[Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome to our Hawaii home tour okay let's get started I'm gonna start with inside of the house and then I'll show you the garden tour update after that after opening our front door the first thing you'll see is Elvis's Christmas tree drawings that he proudly himself we recently remodeled our kitchen and if you've been watching our videos for a while you probably noticed a big improvement we spend the majority of our time in the kitchen and living room together when we are at home so it's really nice to have such a cozy and comfortable space to hang out together now and we finally have proper shelving for our produce which gives us the space to cut chop and use the table together as a family [Music] so here's what our kitchen looked like before we remodeled it a couple of the appliances had major cracks in them when we bought the home or didn't work properly and there was an extra door in our house which didn't really make sense to us since our home is about 800 square feet not very big so it was kind of a waste of space so we knocked down some pointless walls and got rid of the extra door to open it up had a kitchen island put in made out of concrete got a country sink and added in space for a new window which we are still waiting for the window to arrive same fridge as always nothing new here our contractor was so awesome that after getting to know us he realized how much we care and work towards me eco-friendly they took extra care to recycle and reuse as many of the materials from the original space as he could to integrate back into the house like how he took the old flooring material and made a shower floor slab out of it for an outdoor shower area the new floors we got our tile floors that look like wood and I'm in love with these floors so much which I got at ceramic tile plus in Kahului Maui I'm so happy with the store not only because of the quality and care that goes into their products but also because of their customer service I've been into ceramic tile plus a bunch of times over the year for when we redid the kitchen and our bathroom as well so I wanted to share with those living on Maui to check out ceramic tile plus for flooring and cabinetry if you're remodeling your home service is outstanding timely and always friendly and I'm super happy with everything I've gotten at the store I've partnered up with them so if you're living in Maui use this discount code over the next year when you come in to ceramic tile plus to get 20% off your bridges when I found this video it was right before Christmas so a couple of Elvis's presents sandi daddy and me were already under the tree that he wrapped by himself and this picture is one of my favourites of me and Elvis when he was 1 years old in the living room we also have a coat rack which mainly gets used for beach towels and vegan canvas bags by in the sole shine and there's not only one or two cane spiders hanging out in our house as well they are big but harmless and I actually find them kind of endearing we just leave them be and they leave us be to the first door down the hall is our bathroom which the boys take lots of bulb acid we got the cabinet at ceramic tile plus and used it as a vanity then put regular towels on top as the counter space to save money instead of investing in a big slab of granite that was out of our budget I also recently switched to bar soap to wash our hands instead of fallout soap which I'm loving because it avoids the plastic containers and works just as good I really love these old wooden shutters in the hallway next up we enter the boys room [Music] [Music] Sani could you play the car somewhere else not on the computer will you pick them up and I'll move the computer and then you can play it right there thank you that better [Applause] [Music] [Music] and now for the garden tour I did a garden tour video earlier this year so check it out if you want to see how much it's transformed in just the last 10 months as you can see we have lots of banana plants in our yard and they are doing so well we have all different varieties like apple bananas and Cuban red bananas we also have some red lady and exotic of the Pyatt plant and a few are starting to flower next to the papayas and planting mini Gardens with red Russian kale dill pigeon pea and these beautiful Mexican flowers which helped bring butterflies and bees to pollinate the plants our fairchild mango tree is doing amazing as well it has grown a lot last year and this is by far my favorite in our garden that I'm looking forward to enjoy in our future which probably won't be for a few years though in the corner Andrew planted a banana circle where he dug a pit and plants and a few bananas around it we had compost the pit which feeds the bananas nutrients and it's really good for the soil so far we have three garden beds filled with two different kinds of arugula red Russian kale Dino kale tomatoes peppers daikon radish Okinawan spinach and we've recently planted some cassava and Tongan spinach as time goes on we're finding what veggies grow best in the area we live in European lettuces like romaine green leaves and butter lettuce don't grow well and the climate were in but the tropical greens like cog and spinach could tuck and Marengo do great we planted some katuk about five months ago and it's thriving we also have basil which is doing great this is our white sapote tree if you don't know what white sapote is it's a fruit that tastes like a creamy custard a pear we also have a Kahaluu avocado tree which is doing much better than it was six months ago our friend David helped us plant comfrey around our trees which needed some love to break up the soil so the roots could grow easier a few months later plus a lot of rain and our trees started doing so much better we add a ton of mulch wood chips and homemade veggie compost to our garden well I say we but Andrew does all the carny work I just thanked him with back massages afterwards this same day we planted three baby coconut trees as well which I'm pretty sure are the last trees we're going to plant and have space for lastly we have loads of liliquoi also called passion fruit we only planted three small liliquoi starts a little over a year ago and they have taken over our entire fence we pick about ten liliquoi a day off the ground and give away whatever we don't eat to friends we like to add little koi to smoothies add on top of fresh papaya and even frozen banana ice cream this is our compost that Andrew made with my dad when he was visiting the island composting is super easy guys we just add our fruits and veggies scraps and skins to the pile and add a layer of cardboard paper or mulch in between each dump it doesn't smell bad because it's composting properly all it needs is some ventilation and the proper mix of wet scraps to dry scraps and it'll create healthy compost for your garden so that's it for our Hawaii home and garden tour be sure to follow me on instagram @ @l and fisher for more pregnancy updates and shares about my life and what i'm inspired by i post more frequently on instagram so i'd love to see you there [Music]