– Hi everybody, I'm Kimberly
with Millennial Moms, and today, I'm gonna show
you how to get a really fast mommy on the go makeup look. So, us moms do not have a
lot of time in the mornings, especially when we gotta
get the kids to school. I'm gonna show you guys
how to get a very simple but put together makeup look
by utilizing your makeup products in more than just one way. And your best tool are your hands when applying certain products. If you guys are new to
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let's jump right into this easy mom on the go makeup look. Okay, so these are the days
that we don't have time to do anything. I am gonna use as few
products as possible, along with the fewest brushes as possible. So you can do this two ways. You can either use just
like, a color corrector, and a concealer, to cover
up your imperfections, or you can go in with a
CC cream that has the SPF, everything in it, and then go
in with a concealer over this. I'm gonna skip this step, to
show you guys that you guys can accomplish a put
together look without that. So we're gonna start off
with a color corrector. I use this my Urban Decay. (upbeat instrumental music) And I'm simply just gonna
use my hands because we don't have a lot of time. Now I'm just gonna go in
with a concealer and put it right over that color
correcting area, and any other imperfections
that I want to cover up. (upbeat instrumental music) And then what I'm gonna
do is take this and place this on my lids, since
there is a little bit of discoloration there,
we're gonna cover that up. Once again, your hands
are your best tools. Now that that is done, I'm
gonna go in with a basic powder. You want to get one that's
kind of your skin tone, so that everything blends in. And we're just gonna put
this everywhere to help everything look nice and seamless. Now to bring just a little
bit of color back inside our face, we are gonna be
going in with a bronzer. (upbeat instrumental music) We're gonna take some of
that bronzer, and what we're gonna do is just add a little
bit of this in our crease on our eye, to give us a
little bit of definition and a little bit of color. It's all about using the same products, just in different ways. Now what I'm gonna do is go
in and highlight just to bring a little bit of glowiness to
our skin, since we are not doing too much to it. So what I'm gonna do
is take some highlight. Put it on the cheek area. Go in with our fingers, and put
some on the tip of the nose. On your cupid's bow. Your brow bow. And then in your corner eye. Now I'm gonna take that
same brush that I used before the highlighter, and we go in with a real simple blush. Just place that right over the
bronzer and the highlighter. Just to give our cheeks a
little bit of color to them. Now I'm not messing around
with any brow pencil or anything like that. I'm gonna go in with the Elf eyebrow kit. This is three dollars, super affordable. And you're just gonna fill
them in wherever they are sparse or missing those
hairs, to make them look a little bit more uniform. (upbeat instrumental music) So we aren't gonna use any eyeliner. I'm simply gonna go in, and
just with a brown eyeshadow, and run this right across
where eyeliner would go, just to bring a little bit
more definition to the eye, and kinda complete the eyes. Toss in some mascara. Lastly is, put on some lip gloss. And there you go, you have
a real simple put together mommy on the go look, that
took you only a couple minutes and a couple products. Alrighty you guys, that is it. I hope you guys enjoyed that video. Let me know down below
what your guys' best mom on the go makeup tip is. We would love to know. I'm here every other Wednesday,
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