I haven't slept I usually feel like I am just dehydrated I really like starting the day with a glass of cold water because it helps wake me up it's really refreshing time to wash my face this is the top to Harper regenerating cleanser that I really love it's exfoliating and it also smells like citrus it's really really gentle I feel like it's hydrating but cleansing at the same time it's really just a nice balance next up serum this is the guava a pure serum and I apply this directly onto my face from the dropper this is really awesome for right now any kind of redness when your skin is feeling tired it is a nice an amide and zinc serum so it absorbs really quickly and I find that it really helps reduce redness and refreshes my skin and now my absolute must-have this is the organs ginseng eye cream and I've been using this eye cream for years I really love it and it's one of my favorites which is a big thing because I don't love very many eye creams thank you so much to origins for sponsoring this video it's really awesome so I've been a fan of this for so long it really helps to brighten and deep up your eyes it's really cooling and energizing because it has caffeine in it and it also has brighteners in it so if you look at the eye cream it's kind of like this light pink color so when you put it underneath your eyes it instantly brightens your eyes and deep up some helps with any kind of darkness or bags that you have and it just feels amazing I will put this on so you can see put a little bit on my ring finger and I kind of just divided it between my two eyes and then I Pat it in and you can see that it just instantly brightens up my eye area I'll actually wipe this right off so you can see what it looks like before so this is with the eye cream on and this is with nothing so it definitely brightens it up and just catches the light in a really nice way and I personally think that this eye cream allows me to just wear less makeup because it's hydrating and it's also brightening my eyes at the same time which is great news for me because the last thing I want to do when I'm tired is put on a heavy concealer underneath my eyes I feel like it just accentuates everything more and makes me feel really weighed down time to moisturize this is my favorite moisturizer right now it is the belief aqua bum it looks like this it's a really bouncy gel consistency and it's super hydrating but doesn't feel greasy so I just take a little bit on my finger like that and put it on my skin and it is so refreshing it almost feels like you're putting on a moisturizing face mask it really creates an instant glow on your face without any kind of shimmer gotta have my sunscreen this is the glossier sunscreen which is awesome because it's clear and it's really light it's SPF 35 I like using it as just a really simple light sunscreen last but not least some face mist this is the herbivore Rhodes hibiscus coconut water face mist that I tried in travel size and loved so much or not the full size I'm just going to finish this off by spraying my face and it really just helps refresh my skin and also helps wake me up because putting on face masks kind of startles me every time I do it you'll see by my face my face probably looks like I'm not enjoying it but it feels really good I just make that face every time I don't know why all right now it's time to make up but first coffee [Music] if I'm really tired and I haven't slept my skin tends to reject makeup this is something that I've learned over the years when I'm feeling really exhausted I try to keep my makeup lighter and focus on brightening protecting and hydrating my skin instead of trying to cover things up I'm trying to make everything feel a little bit better starting with eye primer surprise NARS eye primer back at it again if you follow me on instagram stories then you may have seen what happens when I don't use this primer on top of that some cream eyeshadow this is Mac's Indian wood Paint Pot which is a really pretty brown gold color and I'm just going to put this on my lids a little tiny bit I don't want it too much it has just the right amount of shimmer in it so it catches the light I also feel like it creates a little bit of depth following up with an inner corner highlight so I wanted to use a different brush but I can't find it so I'm using an angled eyeliner brush for this by the way this is Mac's rice paper I'm just putting a little bit of this on the inner corner of my eyes to help brighten them up a little bit and I really like rice paper because I feel like it looks natural it's nothing super super shimmery on my face I'm starting with a little primer this is benefits Porefessional I like this primer because it's really nice for a base for your makeup it just kind of blurs your pores and I also like that it's a little bit more hydrating without making your skin feel greasy a lot of time primers that help with your pores are really mattifying and drying and that is the exact opposite of what I want right now this is really perfect especially for days when I'm tired I also like to press it in into the areas where my pores are a little bit bigger using some tinted moisturizer today because my skin just cannot handle any kind of foundation right now this is the origins ginseng SPF 40 energizing booster tinted moisturizer and this is a new product from origins that I have really been loving I'm a huge fan of tinted moisturizer but I especially love it on days like today when my skin just full-on rejects foundation I just put a little bit on my hand like that you can see that it starts off with no color and it just kind of blends in as you put it on your skin which I really like because it makes it a great tinted moisturizer for summer especially as your skin tends to change in the summer I just apply this with my hands and it smells really good the smell is super refreshing and energizing it has a nice citrusy orange scent to it it nicely covers your skin without feeling like a makeup caked on your face it just kind of blurs over everything with a nice sheer tint and it's also really hydrating I can feel the extra moisture just going into my skin and I love it and there's SPF in it which is always a plus I'm using a little bit more underneath my eyes because I'm not going to use any kind of concealer we're all human and we all have days where we're tired I'd rather feel good than feel like I have to take on a bunch of stuff I've seriously been loving this especially with all the traveling that I've been doing recently if you're interested in trying this out I'll have a link down below for you guys and if you want to try some other products from the ginseng line you can use the code Ingrid at checkout and you'll get a free duo of a couple other products from the ginseng line and one of them the scrub cleanser is one of my all-time favorites cool I'm going to put a little bit of blush on my cheeks this is the gloss a cloud paint in beam this so far is my favorite shade I really really love it and I actually really love mixing it with the other colors too it's a really pretty peach color I put it on one finger I'm going to tap it onto the other finger I have the perfect amount for each cheek I'm going to start with this one top it on with my finger and blend it in and I love these they're not drawing or Gracie and they're really easy to blend and you don't need that much product either the color is just so beautiful I officially have all the shades now because I'm obsessed with the club it's one of the best things that glossier makes I'm going to set everything with a little bit of powder this is the bareMinerals matte powder and it has no color to it and I'm using just the tiniest amount kind of right in the center of my face and all my eye brows too because I feel like it helps when I fill in my brows time to fill in the brows this is the Bobbi Brown long-wear brow pencil I like it because it has a brush on one side pencil on the other side I'm just filling in the sparse areas still ground out dumb brows it's almost been a year I can't believe it a little brow gel to hold everything in place this is glossy a boy brow and I'm just combing this through my brows a little bit I like to backcomb them ever so slightly so the front ones kind of stick up a little bit I just come through the rest time to curl the lashes after that a little bit of waterproof mascara this is cover girls club apply mascara which I talked about so much I'm just going to say that and assume that you know that I really love it finishing everything off with a little bit of lip cream this is one of the new fresh sugar cream lip treatments it's the colored gilt I love these because they commented too and they're really hydrating and you get a really nice sheer glowy color Gill is one of my favorites I've been using it a ton but I also feel like there have been so many matte lip products over the years that it's nice to just have a little bit of shimmer all right that's it keeping it really comfy with jeans and a t-shirt I'm gonna go change alright time to get this show on the road literally by