– Happy new year! It is a new year–
goodbye 2017, hello 2018. So, I thought we would talk
about “new year, new start”. I'm not gonna go into goal setting and new year's resolutions– thought I would take a twist on it. On the new year, I
always looks back and go, “Wow, I didn't hit those goals,” or, you know, “All my new year's
resolutions from last year, “I didn't hit any of them.” “I'll start losing weight next year.” How do I, as a mom, a wife, a woman, how do I want to go about this new year? There's so many possibilities, so many things that could
happen– so many good things. We're gonna get hit with some
bumps in the road for sure, but I just thought, “How do I want to approach this new year, “especially as a mother?” Do you make big goals and then end up setting
yourself up for failure? I'm the queen of that. Mm-hm, no, you can't take that. I am; I got that. I need to just look back on last year and find the hidden gems. What were the gems of last year? This is when journaling
comes in really good. Grab a journal, write down– maybe at the end of the month if you're not good at journaling and getting every day
the gems of your day. But maybe when the month ends, sit down and write the gems that happened. There's so many good nuggets amongst all the craziness
that we go through. So this is my planner. This is my life, my brain. At the end of every month, I try to write a nugget, a gem, of something good that happened, so I could focus on the things that I did that were successes. Because we can all just dwell on the things that we didn't accomplish, things that didn't happen, and we end up feeling
really bad about ourselves. Making one of my son's
lacrosse tournaments– it's hard getting to them. I was able to go to one. Another wonderful gem was my
daughter graduated kindergarten and just seeing her grow
and how much she learned. My daughter went to prom. We had so much fun looking
for prom dresses together. And spending the time with her– that was worth everything,
just being with her, and watching and seeing what
tastes she likes in dresses. It was wonderful. My son moved up a level in
his tutoring for his dyslexia. That is huge! That is a huge accomplishment. I am such a proud mama for him for that. Are these my accomplishments? No, but I am gonna take
it and cherish these gems that I see happening to my loved ones. Oh. Also this past year, a big “Woohoo” for me was getting my braces off. Yes, in May I got my braces
off and I was so happy. I couldn't stand having them on and so I was very happy to have them off. This summer, I had the opportunity to become a Millennial Mom
and that's been incredible. Meeting new women and
forming new relationships. That is aa huge gem, that's a big gem. I turned 40 last year. (crying) It's sparking cider. Sometimes we think because we didn't
accomplish the big things that the year wasn't successful or that month wasn't successful, and we base our self-worth on it. But I just encourage you
to look back on last year and find the gems, and
write them in your journal, so you can look back. Find the joy in the journey. There's so much that we
could be thankful for. There's so much that we have amongst all the trials that we go through as a mom, as a woman, as a stay-at-home-mom, as a working mom. Find joy in the journey. This is what I focused on this past year, and I'm definitely gonna
be focusing on again. That is more important than
if I organized my house. So, let's move forward in 2018 recognizing the blessings, the gems, the little nuggets that come our way, and find joy in the journey. Thanks for joining Millennial Moms today. If you'd like to see more, just click right here. If you'd like to see
more of me, click here, and to subscribe, click down here. Thanks so much for joining us, and happy new year from all
of us here at Millennial Moms. Bye.