hey guys I hope you're doing really good today I am filming an FAQ video today so go ahead and leave me your questions you can go ahead and post them on my last Instagram post or send me a DM message I'll do my best to get to as many as I can and I look forward to seeing your questions [Music] oh well hello you guys happy Friday welcome to my channel I'm so happy to have you here with me today because we're gonna be doing an FAQ video and I'm so excited about this I have just posted a request for your questions on my Instagram stories and so I'm going to wait for a few of those to come in I've had a beautiful morning I woke up I did some yoga and went for a walk and now I get to spend time with you guys I don't know about you guys but I love that thank you videos because I get to get a little bit more in depth with you guys about certain things and I get to know exactly what questions you have what you need answered and they're just super fun there's a little bit more lengthy than other videos so if you have some snacks or if you need to take some breaks all good I'll put the questions in the description below so you can see exactly what I'll be answering today and I don't know about you guys but I'm really hungry right now so in the meantime while we're waiting for the questions to come in let's make some breakfast shall we [Music] [Applause] [Music] I probably have some of you all over my face well not what's really good and I'm sorry if I have something yell over my face that's just how things work sometimes and that's okay let's get started on these questions shall we this one is from Kraft spells hey Christina I've been following you since 2011 thank you you were very inspiring I have made numerous attempts to go raw since I started following you what always brings me to stopping is extreme mouth pain and tooth ache from eating certain fruits do you have any advice on this I've never come across any great answers on this issue well craft spells I wish I knew your name but I'll just tell you craft spells I will just say that when people tend to eat a lot of citrus or acid fruits what happens is it can begin to wear on your enamel quite a bit and that can really affect even when you bite down on something the kind of or the amount of pain that you have in your mouth I know for a fact that drinking orange juice every day probably isn't the best for you because that citrus juice is really strong any type of acid or citrus fruit like lemon oranges sometimes Tomatoes and you can even look it up online there's and you can google a pH scale of the acidity of different fruits or vegetables I bet that if you started off drinking a ton of green juices without any type of accident and maybe perhaps something super light like cucumber celery kale romaine ginger and I know that that sounds like pure green terribleness but if you started off just eating that and maybe if you could add in one apple just to kind of like and the taste a little bit sweeten it I think that would be really good after that if you're still having mouth pain I would go and see a doctor see a dentists and ask what kind of opinion that this person has another question would be do you have the same reaction with sweet fruit as you do with citrus fruit and can you eat things like cucumbers and avocados and can you not eat certain things and I would look first into managing the pH of your food and figuring out if that's what's really sensitive after that maybe even look into hot versus cold and if your mouth is sensitive to certain things like that as well next question comes from monisha malik i love your name girl that is a cool name hey KB how do you beat winters with all cold food I am struggling well Manisha I will just tell you this my food isn't necessarily cold it's just room temperature and I know that when you hit wintertime and it's freezing outside especially if you're like in the cold and winter states I made a YouTube video on this years ago there are so many different things you can do to keep yourself warm that don't have to involve food and my number one thing that I always tell people to do is to get in a good workout like really get in a good workout yet so wetting get your muscles moving and your breath moving and your blood pumping get so much activity and that you really like create heat in your body enough heat to carry with you until your next workout so to speak take warm baths warm showers light candles have a fire blankets cuddle up with somebody you love body heat it doesn't necessarily have to be cold food if you're already cold but for instance but for instance some days there are times where they're just room temperature you know I'm gonna be coming out with a warmer raw soup recipe pretty soon and I think that's don't really like it'll be a warm tomato basil soup so stay tuned for that and in the meantime start thinking about what brings you warm other than food and that your food always doesn't have to be cold you don't have to add ice in it you don't have to keep it in the fridge room temperature can sometimes be really great too and I know I've said this before but I'll say it again you can do whatever feels good to you I'm a raw vegan because I love how it makes me feel I love all of the energy in the food I love consuming high vibe food high energy food I love all my fruits and my vegetables you have to do what feels right to you in the end of the day and so I love raw food I do raw food if you want to know about raw food I know how to make it happen so no pressure no pressure do at the end of the day what feels best to you next question comes from three three bird three I hope I said that right free bird three but like fries with the e3e hi KB can you please post about foods to help with acne preferable hormonal acne I would love some more tips you know I should probably do a whole separate video on the acne topic because I know it's a really big deal and I have people who ask me about my skin my hair my beauty my everything oh my everything all the time I am such a huge advocate of a raw and vegan diet because one of the biggest benefits is having super clear and glowing skin you know dr. group wrote a book called health begins in the colon this was years ago I remember reading this and it changed my perception on our bodies and our systems because I remember reading if our digestion is our number one portal of elimination right like all of our toxins our poop and all of our waste gets you know eliminated through our colons for the most part and something just bit my butt hold on oh [Music] gosh sorry for the interruption I don't know how that happened some kind of a weird bug got in my pants and started biting me and that was really really weird so anyways talking about elimination when if your colon is clogged if you're not eating the right food and you have buildup in your colon your next portal of elimination is your skin so think about it if a lot of people don't have the right type of digestion and elimination they're not eating the right kinds of foods they're not eating nourishing foods they're not eating detoxifying foods a lot of toxins are gonna then try and enter through the skin and I have worked with so many people who once they've taken onto a raw or vegan lifestyle that their acne has gone away their skin has cleared completely and there hasn't been just one specific food that they've eaten that's helped to brush everything out and to clear their skin but it's been a wide rainbow assortment of different fruits and veggies you know eating a lot of fruits throughout the day eating large salads at night and trying to fit in as many colors as possible fruits and vegetables are high fiber foods they're the most nutritious foods on the planet to eat so I always tell people if you want to work on yourself just focus on eating what's seasonal what's local what's organic what's colorful and just have fun you'll see improvements and benefits from there next question is from Martha EDA or Martha Lara one of the – I can't quite tell from the way that her name is written but it's in Spanish una Feliz ano que me recomienda para subir el sistema in moon Oh logic Oh me that cincuenta Y Ocho onions so she's asking what can you recommend for my immune system I'm 58 years old and I have a great recipe coming for you and it is actually an immune booster and juice and I'll link that below for you as well next question comes from beautifully wild do you know what I can do for a UTI I think I have one it hurts really bad when I pee and after please I will say this any type of cranberry juice is great for you or even better if you can make fresh juice with any type of with beeps in it so I would recommend maybe carrots beet celery juice start off there add a little bit of lemon if you can drink 32 ounces of that every single day and it promise it will most likely get a lot better next question is from Tracy Mae Powell what's up Tracy hey Kristina I followed you for a while now and recently have gone vegan woohoo however my energy levels are still very low and I have two little ones and I need to keep up with them when going raw helped me with my fatigue or do you have any other suggestions Happy New Year hey Tracy this is a great question and this is the topic that I love to talk about a lot because many people really struggle with their energy levels when they first shift into a new type of lifestyle or diet especially a vegan or raw vegan one and the number one mistake that most people make when they come into this lifestyle is if they do not consume enough calories and so they feel really great for like the first two weeks of this lifestyle and then all of a sudden they hit this pitfall of energy and they can't seem to keep up with anything and it sounds kind of like this is what you're going through my suggestions would be not to be afraid of carbohydrates not to be afraid of eating more food if you need more calories for me I love to eat a lot of fruit throughout the day because I love to be able to have enough calories in my system and a carbohydrate to keep my body going so that I'm not tired from not lagging instant feeling I don't mind eating more fats as well than the evening on my salads to keep my energy levels up to so the number one thing I would recommend is maybe add in one extra fruit smoothie in your day to give you a little bit more energy and this is going to be a consistent process for you you're not going to notice like a change in like one hour but doing something every single day consistently is what's going to reap results for your body so maybe perhaps working an extra 32 ounce movie every single day for a week or two and see how much better that you feel after that I would recommend getting in some good sleep getting in some REM sleep getting in sleep you know by 10:00 p.m. if you can maybe working on your sleeping patterns are you dreaming what do you are you anxious about things are you emotionally exhausted that's never just one thing it's never just the food it's everything together so it's a holistic process and maybe just take apart one thing at a time and start from there and move forward I love this question this one is from Sophia and her avatar name is Sophia is totally not my name that's pretty funny and cute she said Cristina what if you want to go raw but you hate vegetables I'm already vegan and I'm trying to go gluten-free for the month just to see how I feel but I also want to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet but I don't know how to do it besides movies okay Sophia you don't have to like all the vegetables in the world you don't have to like all the fruits in the world I still don't like eggplant my mother you know made me eat so much baba ghanoush as a child but now I just can't even look at it and that's okay and sometimes when I eat carrots I have nightmares so it's okay I will say this though there has to be some fruits that you love and there have to be some vegetables that you love there are hundreds and thousands of variety of vegetables out there and I can guarantee you that you don't hate all of them if you can start with three pick three three vegetables it can be I mean even and for me I include leafy greens in this category so think of like kale romaine spinach celery and anything it can be anything but just pick three and just make sure that you have those three every single day even if just a few bites that will significantly help you and if that's still painful for you now why not just do smoothies three times a day until your body begins to evolve into change my taste buds have changed completely over the past 12 years things that used to taste smack to me now taste like Wow to me and keep in mind that you know your body your cells basically regenerate and restore and are completely new every 6 to 7 months so if you don't like something now it doesn't mean that you won't like it in the future kind of just have to wean your way in a little bit so my recommendation pick three things that you like start there and work your way up next question is from Ruby on e hey Ruby how do you cope with emotional eating I am definitely going to be doing a separate video on emotional eating and eating disorders and I do have some videos out about emotional eating as well and one of the reasons why I love eating raw food is because the water is high in water content and lower in calories it's very difficult to overeat on fruits and vegetables sometimes is it possible absolutely you can overeat on anything but overeating on raw fruits and vegetables is not the same as overeating on you know a fast-food pizza or hamburger or fries this food is actually nourishing for your body and it loves you back I truly believe that this lifestyle is all about self-love and taking care of yourself and being good to yourself and even if you did over eat on raw food for a longer period of time I have a feeling that's something inside of you would shift and I know that because it happened to me too I used to overeat when I was or sad or cry or whatever it was and then after a while it became more of like an act of self-love like hey I want to take care of myself so I'm gonna eat the foods that are good for me and that treat me really really well and once I got into the shift of like self-love I'm like respecting myself more overeating became kind of a thing in the past and it became eating more for like meaning to my heart's content and then and then whatever came from there and so for emotional eating I would say this eating raw foods because they're so detoxifying because they're so cleansing your body doesn't just cleanse the physical it also cleanses the emotional as well most people don't realize that but I remember when I was in Lebanon I and then a man he owned a raw food and vegan restaurant up and shoe and I met him immediately and I just started crying because I just felt this beautiful spirit coming from him and he immediately looks at me he goes oh you're definitely raw being and I see all the emotion pouring out of you right now and I said how did you know that he said you know because raw food raw food vegans people since sometimes be more more emotionally sensitive to things right like it brings up so many emotions in you sometimes it's not even about emotional eating but it's learning how to process your emotions as soon as they come up how do you deal with them how do you move through difficult situations sitting down and asking yourself how do I feel why do I feel this way how can I move through it what tools do I have to pull a positive aspect out of this is Grace present for me answer as always and moving through that emotional eating usually comes because we don't have a sense of controller we have anxiety we don't know what we're feeling that we don't know how to handle the situation but if you get to the root of the emotion the root of the problem it shifts everything and you no longer take it out on the food but you learn how to grow with love so I think I just covered a lot in that one topic I hope all of that makes sense I think it kind of does some raw foods definitely does bring up a lot more emotion and it's okay the food still loves you back and it's not there just to hurt you in any way so I hope that makes sense all right last question and then I'll save the other questions for the next FAQ video hey Christina I'm excited to watch your upcoming FAQ video well hey you're in it oh by the way this is from Haley e7 to – I know I have two questions for you is Kash your boyfriend and number two if you're willing please discuss your religious views you seem to talk about spirituality a lot but I'm pretty sure I've seen an insta story of you at a church service so please discuss how you incorporate the two in your life hey Haley number one we can talk about in a future video especially the whole dating raw food vegans dating thing how a lot of people ask me that question lately and number two if you're willing please talk about your religious views this is such a heavy loaded question so number one I will answer in a different video for you guys and I think a lot of people been asking me about my singleness a lot lately why I'm still single and also a lot of other people been asking me about dating raw vegans vegan dating all the above and for number two that is such also another very intense and powerful question and that may require a lot more time but to put it in a nutshell I am I do consider myself a Christian I was raised in a very Lebanese Arabic – you can Orthodox Christian Church both my parents are auntie Antiochian Orthodox Christian and so that is what I carry however having come across this lifestyle I've definitely developed an enormous amount of spirituality from this I love being in nature do I believe and much more absolutely I believe in the power of good and love and light and there's so much to be said about that but am I a spiritual person absolutely I do believe in energies and and I also do believe in the Bible and still do consider myself a Christian and more so I hope that helps to answer your question it's hard to get too much into detail about that but I promise I will in the future and I'll go with you alright you guys I hope that you have enjoyed this video I hope it's been helpful for you I'll be sure to write the questions below in the description that way you guys can skip and jump to whichever ones are great for you if you'd like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and in the comments write me other questions that you'd want me to ask and another ask me anything Friday a video or something like that and be happy to and hit the subscribe button because there's more excitement to come on my channel can't wait to see you all in my next video and I'm sending you all my hugs and Millis