[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be a fall pamper night routine and a lot of you guys requested on my fabfitfun unboxing it that I do a pamper night routine showing how I'm using a lot of the products that I got in that box so that's what I'm doing and if you have no idea what fabfitfun is and have no idea what I'm talking about that is just a subscription box that you get quarterly so for every season and I was able to get the fall box this time and loved a lot of the stuff that I got in there definitely wait around until the end because I have a very funny moment with a product that I did not love but the majority of the stuff I absolutely loved and I'm going to be showing you guys all of that today in this video I will have my fabfitfun unboxing it down below in the description box in case you missed that video and just want to know more about it and I did just want to thank fabfitfun for partnering with me [Music] as soon as I got out of the shower I lit a candle this is the DW home in ambered musk and it also has one of those crackle wicks and it smells amazing after that I went into the bathroom and I just started taking off my makeup I'm using the Mary Kay oil-free eye makeup remover this stuff it works so well and then I just started taking off the rest of my makeup with just some warm water [Music] after that I used this product from wish it is a mud mask and this came in my fabfitfun box so I thought I would review it for you guys and let you guys know how I liked it it just comes out grey like that and I really enjoyed this it says it purifies and soothes and softens your skin and I feel like it really did that it has like a little bit of grit to it so you feel like you're exfoliating but just a little bit for the most part it is a very smooth product on the skin now I'm going to use my mary kay timewise moisturizing cream and put that all over my face and also down my neck [Music] after that I decided to do one of these satin hands products from Mary Kay and I have used this before and absolutely loved it so I took some of this product right here I can't remember what it's called but it's basically like Vaseline and it makes your hands super soft so that's the first thing you'll put on and then the second thing you put on is more like an exfoliating so I just went ahead and pump some of that into my hand and started rubbing it all together and this makes your hands so super soft I also really like to put this stuff on my feet as well it just makes my feet so soft and it's kind of like giving yourself a pedicure too [Music] [Applause] [Music] so after you use those two products you will just wash your hands with some water and then just dry them off before you go ahead and put on the lotion that is the last step in this little set and the lotion I love – it's very moisturizing but it doesn't really leave your hands greasy so it feels like it just really soaks into the skin my fall clean with me video I got a lot of questions about my house slippers and they are just cute little foxes I actually got these at Walmart and I have been pretty much in them ever since any time I am home I am in these things they are so comfortable so after that I decided to go downstairs and fix myself something to drink and I have some apple cider and also some pumpkin spice hot cocoa the pumpkin spice hot cocoa came from Burke's outlet if you guys are looking for it I just thought the packaging was super cute I haven't been able to try it yet but I cannot wait but on this night I wanted to try out the apple cider we got this from one of our local farms in the area and guys this stuff was amazing it's probably my favorite apple cider I've ever had it was seriously so good and I just popped it in the microwave to heat it up for a minute and it was so warm and perfect for this fall pamper night so what is a fall pamper night without getting a fall movie going so I went to Netflix and started looking I almost picked Sleepy Hollow that's one of my favorites but I saw a practical magic and it was just calling to me I love this movie so much it reminds me so much of me and my older sister leave it down below if you love practical magic too I just it's so relatable in a weird way because they're witches but I guess because of just the sister bond is just so relatable to me [Music] while I was doing that I took some of this cuticle oil from the brand Miami this also came in my fabfitfun box so I just started brushing that on my cuticles I really enjoyed this as well I could definitely tell a difference in how soft this made my cuticles feel also smells like lavender which I thought was a big plus because it just smelled so delicious another thing that came in my fabfitfun box was this teeth whitening product from molar and so I'm gonna show you guys how I use this and how I liked it you guys are gonna laugh for sure for two minutes so that's really cool all you have to do cuz I brush your teeth with this stuff it's not like a whitening product where you have to like leave it off for 20 minutes oh man I don't know how I feel about brushing my teeth with this so seriously the weirdest thing ever I don't feel like I got anything on there okay alright with that I'm a patriot all right I'm gonna be a hundred percent honest with you guys I will never use this everyone like you think it would be better off just to brush your teeth for two minutes instead of having to like have something sit on your teeth for like 20 minutes like most teeth whitening but that was pretty rough I really wanted to spit I was like drooling everywhere it was a mess and then it really just weirded me out that it's charcoal and then afterwards like I had to floss because I had like charcoal pieces up in my teeth most of my teeth were white I mean I guess it did its job but I did have some pieces so I had to like go in and floss and stuff and I don't know I just was not a fan so I hope you guys enjoyed this video please leave a thumbs up if you did and subscribe if you are new to my channel and if you are interested in any of the fabfitfun stuff that I got or just the fabfitfun box I will have that link down below I feel like you're definitely getting your money's worth with this box because it is about $50 quarterly but it's about $200 worth of products in the box and it's just really fun to pamper yourself and they have a lot of other things in the box as well for like fitness and you know just things like that so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see y'all in the next one bye