hey guys today's video is going to be what my toddler is eat in a day and I think I have some really fun ideas for you guys these are some things we've been trying lately I don't really have picky eaters but I think this will help you out a lot if you do have picky eaters so let's go ahead and jump on into this video I hope you guys get some good ideas and if you do be sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe if you would like to see more videos from me and let's get started alright so for breakfast I decided to make these special bananas and you just put honey on top and cinnamon as well and the kids absolutely love these they're super healthy and very very easy for breakfast so if you have picky eaters this might really help you out just to make your bananas a little bit special I also like to use local honey because that just makes it a lot more healthier for them and so I hope you guys try this recipe out lunch was definitely my favorite thing this is a new thing you can try for your kids and toddlers and even babies just go ahead and get some ice cube trays and make we call these snack lunches and so you can put anything and everything that you think that they would like in there things that you might want them to try and just kind of make it your own we ended up putting cucumbers strawberries carrots my kids love black olives and we also put some chicken and pretzels and cheese in there so like I said just make it your own and have fun with it and the kids love this [Music] but for dinner this was another super easy recipe and something that our kids really love and it's basically just a hamburger without the bun so instead of using a bun and just wrap it in lettuce but for kids you can just go ahead and cut up the hamburger meat and the tomato and the lettuce and definitely give them some dipping sauce because my kids tend to eat so much better when I give them something to dip it in so that is what we had for dinner I hope you guys enjoyed this video and it gave you some ideas if you like quick little tip videos like this on toddler meals then definitely believe this video a thumbs up and I'll try to do some more for you guys and I'll see y'all next time bye