[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel so today's video I'm gonna share with you guys our guest bedroom tour we are so excited about this guest bedroom all of us have been saying that it's one of our favorite rooms in the house now but it kind of came at a perfect time because our kids actually had separate bedrooms before this and we ended up putting them both in the same bedroom and bunk beds and it was mostly because of peppa pig our kids with Peppa Pig and they wanted bunk beds because of that and so we decided to go ahead and let them have that and it kind of came at a perfect time because about a month ago my cousin moved back to where we live around where we live and she's going to college here and she was staying in a dorm room and she just wasn't like loved again a hundred percent she's a little bit older than most college students and so she just wasn't loving it a hundred percent and so we decided to go ahead and open up our guest bedroom to her so she's been staying with us about two to three nights a week oh it's been a lot of fun having her around as well we're really close to her she was in our wedding so anyway like I said the guest bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house now we only ended up buying like two or three things and using a lot of things that we already had when I thought of the guest bedroom I really wanted it to be cozy like that was the first thing that came to mind just cozy and feel like home to anyone who's staying there we have a lot of people coming to visit us this fall and winter and so I really wanted to be able to use it for them as well so I just wanted it to look cozy and feel like home so everyone can kind of feel relaxed when they're staying with us so I hope you guys can see that with the way I've decorated it and let's go ahead and get started [Music] this is just an overview of how the bedroom looks when you walk through the door the quilt is from Walmart and it also comes with pillow shams as well well you have to buy the pillow shams separately but it has a matching set is what I mean and the bed is actually a hand-me-down and we got this pillow right here from I want to say Ross or a t.j.maxx and then I also put a blanket at the end of the bed and that is also from Walmart but I just wanted an extra blanket for any guests just in case they get cold and it's super cozy this iron piece I put above the bed just to kind of give it like an illusion of a headboard but I had this already got it from Hobby Lobby and I just spray painted it blue and I love the way it looks and on the other side of the bed I just put this mirror and mirror came from Walmart as well I think it was about $22 so not very expensive at all but I just loved the way it looked and then I put a lamp over here the lampshade is from kirklands and then the lamp itself came from a Christmas gift years ago and then I just took my column that I got at Hobby Lobby and stuck it in here as well and put some greenery around the lamp and I love the way it looks so on the other side of the room I just have this dresser and it came from Walmart and this plant is from Walmart as well you guys know that I shop at Walmart all the time so the majority of my stuff comes from there and the candle from Walmart and then I just have this room freshener and it is from Burlington Coat Factory and it smells amazing makes the whole room smell so fresh and this entire lamp is from Walmart so over here I just put this I guess you could call it a hutch or some sort of table but I love the way it looks I got this from home goods and I just thought it was super classy and I could also put some things inside so I put some DVDs in there just in case our guests want to watch any movies while they're here and I also put a candle in there and just some books I also ended up putting a basket with just a few essentials like some snacks and some face wipes mouthwash a razor some lotion I want to pick up some toothbrushes and toothpaste but you guys kind of get the idea [Music] and then on the other side of the bed I just got this candle stand and it was from a yard sale years ago and I just love how the yellow candle looks on top I feel like it really ties in with the quilt and then lastly on the other side of the bed I just have these pictures we got these while we were in Savannah and so they are pictures of Savannah and you guys know if you've been watching my channel for a while that is one of my favorite places so I just felt like it really tied the room together perfectly so that is it for this room tour I hope you guys enjoyed it leave it a thumbs up if you did and don't forget to subscribe if you are new and I will have some more room tours in the description box below and you can click one here right now and I will see y'all in my next one bye [Music]