hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be a fall clean with me I have gotten a lot of comments recently telling me that I should do a fall cleaning with me so that's what we're doing today and I have been trying to do at least one like clean with me video a week since I know that that is what the majority of my viewers would like to see and so I've been trying to do a lot more of them lately for you guys so this is what that video is today I've got a few like fall cleaning products and stuff so I hope you guys enjoy it and I have a lot of really good music in this one as well some new stuff that I've found so I hope you guys like the music too so the first thing that I started to do was dust everywhere I just dusted off the dresser in our living room and all of the blinds [Music] [Applause] [Music] after that I decided to go over to my command center and dust that off – this gets dirty really easily just because I don't know it really just attracts dust and this is where we put our shoes when we come through the door and so it gets messy really easily and I just go ahead and like push everything to the floor because I am going to vacuum at the end of this video [Music] [Applause] [Music] after I finished dusting in the office I cleaned up our desk and just tidied up everything in the office and then I was going to wipe down our desk and the chair in there everything is white in there and so it gets dirty really easily too so I've wiped this down probably twice a week and I am using it the mrs. Myers in the mum set oh my gosh guys it smells so amazing I was late on my Grove order this time and I missed the apple cider so I wasn't able to get that one this time but I did get my hands on the mums one and it smells so amazing I think I ordered two of them because I just knew it was going to be good and I was right so I can see myself using this even after fall because it just has the best scent and now I'm going to use this method glass and surface cleaner to clean off the glass on this lamp that we have in here this is an area that I neglect so much and it really just gets look past all the time so I went ahead and did that today [Music] another area that gets Knick like dude a lot is the walls in the office I don't know what attracts dust to this so much either but it does and so I just went around the whole office dusting that off and wiping it down I feel like most of the time you guys really can't see like the dust and the little specks and of dirt and things like that but trust me they're there my camera is just apparently really good that you guys think that my house is clean all the time but it's definitely not there's dust bunnies and dirt specks somewhere sometime [Music] so after that I needed to clean out our microwave lately we've been doing a lot of soups and just heating them up in the microwave and they've kind of been spilling out so I needed to wipe that down and clean that off [Music] [Music] after that I just took the same mrs. meyer's mumps in and started wiping down the counters that's one thing I love about all-purpose sprays is that you can use it anywhere I don't mind using it on my counters on my walls in my microwave and especially since mrs. Meyers is an all-natural product I really don't mind using it pretty much everywhere in my house [Music] our sins nuclear [Music] as you guys can see we recently got a Keurig and I have been loving it I'm still not really like huge on coffee so coffee is kind of just like a dessert for me but I have been loving having one and then I just went over to my stovetop and I started wiping that down with my glass cleaner this method glass cleaner has been my absolute favorite glass cleaner ever and then I wiped down my stainless steel appliances and for this one I'm using the wayman's stainless steel like spray and this is also one of my favorites I'm pretty much using all my favorites in this video [Music] the Sun on your skin that's greatest breathing filling the spaces within [Music] after that I went over to my barstools and started cleaning those off still using the mrs. meyer's mum sent [Music] [Applause] the seat cushions I don't know if you guys know this if you are new to my channel you probably don't but you can use any Windex to clean off microfiber so I am just using that to clean off these barstools I have an entire video on that so I will leave it in a card right here and possibly linked in the description box if I can remember to link it in there [Music] vacuuming is one of the very last things that I like to do just because I like to go ahead and dust and wipe things down first that way it can all fall to the floor and I can clean all that up at one time so I will go ahead and vacuum all of the rooms at one time by the way that Dyson video will be out next week where I compare my Dyson's I think I have a v7 and a v6 animal and so I'm going to sit down and compare them unless you guys know what I like about each one and things that I don't like about certain ones and all of that stuff so be on the lookout for that next week [Music] Oh now you make me feel like there's no air left [Music] [Music] another thing I decided to do was clean off the windows on our back door this is where we get a lot of little finger prints and stuff like that nose prints from our dog all that kind of stuff so I clean that off and this can't be a fall clean with me video without lighting some fall candles so this one is from sensational and it is in the pumpkin scent but I talked about this in my candle hall it actually smells like birthday cakes this one is DW home and it is in maple hazelnut and this one is my absolute favorite fall candle and it's from DW home and it is an apple cider I hope you guys enjoyed this video today leave it a thumbs up if you did and don't forget to subscribe if you are new to my channel and would like to see more videos from me and I will see you all next time bye [Music]