hello everyone I am definitely somebody that loves face masks it's one of my favorite ways to pamper myself and also just take care of my skin face masks ah why can't we see masks masks plural is so weird I feel like face masks can be really relaxing but if you find the right ones they can also be really effective and really help your skin I'm gonna be showing you guys some of my favorite face masks that I've been using recently and every time I say masks plural oh my god it is it's the seed has been planted in my head and I can't get it out it just sounds so weird [Music] most of these are also pretty new to me meaning that I've just started using them within the last few months but I have seen such amazing results from them I have to start off with talking about the fresh Umbreon clay mask because this is incredible it is one of the best deep cleansing masks I've ever used and I know that a lot of people love this mask I know that Estee is also a huge fan of this mask because I always see her wearing this on Instagram this is definitely something that I love so much I have purchased it in the travel size so I can have it with me when I travel this mask is actually a lot more watery than I was expecting it to be it's this greenish brown clay and it glides on your face really smooth I love that this mask isn't overly tingly so it feels really refreshing and cooling when you put this on your face but it's not stinging my face I just cannot get on board with masks that sting my face I just don't like it at all when I wash the mask off my face is red I just don't enjoy that sensation I know some people really like it because they feel like it's really getting their skin clean but I feel like it's just burning my skin and I'm not into that I'll leave this on for about 20 minutes and it gets pretty hard on your face but I love how it feels when you add water to it because it softens up again and it just feels like a really creamy nice face wash because sometimes with masks that dry more on the hard side when you wash them off they just kind of like fall off your face but I love how this becomes creamy again so this is definitely great if you are somebody that's looking for a deep cleanse but you want something that is going to be a little bit more gentle on your skin and it's not going to sting your skin or make your skin turn red another clarifying mask that I have loved recently I've used this so much it is the one Mesa bye glow recipe green tea clay mask this is for clarifying your skin and brightening and it has green and kale antioxidants in it and this is the one mask out of all the masks that I am showing you guys today that is available at the drugstore so you can get this at Target and the reason why this is the only drugstore mask that I'm showing is because I don't like other drugstore masks I've tried a lot of them I'm just really not into them but this is really the first drugstore face mask that I have just fallen head over heels for it is totally something that can compete with high-end masks and I actually think that it's better than a lot of high-end masks out there the mask itself has a whipped consistency to it so it is a clay but when you put it on it feels really nice and light and fluffy i slather this all over my face usually right after I get out of the shower because that's when your pores are nice and open from the steam so that's typically when I like to do face masks and I leave this on for about 15 minutes it really cleans out my pores it makes my skin feel really bright and glowy and I also feel like this helps calm any breakouts on my face it soothes and brightens at the same time and I just love how clean my face feels something else I really love about this mask is that when it's on your face and it dries it's not hard so your face can still move with it and it's not getting flaky or chunky or anything and your face doesn't feel dry at all when you have this on which can sometimes be the case with the Umbrian clay mask when it's drying on your face it can feel a little bit dry until you wash it off but this one just never feels dry when you have it on your face and it just washes off really nicely I feel like it just reveals this really glowy complexion and I love it I think this is an amazing product just in general but even more amazing because it's at the drugstore the ingredients are really great in it and I definitely recommend keeping your eyes out for this because I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to be talking about this and raving about it as the months go on more people try it last on the clarifying end of the facemask spectrum this is the Sunday Riley Saturn sulfur acne treatment mask and this is 10% sulfur and it also has 4% niacinamide in it sulfur is to help treat and prevent breakouts from happening and then the niacinamide promotes clear skin while boosting skins healthy-looking radiance I will use this when I see that I have multiple pimples coming in especially if I see that they are cystic because those are the hardest ones to get rid of especially around my period and I'm just getting hormonal breakouts here around my chin the mask itself is green and it kind of looks like slime almost and it has kind of a weird texture to it it almost feels like cottage cheese and slime came together and had a baby and then turned into a face mask it does take a second to just figure out the texture and work with it I find that it works a little bit better if you put it all over your face it's a little bit weird as a spot treatment because it just kind of stays in that chunky form but I think it still works really well as a spot treatment it just kind of feels funny I found this to be really effective at healing my breakouts before they get really bad and it doesn't irritate my skin so it's not making my skin turn red it's not drying out my skin I've really just been enjoying having this around because I know it's gonna work and it's gonna work quickly too so I'll maybe use it once or twice during a breakout period and it works so well a lot of times I'll see results later that same day and definitely the next day this is a liquid mask that you actually use in the shower and I have really been loving this this is something that is new to me and I think that it's just a really special product and also really great for people who don't have time to sit around with a face mask on their face you need to get in the shower and go this is something that you can do in literally 30 seconds this is from a Korea brand called Blythe this is the energy yellow citrus and honey patting water pack and this is for deep cleansing moisturizing balancing and lifting so what you do is when you're in the shower and you have washed your hair you've washed your face you've washed your body this is the last thing that you do what I do is I pour the mask into the cap and I fill it up and then I pour that into my hands and I just splash it on my face and I Pat my face for 15 seconds and you can feel the mask on your face it just feels like a really light cushiony texture on your skin it feels really nice because there's a refreshing citrus scent that isn't too overwhelming and after 15 seconds then you'll just take the water from your shower and you just splash the water on your face I always imagine myself in a Neutrogena commercial where they have that water splash when the person is washing their face that's how I feel I literally think about that every time I use this mask in the shower just like oh I made a Neutrogena commercial just splash it on if you don't necessarily want to be touching your face you just want the water to splash on your face and rinse off the mask so it takes 15 seconds to put the mask on and then 15 seconds to rinse it off and then you get out of the shower you don't pat dry your face you just let it stay wet and then you go into your regular skincare routine and I find that when I use this especially in the morning my skin is just so glowy after using this it doesn't look like it does much but the formula is really highly concentrated which is why you're only keeping it on your face for 15 seconds you don't want to have it on your face for longer I love the immediate results that you get from it and I also feel like after you start using it regularly you really just start to see your complexion clear up it looks brighter more supple and just more balanced I love how convenient this is to use especially on days when I don't have time to sit around for like 20 minutes with a face mask on my face wear a sheet mask I have really loving the too-cool-for-school egg cream mask and I actually got sent one of these and I loved it so much I went out to Sephora and bought a bunch more because I'm about to travel soon and I really wanted to bring them with me and I'm pretty picky with sheet masks I don't like them to be too wet I'm also really picky about how the serum feels some sheet masks cause me to get like milia or just like little tiny bumps on my face I have really loved this mask for when I feel like my skin just needs an instant boost in hydration and I also really love this for relaxing so I'll wear this while I'm watching a TV show or reading and it really just helps call me it makes me feel really nice and I love how my skin feels really plump and supple after using this I will put this on after I wash my face I'll leave it on for about 30 minutes and then I'll just let the serum sink into my skin and finish up with whatever products I'm using usually at night because that's when I like using this and last but not least I'm saving my absolute favorite for last this is the glow recipe watermelon glow sleeping mat this is for super soft glowy skin and I have just been absolutely obsessed with this mask it has sold out like seven times at Sephora since it launched in February and it is 100% worth the hype this mask is incredible it's this really nice jelly texture and you definitely have to use this spatula to apply this and scoop it out and you slather it all over your face it smells like watermelon and not in a fake way like it literally smells like a slice of actual watermelon and I love that you can use this as like a 10-minute mask or you can let it dry completely on your face and wear it overnight which is my favorite way to use this so I just put an even layer all over my face and I try to put it on maybe like 20 to 30 minutes before I plan on going to sleep it is the last product that I use in my nighttime skincare routine and I use it maybe one to two times a week it doesn't rub off on my pillow or anything it doesn't leave any weird marks on it and when I wake up in the morning what's really interesting and kind of startling the first time when you use the mask is that you just see little like peels on your face and you freak out because you think it's your skin but it's not it's just the mask because the mask has dried on your face and it just kind of clumps up a little bit and you just see little bits of it hanging off so what I'll do is I'll just go into my bathroom use my seller water on a cotton pad and just wipe it off before I get into wiping my face when I wake up in the morning after using this mask my skin just looks and feels amazing my skin is so bright and glowy it looks like I have been sleeping for like a week and getting the best sleep ever I love how clean and tight my pores look also and everything just feels really balanced and good it just reveals this amazing complexion that I can't fully express with words you just need to experience it the packaging is really great I just thoroughly enjoy using this mask from start to finish the results are amazing and if you can get your hands on this I definitely recommend it so those are all the face masks that I have been loving recently I hope this video was helpful for you guys if you have any questions for me please leave them down below and I will try to get back to as many as I can as always thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because have more videos coming your way I'll see you guys next time bye