– Today, we're going to talk about some Halloween safety tips. (mellow jazz) (kiss) Hello and welcome back to Millennial Moms. If you're new here, I
am Kimmy, and welcome. And hit that subscribe button down below so you don't miss any videos, and give this video a great big thumbs up because today we're going to talk about some Halloween safety tips. Oh, my goodness, it is
the Halloween season and I'm excited. I love Halloween here at my house. Can you tell? It could be a ton of fun. The kids love dressing
up, I love dressing up, going out trick or treating,
being amongst the neighbors, going to new neighborhoods,
collecting as much candy as possible, right? Right. But there are also some things
that we need to look out for. So I'm just gonna give
you a few safety tips to help you on that night. Now I have two teenagers
and they love going out with their friends and just staying out a little bit late on Halloween. If you have a teen driver
that's going out that night, definitely express to them that they need to keep a more of a
vigilant eye on the road. Kids dart in and out crossing the street, so I stress to my teenage
driver, you're going, you're crawling through the neighborhoods. Crawling. Okay for my other teenager who loves to go out in the neighborhood,
be with his friends, sometimes, if they feel
cool in the moment, they'll knock on the door and get candy, but for your cool teenagers,
that like to just go out, I like to tell my soon to
not dress all in dark colors, to have something reflective on them. They could even put some
reflective tape on their back, or their arm, or the front of them, something where people that
are driving can see them. Definitely, wear some reflected gear so that others cars notice them. Okay, for our little ones
that are trick or treating, also have them have
something that's reflected on their costume. One of my favorite things
is getting glow sticks. Yes, glow sticks that they
can wear around their neck, or somewhere visible that
they are glowing at night. Also flashlights are a good thing to have on Halloween night. If they're just carrying
around a flashlight, they get lost from you for a moment, because there could be a lot
of kids in your neighborhood, they have a light so they
can see where they're going, and other people can see them. We also like to pick neighborhoods that are nicely lit, that
way we can see our children and drivers and other people
can see our kids as well. Definitely encourage my kids
to stay on the sidewalk. If there are no sidewalks where
they're trick or treating, to walk up the flow of traffic so that the cars can see them. That way, we can see them as well. Definitely stay as a group. This is a good one for
your teenagers as well as you and your little ones. It's always safer to stay in a group. And for our little ones, they get so excited
running up to the houses and getting that candy. I like to stress to them,
do not enter anybody's home. And it is a fun night. Lots of tricks and treats, but definitely keep a vigilant eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Well, out of the ordinary for Halloween. One thing that we like to
do for our kids is inspect their candy when they get home. We like to look for anything
out of the ordinary. If it's a homemade treat, we keep them from the neighbors that we know, that we're friends with, but if it's someone that we don't know, we, either one, try not to pick that out of the treat
bucket, or we do toss it. Just, we just, it's better
to be safe than sorry. I like to tell my teenagers
and my little kids to only knock on the homes
that the porch lights are on. Porch lights that are off usually means they are out of candy, or
they are not participating. It is amazing when we
turn our porch lights off. And we have a sign that
says, Out of Candy. The kids still ring our doorbell. It's amazing. Oh, Halloween is so much fun. I enjoy going trick or
treating with the kids, I enjoy opening the door, and giving out treats to the kids. What is one of your favorite
things about Halloween night? Leave it in the comments. Also, for us parents, any
other tips I didn't mention, please leave in the comments below, so we can have a fun, safe night. Alright guys, thanks so much for joining Millennial Moms today. Really appreciate it. If you like to see more
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