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with Millennial Moms, and today we are saying, “Hello 2018.” (upbeat music) (smooch) So welcome back to Millennial Moms, if you guys are new, we'd
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this video a thumbs up. But today we are talking
about the new year. We are talking about 2018. I'm sorry, but I just
got used to writing 2017 on documents and stuff, now
all of a sudden it is 2018, just crazy. But today we're gonna be talking about how we can go ahead and
make 2018 a success. So a new year means new
goals and a new you. Look back at 2017 as a learning experience and just think what didn't
work for you in 2017. Think about things that
just didn't go right or things that you didn't accomplish, and just reevaluate why
those things didn't work, why you didn't accomplish them. Not to look back and be
like, oh my goodness, look at all the stuff that
I didn't accomplish in 2018. Look at it as a learning
experience on, okay, how can I go ahead and
tweak it so then we can have a successful 2018. Next thing are short term goals. Now I am a big goal person. But not only do I have long-term goals, which we'll get to in a minute, but I also have short-term goals. And short-term goals means every month. Like every month I sit
down and I write down short-term goals for myself, short-term goals for my YouTube channel, whether it's, you know what, this month I'm gonna concentrate and make sure I drink more water. So I'm gonna go ahead and
put little alerts on my phone to help me remember that
maybe throughout the day. Grab that glass and go ahead
and fill it up with water. Another one is, maybe
it's a grocery budget. Go ahead and set yourself
up for a grocery budget and try and see how much
you can go ahead and save, and make it like a fun
challenge for yourself. So for me, short-term
goals are very important and that means every single month. And that just goes ahead and breaks it up to something small, but
something that you know you're going to be able to accomplish. If not, you can go ahead
and make some changes for the next month. Now we're talking about long-term goals. These long-term goals are
anything from like six months to a year, whether you
wanna go ahead and save for a winter vacation next
year, then you kinda need to figure out how much
you need to save for it. And maybe that long-term
goal goes hand in hand with the monthly goal,
that you need to try and save X amount of money to
achieve that long-term goal. So definitely go ahead and make sure you have your short-term goals
along with your long-term goals. Here's the next one, but it
is super, super important. Do not over goal yourself. Now I know I just got done
talking about goals and definitely having your short-term
and your long-term goals, but don't make goals that you know you aren't going to accomplish. Don't set yourself up for failure. Don't go ahead and put
yourself where it's like, I wanna save $40,000 this year, and pay off two credit cards and $10,000, and go ahead and save
for a $10,000 vacation. Like, that's not realistic,
at least in my life, it's not realistic. So definitely go ahead and make sure that you're not overexceeding your goals so that you can actually accomplish them or get extremely close
to accomplishing them. Even if you don't accomplish your goals, but you come in so close and you know you have worked your best,
that is all that counts at the end of the day. Next one is use planners, use your phone, use sticky notes, I am a
big sticky note person, like I have to have my
planner, which is like for my doctors appointments and, you know, car appointments and stuff like that. Then I use my phone to go
ahead and really put in, like, the kids' school stuff, whether
they have a minimum day, or they don't have
school on a certain day, or just things along those lines. And if I do have a doctors
appointment, I will go ahead and input it into my phone. And then I have my
planner, which I really use for, like, my YouTube stuff. So I have pretty much
everything across the board. Then I also do, like,
daily lists on sticky notes because I am just a very visual person, I need to see everything written down, in fact as I'm going ahead
and filming this video, I have my YouTube planner right here. And like I said before, I
set reminders on my phone all the time, I'm constantly
having a million alarms going off on my cell phone. And definitely set those alerts so that you don't miss a beat with anything. And lastly, get on a schedule. I realized from this last move how much of a schedule person, family we are. We are very much so, get home from school, and then we try and do this, and then we get to bed by this time, and we're up by this time. But to me, that like brings the normalcy, and it brings, like the comfort of knowing what is going on. Being a mom, there's so many
pop up things that happen throughout the day, and
just life in general, that having a schedule and
trying to stick to a schedule is just the best for our family. And guess what, if a
schedule doesn't work, we can always change it. Nothing's set in stone. And basically we're
just gonna try and work and get on a schedule that fits us best for that particular season of life. So that is it, I hope you guys
enjoyed these little tips. Let me know what your
guys's goals for 2018 are. I would love to go ahead
and read them down below. Don't forget, if you
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