you [Music] hi guys today's video is going to be our family nighttime routine so we started our night by grilling out and now that the weather is cooling down a little bit in the evenings it feels so good outside so we just started some chicken on the grill while the kids were playing outside so to marinate the chicken I just used this ginger with honey dressing sauce and marinade from lighthouse foods and I just wanted to thank the lighthouse foods for sponsoring today's video and this marinade was absolutely amazing all I did was cut up some chicken and put it all in a bowl with this marinade and I let it sit for a few hours before cooking so let me tell you all a little bit more about lighthouse dressings they are all certified organic dressings non-gmo and gluten-free no high fructose corn syrup no MSG and no artificial preservatives either and these organic dressings are available in six flavors that being rosemary balsamic vinaigrette which was my favorite raspberry lime vinaigrette the kids and my husband loved that one as well Caesar dressing the ginger with honey dressing and marinade that we used for our chicken ranch dressing and balsamic vinaigrette you can find these lighthouse organic dressings in the refrigerated produce section of your local grocery store and in celebration of September being organic harvest month lighthouse organics will be on sale through the end of the month at retailers nationwide so be sure to head to your grocery store and check them out while it's on sale through the end of September and you can also click the link in the description box that I have for you guys to find out more about these products if you guys try anything out I highly suggest the ginger with honey dressing sauce and marinade to marinate your chicken in it was so amazing we're definitely going to be repurchasing this one and also the rosemary balsamic vinaigrette and the raspberry lime vinaigrette those were our absolute favorites out of the bunch so I highly recommend those to y'all [Music] after dinner I will start cleaning up just a little bit I try to do bare minimum so basically just putting away things that might spoil and after dinner we try to make this family time so that's why I only put away bare minimum what needs to go in the refrigerator and for the rest of the time we are going to have family time [Music] one thing we have been loving doing lately is going for a ride in our neighborhood it has been so much fun just to look at all the different houses and everything is so lit up and really cute at nighttime so we're riding through our neighborhood we have these like trails in the neighborhood where they haven't built houses yet and so it's really fun to come back here the kids think it's an adventure that's what they call it let's go adventure riding right we're seeing deer tracks everywhere too and occasionally we'll see deer out here and it is so cute it'll be like Mama's with the babies the babies are my favorite so after our ride we headed back home we probably went riding for about 30 to 45 minutes and the kids and Justin and I love this as well so as soon as we got back home it was bath time so I started a bath for the kids and while I was giving them their bath Justin was downstairs cleaning up the rest of the mess that we made at dinnertime normally we will swap off so one person will give the kids their bath while the other one cleans up downstairs start [Music] [Music] start tomorrow [Music] at this point Justin is just about done cleaning and I bring the kids downstairs and I'm gonna go ahead and brush Julie's hair I have to wash their hair on this particular night I don't wash their hair every night but on this night I had to so I was just gonna go ahead and brush her hair out so another thing I've been trying to do with the kids is give them another snack before bedtime because it was getting to where it was bedtime and every night they would say that they were still hungry so this way they don't say they're hungry when I'm putting them to bed so we go ahead and give them just another light snack this night we were doing apples and peanut butter and Julie was so funny she had peanut butter stuck on the top of her lip and it was making us laugh so much she looked like a dog trying to lick peanut butter off it was so hilarious but after that we were just watching some TV the football game was on so we were kind of just watching that and the kids were coloring in their coloring books and just hanging out as a family [Music] before bed I always have to read to the kids this is kind of a ritual that we do and they expect this every single night and I love this as well so I'm just reading the little old lady who wasn't afraid of anything and this book was really really cute we have a lot of our favorite Halloween books this time of year so I'm gonna list some of those below if you guys want to check out some of our favorites [Music] [Music] after that we head on upstairs to brush their teeth and I go ahead and brush their teeth first just to make sure everything is thoroughly done and then I let them go ahead and try to attempt to brush their teeth as well [Music] after that it has lights out in their bedroom and I came back downstairs to just tidy up a little bit what was left on the floor and while I was doing that Justin took Molly our dog outside one last time before bed tuck [Music] so we just put the kids to bed and if you guys are parents you know this is when the magic happens and by magic I mean all the good snacks come out candy bars adult products but we are currently watching a Gamecocks football game because Justin wants to but I'm dying to watch our show we've been going through a rain rain as in like a king rains not as in like yeah not as in rain falling from the sky um but if you have not watched rain yet go watch it Justin has said it is probably your favorite shot wins yeah we've met that we've gone through like on Netflix it's really good yeah it really is good I mean I wouldn't say it's my favorite but it's definitely on my top 5 favorites I would say I have a lot of favorite TV shows so that's why I'm so picky but I really do love this so it is on Netflix and I'm thinking about doing a Netflix TV show video pretty soon like I've done 2 or 3 other like top 10 Netflix TV shows to binge watch videos on YouTube um but I need two more and so after we finished rain I need to start two more TV shows and then I can do a video for y'all but not until then I got two more slots to fill and then oh hopefully I can do that video so but definitely go watch rain I'll go ahead and give you guys that suggestion if you haven't already so I've just come upstairs to my basket of laundry I need to fold and then I have our overnight bag Justin and I went away last night just by ourselves so it was really nice and romantic Justin took me to a cabin and so that was really fun but I need to unpack all of our stuff and all of our overnight bags here and all but I'm gonna go ahead and fold this laundry and if Justin doesn't get up here soon I'm gonna start rain without him but I hope you guys enjoyed today's video don't forget to leave it a thumbs up if you did and go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel and go hit and check out lighthouse down below as well I will have their link to all of their yummy salad dressings and marinades and all of that stuff so don't forget to check them out and I will see y'all in the next video bye