truly organic for sending these my way I love them I can't wait to use them again they've been awesome if you haven't already subscribed to my youtube channel hit that button and turn on notifications I'm so excited for the next video with you guys I've been having so much fun if you want to follow me on my other social media platforms you can find me on instagram pinterest facebook all the above at fully rock resina okay thank you guys so much for joining us today we can't wait to see you in our next video send you all our hugs nyla