hey you guys it's Christina and I am so happy to be here with you today because I'm gonna be sharing with you my very first makeup review video and natural look tutorial [Music] so I'm gonna preface this video by saying that I am NOT a makeup or beauty expert many of you guys know me as a health expert in the fruits and vegetable world in the health and wellness world and because I've been a youtuber for so long I have had so many requests to do a makeup video a skincare video and share what I know about non-toxic and vegan products and so this is me branching out into that world and I'm excited to share what I know with you today there are so many different types of products out there that are not good for you they're not good for your skin they're not good for the animals or the environment and for that reason I am so happy to be collaborating with 100% pure in this video because their products are good for your skin they are healthy they're made from fruits they're cruelty free they're vegan and so much more I know I've said this before but I'm gonna say it again a part of having good skin care involves getting a good amount of sleep each night eating nourishing foods taking care of your skin and so much more Beauty doesn't come from the products you put on your face it comes from how well you take care of yourself and how you really let that light inside of you just blow out of you I'm gonna show you a natural look today that I would do for any basic YouTube video that I'm making for you guys any of my recipe videos or basic simple shoots that I do and as you can see I'm not wearing any makeup right now I actually just woke up about an hour ago so my face is probably still a little bit puffy and that's okay and I do want to say that even when I do put on my own makeup makeup for a YouTube video which I'm going to show you right now a natural look I barely use that much at all I don't even own my own foundation or primer I don't even own those items if you guys want more information about the products that I'm using you can definitely check them out in the description below you guys ready let's started before I do anything on my skin I typically put on some rose oil or coconut oil it doesn't really matter what kind of you decide to put on your face I typically just put on just a little bit and I like rose oil because it doesn't make your skin oily it absorbs really well as you can see I've just given myself a little bit of a moisturizer with this rose oil now we are ready for the next step next up I'm gonna apply a very simple luminescent powder to my face and then also just a base coat of very simple eye shadow on top of my eyes and I'm going to be using the Punk princess palette right here and I like this because it just has very simple colors very neutral tones here that I'm going to be using and for the luminescent powder it is called the luminescent powder is called acoustic right there and so I'm gonna be just doing a very simple base coat of that first nothing really crazy special we're just adding in a little bit of extra sparkle and shine on top luminescent powder if you need it after I do this I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to apply right here the private show which is just a very very simple base coat and base color to put over my eyes no this is not the full I shadow this is just giving myself a little bit of base that way I can do other things later on my favorite part of any makeup day is always the eyeliner and my favorite one from 100% pure is err 100% pure creamy long last liner and I love this because it smoothes onto your eyelids like butter pretty much use this one every day just to show you I also have a fake eyeshadow from 100% pure you can see this is kind of old like already falling apart of it I still love it use it I have the pewter 100% pure and upside down not a problem and my favorite is actually the Saint Tropez you can see that I've used it so much that it's been left on not a problem so I'm going to go ahead and do a little combination of these things the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to add in from the Punk princess the Unplugged which is the sparkly black one and I'm gonna add just a little bit of that on top of my shot once I get that done I'm just going to do a little bit of blending here and if you want you can blend using the other colors of the palette as well I'm just using more of a neutral tone kind of go in there and get this blending happening right now alright so once I get that done I'm gonna add in a little bit of my favorite Snape trip is just to add a little bit of sparkle and shine and to help it also blend a little bit more so you can kind of see that this is adding in just a little bit of color right there we should probably get my eyebrows done sometime soon probably next up I absolutely love the fruit pigmented eyeshadow called Caribbean and I love this one because it is basically like a luminescent eyeshadow cream and it's pretty cool you can use your fingers for this I tend to use my fingers I don't know if that's a no-no or not and to make the world but you can see that when you apply it it really just adds a nice shimmer to the top of your eye and I really love [Music] so I hope you guys can see now that my terrible eyeliner job that I did earlier has been slightly covered up by this and sometimes I'll go back over it again and I will use the 100% pure creamy long-lasting liner in silver the silver color this one is actually called the gleaming the pewter I love this and this could be a good New Year's look for those of you who want something a little bit more as birthday shine I'll just sound like only a bit a lot right there definitely some in the inner so if you feel like it you can add in a little bit of touch-up after that smudge it a bit more but it's basically the simple I look better but I'm going for right now all right so if you are like me then you have crazy out-of-control eyebrows all the time because I'm half Lebanese and half Ecuadorian and it seems to be just an issue in my world so I'm gonna use a little bit of I'm gonna use a little bit of brow builder and I'm a big fan of the 100% pure green tea fiber brow builder just basically just an eyebrow brush and not only does it help my eyebrows to have a much more defined color and like a defined look but it helps all of my hairs to kind of stay in place which is much appreciated because if I didn't have this they would be everywhere all the time I just realized that I do have some heavy bags under my eyes I didn't sleep too well last night normally I wouldn't put anything under there I probably should get myself some concealer if you guys have any natural recommendations for that you can leave that in the comments below but for right now we'll just let the skin be for it right now by the way I should probably do a future video on nail polish non-toxic vegan nail polish most nail polish is not vegan and it is made with super toxic holic chemical things that you cannot pronounce and so 100% pure also has some great nail polishes for those of you who are looking for an ethical resource for nail polish and that is also not going to destroy your nails so next up let's do blush I am very atypical in the sense that I don't really have a lot of powder blushes but I'm pretty obsessed with 100% pure x' and cheek tint and I love this because if you are ever on the go and if you need like a really quick rosy cheek or a really quick color for your lips these are so much fun to bring with you and I'll show you I usually use this from my blush and it's this is a funny story sometimes I'll just do like warrior lines on my face just kind of like this and I'm doing this for fun but I'll show you the purpose of me doing this and I'll blend it in later like when I'm in my car on the go like I'll just get in the car and go and it's happened quite often that I'll forget to blend it in and I'll just show up Oh wherever I'm going and I'll just have these here if you ever experience this with me before then you know what I'm talking about but um yeah I love this because you can really easily just blend this right below your cheekbone just like this and it's super simple and super fun and I don't know it gives you fun rosy cheeks and it's couldn't be more simple bad in and whether you're going for more of like a red look or a natural look I feel like both of them get the job done for both so once you put that on after that if you feel like getting out your Punk princess again and using the pink blush that's in the middle right there which is the doctor cotton blush you can take that and you can just kind of apply that on top of you like adds a little bit of extra color [Music] let's go ahead and move on to the lips and for the lips I love their creamy long-lasting liner and I love that it says fruit pigment and their this is the Shirley Temple something else that's kind of cool that I just noticed and showing you this is that it says on here natural vegan cruelty free gluten free and non-toxic how cool is that that's pretty cool all right fold the lips we can just add in a little bit it doesn't have to be perfect [Music] all right so we have the lipliner applied it is time now for lipstick and before I do that I just want to show you that I have three different kinds of lipstick from 100% pure the first one that I have is they're super basic it's their most common lipstick it's their cacao butter matte lipstick and it looks like this I love this and this flavor is actually the Sonora I said flavor but I should have said color but I mean they taste like fruit so it could be a flavor the next one is actually my favorite these are their fruit pigmented and tight aging pomegranate oil lipsticks they come in every color you can imagine beat this one up a little bit but it's still beautiful and also they also have their fruit pigmented lip glaze which is a little bit shinier than a lipstick I think and I also love this because it's a little bit more travel friendly you can see I've kind of beat this one up as well and this one is the coral line I believe that's called Coraline I do love that color the color that I will be applying today is actually my favorite color this is called an opal and it is a beautiful bright red I love this color so we'll just apply some of this and last but not least I really like lip glosses and 100% Pierre has a lip caramel that I'm gonna be using that I am also obsessed with and this is the red color this one is actually the ruby red no I'm sorry it's the red velvet the Rouge it is the Rouge red velvet and I also want to say that I realized that when I say natural most people think nude lips but for me it's natural because I don't really feel like I have too much on but I do like the bold red color for me this is a natural look even though it's bright red lipstick because I don't know this would be something that I would do a youtube video with or would go out to a party with this is how I do my own makeup I didn't use foundation or primer concealer any other type of things that really cover up my face too much if you do want to achieve more of a natural natural look you know 100% pure also has some really natural tones that you can use I love this one this one's called Mirage and I love this one as well but because I found red lipstick we went with the red lipstick I think it's pretty bold and natural natural in the sense that this is natural vegan cruelty free fruit pigmented makeup and I love it [Music] and you guys I really hope that you like this video enough for me to do another one should I do another one let me know hit the subscribe button for more videos there is a ton more coming for you guys I love you all and I'm sending you my hugs my left [Music] there are times when I have to catch myself from drift