[Music] Hey hey good morning are you like yeah yeah we're know I've been awake for hours oh that's good to hear did you forget about today you remember today today's gonna be a great day what's happening today yeah we have it tonight we have a date tonight oh that's right oh yeah I'm ready ready cuz you'll save me soon I'm actually gonna be heading your way in about an hour spend an hour yawn ready I'm ready I'll see you I gotta go [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey you guys it's Christina and I am so happy to be here with you today because I have a very fun and exciting video to share with you I'm getting ready for a date and I thought it would be really cool if you guys got ready with me the whole shebang we're gonna do my hair we're gonna do my makeup we're gonna pick out an outfit and more this video is in collaboration with 100% pure and I absolutely love them if you are watching my Instagram stories last night you saw me receive a huge gift package from them the last video that I did with them I was using products that I had had for a long time some of them being discontinued they have so many really cool new products that they've released since then and so they sent me this huge new box of stuff that I can play with and that I can try and I'm excited to use all of those in this video today and also show you these cool things and if you're interested in them I'm gonna put a list of everything that I'm using in the description below so be sure to check that out you can look exactly at which item that I'm using what I'm using it for as you can see I just woke up there's no shame in it actually it's kind of nice to have you guys see me in my most most it's nice to have you guys see me in my fully raw state and my fully raw state is that how you would see it in my non groomed not that you guys don't ever see me in this way if you watch my Instagram story then you've seen me as a natural human before but you know when you wake up in the morning and you haven't washed your hair and quite some time normally my hair is actually a lot more curlier than this if you know Mufasa you know she's big she's curly and she's huge what you are looking at now is the product of me not having washed my hair in three or four days if you've seen a past video of mine you know that I don't wash my hair everyday I wash my hair once your twice a week at the very most I can do a future video talking about that and I'm sure many of you guys are asking who am i going out on a date with and why is this happening because I know I've been single for a long time we can talk about all that in a future video for those of you who know me really well you know that I love coconut oil I love shea butter I love rose oil and I love argan oil or Moroccan oil and I'll use that on the tips of my hair before I do any kind of heat work and not a lot because that will burn your hair but for me more so this helps to get rid of the frizz and if you don't want to use it before you start doing your hair then I recommend putting it on before you go to sleep and letting it just kind of sit in your hair overnight usually I can't even tell the next morning that I had it on my hair before I start on my hair I do want to mention I'm going to be curling it with a magic wand this is what I'm gonna be doing first nothing special I don't know if you guys have a magic wand but my friend Megan Elizabeth introduced it to me with stuff a few years ago before that I just let my hair run free all the time which is great but if you ever need to go on a date and you need a little bit you need to tame Mufasa if you know what I'm saying that's a good tool to have all right you guys it took me less than 10 minutes to curl my hair in natural waves just like this that's right so and as I'm sitting here right before I do my makeup if I have any frizzies I'm just gonna add a little bit of rose oil or argan oil to the top of my head cuz if you are Lebanese or Ecuadorian like me you got flyaways and I feel that putting in some natural tends to really help that out all right on to makeup you ready let's go so my goal is to achieve a very pinky sexy valentine's day kind of a look I'll be doing like a pinky red lipstick some bright shiny shimmery eye the more and now that we have our hair done let's get started into our makeup i always put rose oil on my face is just kind of like a light base you don't have to put much for me it's just sets the groundwork for having a little bit of moisture on my face and i'm lover is oil because as I've said before it easily absorbs into your skin it doesn't leave you Olli and it's just like I love it so now that I've put on my rose oil on my face I have to I have to mention they sent me all new brushes in this gift package so so so nice thank you these are beautiful and I do know for a fact that many Beauty companies use animal hair for their brushes and these are cruelty free products there's no animal hair on them and even if you look on the brush it will actually tell you that it is vegan and cruelty free look at that to know that you can create products that don't have to harm animals along the way as amazing and thank you so much for letting me know that this is a powder brush cross we are gonna be using this one first I'm not using any primer or foundation today I'm gonna let my skin breathe those of you who know me know I like my skin to breathe so I'm gonna start off by using a luminescent powder on my face in place of a primer and a foundation since I really like to let my skin breathe I'm gonna be using the one in the pretty naked pack called demonite which is this one right here okay now that that's done I'm going to do my eyebrows when I'm gonna use a little bit of this green tea morale builder I do love brow builder for the sense that it fills in any extra gaps that you got going on and it pains your eyebrows so good to know I love it I love it all right you guys so I brows are complete and it is time to move on to eyeliner and eyeshadow 100% pure sent me this brand new eyeliner I told them that eyeliner was my favorite thing in the entire world and they sent me this amazing liquid eyeliner it is called black tea it looks beautiful and it looks exactly like this okay so I did a base of top line on my eyelid with the liquid liner and now I'm gonna go back over it with they're a hundred percent pure creamy at long last liner absolutely my favorite one and this is called well blackest so I'm gonna go back over it with the pencil and also on the bottom all right so for eyeshadow I'm going for a little bit of a sultry look along with a pretty and pink look so I'm gonna start off with the unplugged powder eye shadow from Punk princess which is this one right here I'm gonna be using the really fun flat eyeshadow brush right here and I'm going to just add in a little bit of the black right over my eyeliner to reinforce it and to kind of have a little bit more blending action happening here next what I'm going to use is B toffee to blend and this comes from the pretty Naked palette so I'm just gonna take a little bit of the toffee and I'm gonna put it right here just to help that darker color blend in a little bit more they also sent a smudger brush for those of you who really want to get in and start combining some colors together I think this is also really helpful when trying to do your eyeshadows right here especially in using these darker tones kind of just like and get in there and do some nice blending from the pretty Naked palette I'm going to use the one called flaxseed on top of that which is this one right here the third one and I'm going to apply that just above all of this just to kind of give a little bit of balance before add a little shimmer they sent me these two beautiful tones and they say that their blushes but I'm gonna break the rules a little bit and I'm gonna use them as eyeshadows as well one of them is called baby pink which is right here and the other one is called ballerina which is this beautiful shimmery one and I'm going to use these on top of my eyeshadows to bring out more of like like the smudgy look but also I'm gonna have a pinky flare to it and you guys know that I love my Caribbean shimmer so once you finish the eye color shadows that you really really like you can go ahead and just with your finger apply that beautiful shimmer right on the bone or a below your eyebrow I love this for blush I'm gonna try something new they've sent me these really cute two-tone blushes one called ballerina the other one called the baby paint it's still very very soft like almost like a butter that melts onto your skin I love this after I got that rub done I'm gonna go ahead and just add a little bit extra pink since I'm going for a little bit more color I'm going to use the sold-out blush that's right here the second one when you use this one just to add a little bit more so I won't wait I want to look really really rosy that's my goal then on top of that I'm going to accentuate my cheekbones with ballerina simply by maybe on top adding in a little bit of shimmer right here so blush is complete and now we're gonna get it to match my lips it'll look better after my lips I promise I'm going to be using the creamy long-lasting lip liner called the pink brandy because I feel that that is going to match my lipstick and my cheeks appropriately so I love this color because it almost matches my lips and it is only two out of the ordinary but it really brings some definition to make my lips so much more kissable don't you think I'm having such a difficult time deciding between both of these colors one is hibiscus and the other is prime Rose and they're both so gorgeous how am I ever supposed to decide which color I want to go with we're gonna go prime rose for the sake of Valentine's Day for the sake of bee and pain we're gonna do prime nose so a quick word about this this is their fruit pigmented pomegranate oil anti-aging lipstick and I love it it literally smoothes on your lips like butter and it actually feels like a lip moisturizer I love this lipstick okay so I very rarely ever use mascara because my mother told me when I was little that it makes your eyelashes fall out on special occasions on really special occasions I'll use it and this amazing mascara was sent to me and I'm really excited to try it it is the maracuja oil mascara colored from black tea leaves the only thing that I didn't get to it that I didn't really try was this peach best concealer if I we're gonna use a little bit I would just dab a little bit under my eyes and kind of blend it in a little I don't feel they need to do too much of that today but I will try and do a little bit more of that in a future video because and we're in a hurry and I need to get some of my outfits on today so and it actually makes before I get dressed I really need your help I have about five outfits picked out and I need your help picking which one that I want to wear so in the comments please let me know do you want one two three four or five are you ready [Music] thank you guys so much for helping me figure this out if you want to know what I ended up choosing to wear head on over to my Instagram and check it out at fully rock Christina I want to thank you guys for joining me in this video today I hope you have loved it I've had so much fun spending this time with you you haven't already hit the subscribe button and hit the thumbs up if you want more like it and ask me your questions below let me know which outfit below and so much more a special thank you to 100% pure you guys are awesome and I appreciate you infinitely for those of you who need the products the links to the products you can check them out in the description below I've listed it all there for you sending you all my hugs in my love I gots to go I'll see you soon you