this is way too good for your own good for your own good I like it you like it we all like it it's hit it or it takes two to make a thing go right it takes two to make it outside just kidding you guys this is way too good for your own good it's spooky wookie boom hey you guys it's Christina and happy early Halloween are you guys ready to make its spooky delicious nice cream ice cream treat for the googly goblins of are you guys excited to make a very delicious googly goblin Eve spooky trick or treaty banana and ice cream me too one of the reasons why I love making fully raw vegan recipes during Halloween is to show people that you don't have to eat candies or processed sugars or unhealthy foods to enjoy this spooky season it can be delicious and fun and creative and healthy good for your body the environment the animals and so much more I have a special announcement I have just released a brand new fully raw Halloween ebook filled with 20 delicious raw vegan recipes that you can make and share and enjoy with those you love this spooky season so if you guys are interested in giving any one of these recipes a try the e-book link is in the description below and I know that you will love it they're simple they're quick they're made without any processed sugars or candies so if you guys are interested in my new Halloween ebook if you're interested in one of these spooky delicious and sweet fully raw vegan recipes definitely check the link in the below alright you guys are you ready to make a spooky wookie goo blini gobbling me hocus-pocus Eve nice cream me too trick-or-treat boo to make this spooky creamy and delicious nice cream I'm gonna be using my Vitamix blender I love my Vitamix blender to make any type of ice cream nice cream banana ice cream it just makes things creamy so good everything that comes out of this blender is truly magical if you guys are interested in getting a Vitamix you can use the affiliate code that's on the screen and get free shipping the first step in making this delicious nice cream is I'm going to blend two ripe bananas and approximately six to seven frozen and peeled bananas I'm going to add in just a touch of coconut water and a ton of cinnamon right after that I'm going to add in one large scoop of Sunwarrior of vanilla protein powder I'm going to blend it all together until it becomes frothy and creamy and tastes just like vanilla ice cream if you don't want to use coconut water you can also use one cup of raw almond milk and I showed you how to make that in a previous video you can watch that video by checking the links in the description below go ahead and pour your vanilla banana and ice cream into a bowl stick it in the freezer and let's get ready to make the other portion of our nice cream after you've rinsed out your Vitamix go ahead and grab four super ripe persimmons and a ripe persimmon is one that is extremely soft to the touch and it almost seems that it would be rotten but it's not it's just very gooey and extremely soft to the touch we're gonna go ahead and squeeze in the insides of these four persimmons if you want you can also add in one cup of chopped pumpkin of raw pumpkin into this mix add a dash of cinnamon and off you go to blend this up until it is completely creamy how good does this look after it's all blended go ahead and put it into a separate Bowl and also stick it in the freezer for about 10 minutes once you have both of your mixtures we're gonna take a large bowl and we're gonna add in our vanilla ice cream we're also gonna add in our persimmon nice cream and next we're gonna swirl in some activated coconut charcoal as you can see we are making a nice cream using Halloween colors we have white we have orange and black using a spatula swirl all of these together not too much so that they take on a various spooky vibe grab a glass jar of choice and stack it on in how cool does this look I think even the goblins would be impressed with this one you guys ready for the final taste let's give it a try I'm so excited about this mmm creamy it's delicious it's Pooky Wooky dude mmm it's so good mmm it is so good mmm this is amazing if you want more Halloween recipes I think you should hit subscribe mmm you totally need to hit subscribe because this is just so good all right you guys if you have liked this recipe which I'm already in the middle of eating the whole jar so I'm just gonna put it down be sure to give this video a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button below I'm happy to have you be a part of the family if you want more of these recipes don't forget about my Halloween ebook that I just came out with the link is in the description below I'll put it on the screen for you as well all right you guys can't wait to share with you more cool awesome videos coming up send you all my hugs and my love and I'll see you in the next video okay