[Music] so today I really just wanted to do a straightforward makeup tutorial showing you how I do this look that's on my face right now and if you watch my videos then you know that I typically don't really wear that much makeup like I have not really been wearing foundation recently I like keeping my makeup pretty light and natural but there are times where I do enjoy putting on a little bit more makeup and I'm just excited about fall being here so I really wanted to create a look that reflected that and I actually wore a look similar to this last night I just feel really good in this look and that's what makeup is all about it's really about experimenting and trying out different things maybe sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone and at the end of the day it all washes off so it's just something that's really fun to play around with and I really have loved playing around with these colors and also with my hair I've actually enjoyed wearing it straight with a center part because I just think it's something different and sleek this is definitely something a little bit different from my other tutorials but I hope you guys enjoy it and I hope that it gets you excited for fall before I get into makeup I have prepped my skin with the make Prem safe me relief moisture cream and this is a really awesome Korean moisturizer that only has 12 ingredients in it and it's a really fluffy cream that I like using day and night and I've been using this everyday recently especially because I've had this cut and it's the only moisturizer that I've been able to use that doesn't irritate it and then I also have on some sunscreen this is also by make creme and it's their gel sunscreen it smells really nice it's light and it's also hydrating you know I'm starting with this obviously maybe one day I'll find a primer that I like better than this one but you know it's been almost 10 years strong with this primer and I have not found anything better next I'm going to be using one of the laura mercier caviar sticks this is in the shade sand glow if you've used the Bobbi Brown shadow sticks they're really similar you can wear them just like this straight onto the lid or you can layer on top of them the eyeshadow palette I'm using today is from Tarte and it is the in bloom palette it's a really pretty palette full of everyday neutrals in it I'm going to start off by using firecracker which is a shimmery copper color I'm gonna put this all over my lids I really love how pigmented this eyeshadow is and it just makes me think of the leaves changing color and fallen though I live in LA and there aren't too many deciduous trees where I can enjoy the fall colors this kind of makes me feel like I can just in a different way now I'm gonna make smarty pants with rebel I'm gonna put this in my crease [Music] and to blend everything out I'm gonna use a little bit of flour child mixed with smartypants and I'm just gonna buff that into the very edge here i'm using another laura mercier caviar stick this is in the shade burnished bronze and this is so pretty it's kind of similar to the eyeshadow so it has a little bit of a red tint to it I've actually seen some people using colors like this on their lower lash line I just think it's really cool and pretty it has a little bit of shimmer in it and it's just slightly different I love using colors like this on my eyes especially when they're like dark greens dark blues dark purples I feel like they really just enhance your eyes without being a super bright color one of my favorite things to do is to use eyeshadow as eyeliner so I'm going to be using the color leader in this palette to line my upper lash line so to create an eyeliner out of this I am going to be using my Smashbox primer water and I'm just going to spray a little bit on my hand I'm gonna take an angled eyeliner brush wet it a little bit and then I'm gonna dip it into the eyeshadow this helps make everything a lot more pigmented and really helps the eyeshadows stick so it's almost like you're using a gel eyeliner and then I'm gonna come in and line my upper lash line [Music] I really love using eyeshadows like this because I find that if you want to smoke them out it's a lot easier to do that with an eyeshadow and that means less product and that's really important to me especially when I'm traveling so if I have a palette like this I know that I can use it for eyeshadow but then I can also use the dark colors as a liner if I want to I've also noticed when I do this that any kind of imperfections are just less noticeable so if you use something like a gel liner or a liquid liner that creates a really slick smooth line any kind of bump or mess-up is going to show and it's gonna be really obvious which I'm sure you wear gel or liquid eyeliner you know how frustrating it is sometimes so you apply it but this is a lot more forgiving now for my face makeup I'm going to start off by using the Smashbox pore minimizing a primer I really love this because I feel like it helps my makeup stay on longer I don't really wear foundation I actually usually prefer tinted moisturizers so I'm using this one from Laura Mercier in the shade ochre I always like to work from the center out ud Blender a little bit underneath my eyes and then I'm gonna layer a couple lightweight concealers so I'm going to start off with the RMS uncover-up this is really hydrating a super creamy and I love it because it's not really opaque it really just works with your skin my under-eye area gets really dry so I have to make sure that I'm using a hydrating things on top of that I'm using the Shawn Takei camouflage stylo and this just has a little bit of pink in it to help with any darkness then I'm going to take some more primer water onto my hand a little brush wet it a little bit and I'm gonna go back to the same a pallet and I'm gonna mix leader and rebel together and I'm just going to put down on top of the laura mercier color that I used earlier just to enhance it ever so slightly now I'm gonna use the primer water on my face to set everything I used to always use oil control primer sprays but I've actually really been liking this one because it keeps my skin balanced and hydrated during the day and I really like that my skin just feels better especially moving into this time of the year my skin just responds a lot better to something like this for setting powder I'm using glossy aise router and this is in the light/medium shade I have actually been really liking this powder because it's not super matte there really isn't any color to it so you don't have to worry about getting an exact match because while it looks colored when it's in the packaging when you put it on your face it just kind of disappears I'm gonna be filling in my brows with my Surratt brow pencil and the shade Raven now I'm gonna use a little bit of gloss Aboy brow to just help keep everything in place I also like to brush up my brows a little bit make them look a little bit furrier look who's using a new eyelash curler this is something that I never thought I would be doing but si actually gave this to me when I was in London and I saw her she told me that she loves this eyelash curler it's like the best one that she's ever used so she gave it to me and it is also by Seurat so serrata is really doing me well right now I will say that I actually do like this eyelash curler better than the shisei de 1 and the Shu Uemura one because I find that this just really naturally curls my lashes and I don't get a crimp which I love cuz normally the crimp tends to happen we all know how my lashes don't like to stay curled I have super super straight lashes that grow down and I'm always really skeptical with eyelash curlers because most of them don't work for me they don't really fit my eye shape they don't work with really straight lashes I'm really happy with this this is a huge moment to be using a different eyelash curler and really loving it for mascara I'm using CoverGirl's plumpify and waterproof [Music] for blush I'm going to be using the hourglass ambient lighting edit palette I'm going to be mixing these two colors together remember that year when pretty much the only blush that I used was that one our last palette oh my god then they came out with this and of course I loved it bruh highlighter I'm using this one from Becca it is the shimmering skin Perfector I don't know why that name is so difficult for me to say I always have to say it slowly but it's essentially a cream highlighter and I just use a little tiny bit this is in the shade opal which is my favorite and I'm just gonna put it here on my cheekbones and I like this better than the powder because I find that it just looks more natural I often wear this when I'm not wearing foundation like I just fill in my brows put on a little bit of mascara and then I'll put on this and I just really love it alright now let's figure out what lip color I'm using cuz I don't know all my lips I'm gonna be using this lip color from ziwei it is one of the high pigment lip glosses in Broadway and this is really pretty because it has shimmer in it and it kind of just fits with the whole color theme that I'm going with today [Music] I really like this a lot because it's like a liquid lipstick and it's hydrating it tastes good and you get great color payoff like I just think this color is so pretty especially for this time of year well this is the finished look and I hope you guys enjoyed watching this tutorial if you have any questions for me please leave them down below in the comments or you can DM me on Instagram because I do read my Instagram DMS so that's a great place to talk to me you can also leave me comments on Instagram because I read and respond to those as well thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I have more videos coming for you surprise that should be a surprise but now I hope I don't have any of this in my teeth oh but I see a little bit of my breakfast or my teeth so I'm gonna go take care of that I'll see you guys later bye