[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] good morning guys today's video is going to be a what I eat in a day video and I wanted to thank Tammy blams for sponsoring today's video and teaming up with me on this video I love TV blends I've actually been working with them or have worked with them in the past and just have been drinking their teeth ever since then it was a few months ago when I worked with them and if anything I love their tumbler like their tea is delicious – like I love their tea but their tumbler is really cool too because it has that little filter on the top so some of their teas are like loose teas instead of in the bag and so you can just dump it in there and then you don't have to worry about it getting in your mouth because it has that little filter on top so super convenient so that's why I am drinking for breakfast and I am eating one of these like five bars I don't know if you guys have seen those but it's not that great I'm gonna be completely honest with you guys it is not that great I'm eating it anyway because it's healthy for me and I got it in my PO Box yesterday so I just wanted to eat it anyway I'm going to drink my drink and get some food in me and see if I can wake up and that I'm drinking the alive tea this morning so that really helps me wake up a lot because we've been working out lately not even a week yet and we took our measurements this morning and I have lost haven't lost any weight which is okay with me because I'm fine with my weight but I've lost what was it I think an inch an inch in my hips and half an inch in my waist already and that's like five days of working out so not bad at all I'm super happy with that progress so anyway I'm gonna drink this and get myself going I think we're gonna go to the paddleboats today so I really need my energy so drinking that a lot of tea gonna eat my nasty five bar and go on with my day but you guys be sure to go check out Timmy blends I will have their link down below in the description box and I also got a coupon code for you guys so if you want 15% off of your order be sure to use the code Meg white [Music] [Applause] [Music] so I totally forgot to take my vitamins this morning and I got asked in the comments on one of my videos if I did take any vitamins so I'm gonna show you guys the vitamins that I've been taking I don't have one of them with me and that is vitamin D I went to the doctor like last summer and they told me I was vitamin b12 deficient and vitamin D deficient so I have my vitamin B here with me and I do take that one but I'm out of vitamin D so I do take that it's just not with me today so but I have four other vitamins to show you guys so here we go so the first one I've been taking is this woman's like energy metabolism and bone support it's just kind of like a multivitamin so I've been taking this one and then I take two of the vitamin C's and then I take one of these super B complex vitamins and then this one is the st. John's wort mood health and it's just for like emotional balance my mom used to take these when I was a kid and she kind of talked me into it and I love taking these it's like a must so because I am an emotional person so I just I love those they do a lot for me and so does the vitamin B like I can definitely tell a difference when I don't have my vitamin B so I definitely need these but being deficient in those vitamins the D and b12 it's like you definitely do have like these mood not necessarily mood swings but your mood can vary being deficient in those vitamins it causes like depression which I don't have depression but it does cause depression and it's probably because I am taking my vitamins that I'm okay because I can definitely tell a difference if I'm not taking the vitamins and I will be a little bit like well a lot more tired um you know have those mood swings that you don't want to have so anyway I highly recommend taking those if you are deficient it makes a huge difference [Music] and now we are done with the paddleboats did you guys have a good time yeah so fun we're gonna have to do that more often but now we are going up to our Clubhouse in our neighborhood we're gonna eat something there so once we got to our grill I had a turkey and cranberry wrap and to be honest this wasn't that great either I don't think I'll get it again but it was pretty healthy and I got some water to go with that and I ended up kind of eating some of the kids salad as well now they did request a salad Ross loves lettuce and Julie loves the hard-boiled eggs that come with this and so we just got them a salad to split and I kind of ate a little bit off of theirs too since I didn't eat much off of my turkey wrap [Music] [Music] around five o'clock I started to cook some dinner and we were just making shrimp on this night so I put some olive oil in a pan and for my shrimp I just do salt and pepper garlic powder paprika lemon pepper parsley flakes and I just do all of that in there to taste so I really don't measure anything off I just kind of like eyeball it and see exactly what I want in there on the side I cook some brown rice now I always get boil in a bag I know it's cheaper to get just the like regular rice but this is the only way I can make rice and it tastes like it's cooked exactly right so I like to get the bowl in the bag and I just made some broccoli and cauliflower and some corn to go with that and everyone else in the family had rice with theirs except for me I'm just not like huge on carbs I never have been so I didn't have any rice with mine and I just made myself some water to go with that [Music] so we just got the kids to bed and I'm making myself a snack I took a little cat nap on the couch if I look tired I am I am so tired but I need to eat something because I've got it edit this video tonight and I'm also like cleaning up our bedroom tonight we washed our sheets and everything so I've still got a little while before I can go to bed so I'm just making myself some of these pineapples I'm gonna put them in here and I was gonna show you guys some of the snacks like snack food I've been loving lately these caramel corn little chip things it's like rice chips from Quaker they are really good dipped in peanut butter so that's one of my like guilty pleasures and then I've got these from at the Adkins brand and it's like the peanut butter cups if I want something chocolatey then I'll have one of these and then the last thing that I've been loving lately are these little cookie things from Pimm's I found these in the grocery store and you can actually have two of them for only a hundred calories over here so this is one thing I've been loving lately it for like my little chocolate snack too and they're really cool like the breading is like cake and then it has like the raspberry on the inside and then the chocolate on top so I have been eating these like crazy like whenever I need a sweet snack at nighttime I'll have like two or four of these I can have four of these and still not feel too bad about it but I'm probably just gonna eat a bowl of pineapples right now and then later on tonight I'll probably grab one of these but like I said I need to go ahead and start editing this video so I'm gonna close it here I hope you guys enjoyed it leave it a thumbs up if you did and hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel and I will see you guys in the next video bye