hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today's video I'm giving my mom a mommy makeover we're gonna do her hair and her makeup today and this video is actually sponsored by Madison Reed you guys know that I've used them before back when I had brown hair and so when my mom was talking about meeting a new hair color I was like well let's try Madison Reed and do your hair this time so we're gonna do her hair and it's gonna be like a very deep dark red almost purple so that's what she wanted and we were actually able to talk with the people at Madison Reed and come up with the perfect hair color for her so we're gonna go ahead and get started now this is what the hair dyeing kits look like from Madison Reed inside you will get a set of gloves some barrier cream so it doesn't stain your skin some wipes and of course your hair dye then you just want to mix the solutions together and be sure to shake well before using [Music] so my technique is to use the hair dye like shampoo this is the way I have always done it and I've been dying my own hair since like high school and actually my mom taught me how to do it so I know this is how she does her hair too and it works great every time so I just start by putting the hair dye into my hands and then I massage it in the roots and focusing on her gray hairs first and after I have completely covered the scalp we will work our way down to the ends of her hair so while I'm doing that I wanted to tell you guys a little bit more about Madison Reed and why I genuinely love them so much it is the long quality affordable local hair color so I love that they are low chemical because whenever you're doing this it doesn't have like a very chemically smell as you guys can see we have the door shut behind us and you can't smell any chemicals at all you can order Madison Reed products on a membership or on a one-time order on a membership you get to set the frequency which you want to receive your hair color so when your roots grow out your color is there waiting for you and you can change your hair color and cancel your membership at any time and with the membership you save 20% on every hair color kit their hair colors are free of resource and all PPD parabens and ammonia if you guys want to get 15% off your order today and free shipping use the code love Meg 18 I will have all of that in the description box below just in case you guys want to remember it [Music] so after 30 minutes of letting the hair dye sit on her hair she washed it and this is what it looked like when it was wet and so then I just started styling it for her and I started by having her flip her hair over upside down and drying it that way this is great for getting extra volume in your hair so if you want some volume you could try this out once I had it damp I also applied some of Madison Reed styling gel and this helps to create a smooth and frizz free style [Music] after I had all of her hair dry I started to curl it and I actually just posted a how I curl my hair video earlier this week so if you guys want to learn how to do this I will link that video down below but this way you guys can see what the curls look like on shorter hair just in case your hair is shorter than mine [Music] [Music] lastly I used all my Mary Kay products to do a makeup look for her and I just wanted to mention that I talked to my mom the day after we did this makeover and she wanted me to tell you guys how excited she was that the hair dye didn't stain her pillow she said normally the night after she dyes her hair red it always stands her pillow and she called me so excited to tell me that that didn't happen this time [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] but really quickly this is the before and this is the after she loved her results and it was so cool to see her keep looking in the mirror and saying how beautiful she felt [Music] alright guys so we are all done and I think she likes it love it so happy we got to do this the color turned out perfect and my makeup is unbelievable I never wear makeup like this in my eyes she really knew how to make them pop I love it it's it's sweet you're welcome she didn't spin like this every said she saw her results she's like oh my gosh I just love this and I love then the pearls it makes the hair colors stand out yeah yeah and whenever I did the Madison read – it was so like shiny and I feel like you're getting that look to him like wig but really shiny and stuff so I'm glad she loves it thank you so much for doing this video with me yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to leave it a thumbs up if you did and hit subscribe if you are new to my channel and I will see y'all in the next one bye [Music]