welcome to my channel I am doing a review of the book here I am by Jonathan Safran foyer and I'm excited to talk about this book today I want to warn you guys that when I review books I'm really not I'm not interested in just critiquing it like a literary critic I'm interested in talking about it from the perspective of a reader um I just don't find it to be my place to slash down a book and also I am NOT a very critical person when it comes to reading believe it or not I actually love most of what I read unless it's awful a book like this is extremely ambitious there's a lot not only is it super thick it's a long one um but it's handling these huge themes about I mean not just family and marriage but Judaism and religion and and kind of like a Jewish person's place especially in America and where a Jewish person can call home which I have no experience with because I'm not even a little bit Jewish but I found it really fascinating to read and fascinating to understand his perspective on this I'd be curious to know if any of you guys are Jewish and you did read this if it if it like rain true if your upbringing was similar your if your experience with your religion is similar to the authors or rather to the characters in the book overall I really love this book and I would recommend it to some people I wouldn't say Oh anyone will love this book I would have some caveats with it but I loved it and I was honestly every time I was reading it I felt like this like my heart was racing even though most of the time nothing very dramatic is happening like nothing it's not like an action book at all it's not like these crazy things are happening I which I just felt like I was on the edge of my seat even though they're just having conversation in the kitchen because so much was held within the dialogue I like the way he handled dialogue I like that it felt like a play sometimes because it was so much dialogue and very little exposition I really really enjoyed that my favorite favorite part of the entire book was the section called the Bible which is his explanation of the TV show that he creates I felt like every single line was so packed full of emotion and understanding of his family life and an understanding that I feel like is just so specific to them to the block family of course there's the big parallel of the earthquake within the family versus the earthquake in the Middle East I mean you can't really miss that but I thought it was done very well there were a couple of things where I I didn't really enjoy the 15 days after when I was basically just spouting the news what was happening in the news I found that a little boring everything else I thought was handled really beautifully and I I I loved it and I cried I definitely cried um I cried at the end I just bawled for the last few pages I if a book makes me actually cry it's a good book for me I mean I and it and I laughed I laughed you there's so many funny observations I love when they just observe things that are like oh yeah and it's just it's like perfect it makes me laugh out loud but the ending I cried so hard it wasn't what I was expecting for me a book is a book is about making you feel something it's not for me it's it's not about achieving some sort of you know big literary thing and clearly there are things in this book that are relevant to the author's life I know that he he has separated from his wife the author so I don't know how much is autobiographical but it doesn't matter because regardless the honesty in this book truly made me feel something very deeply I was moved a few of you gave me gave me your reviews and I just want to read pieces of some of them this one is from Afton oh geez Afton M Cafferty is what she said she said this was a hard book to read emotionally I was very interested and flew through it it is difficult to read books about angry people I had to keep reminding myself when I put down my book and reacted my life that I'm not angry about everything and neither is my husband they thought so much about everything and expected so much when I was caught up in the story it made my contentment seem so seem too simple like only a simpleton who didn't want more would be content so that what was so hard about reading the book um and I understand that I guess I've just never had a hard time reading books about angry people because I think that we all go through really dark times and some people just like feel it a little bit more than others I've just I've never been turned off by by reading novels that are that are difficult emotionally I'm more drawn to those types of novels possibly because I don't know I do struggle with depression so maybe that's why I can't it resonates with me and I can I can definitely relate to it but I can understand my mom is the same way she does not like reading novels about anger or or dark emotions so I understand this is from someone who hasn't quite finished the book yet but she wanted to give her two cents Arianna Perez there are some passengers that I found truly beautiful like the way he describes how everyone in his family perceives the sound of time and the way Sam referred to the different types of kisses I love how much this book is about family and how he makes you feel like you're a part of it I agree and then Valentina sterlink sorry I'm having trouble with the names she shared a couple parts that were really meaningful to her so I'm just gonna read one of the quotes that she shared they started to collect things whose insights had an aspect of being larger on there than their outsides the ocean contained in a sheet seashell a depleted typewriter ribbon the world in a mercury glass mirror everything seemed to move towards ritual jacob picking Julie up from work on Thursdays the morning coffee and shared silence Julie replacing Jay bookmarks with small notes until like a universe that has expanded to its limit and then contracts for its beginning everything was undone I like that too I think the way he was describing Jacob and Julia's relationship was like it that's no other relationship everyone has this really specific relationship between a married couple or or you know a partnership and it's described within those details so I loved how he did that as well and then this is a review from Melinda's Drew's prose this was a very well-written book the dialogue was amazing as you're reading you're wondering if these things really happened to him because the dialogue rings so true cons the book was just too long I started to his interest halfway through alright I feel yeah overall I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who doesn't really get offended easily Jonathan Safran Foer definitely covers topics that um might offend some people and it does get a little like sexual which I did warn you guys about I'm so excited that I would not recommend this book to anyone who is like struggling in a relationship I think it might touch some tender buttons um if you're maybe like going through a divorce or maybe just having a hard time in your relationship it might be really difficult to read because that is such a huge part of the story I think he's an incredible writer I think I would I would be I would kill to write like him if you didn't have a chance to leave you review or what you thought about the book just go ahead and comment below I'd love to hear what you thought maybe you read it at a different time and didn't join us in our book club I really love to do these book club things with you I haven't figured out the best format for them so let me guys know what you think of me just doing like a review video like I'm doing right now I'd love to hear your feedback or if you prefer the live videos and I don't think they work very well but you guys if you liked them let me know and also I will be announcing another book for us to read when I'm in the mood because that's it's just not a consistent thing it's just like hey you want to read this book with me type of thing okay that's all thanks for watching guys I will see you later