healthy body healthy mind healthy spirit are you guys ready let's get started [Music] hey you guys it's Christina and I'm so excited because today I'm gonna be showing you a high-protein salad recipe it's fully raw it's vegan it's delicious and it's filled with so many different rainbow veggies that I know you are going to live for many people don't realize this but you can actually get protein from your greens from your veggies from just eating fruits and vegetables you don't have to consume dairy or meat or any other type of supplement to get the amount of protein that your body needs it is good for the environment the animals your body mind body spirit all the above this recipe is a win-win for everybody involved I recommend eating this high-protein dish for lunch or for dinner after a workout to really refuel your body and also it is a bit more savory it is a bit heavier to satisfy all of your cravings and to absolutely just make all of your tastebuds explode I'm gonna be making a creamy citrus avocado final recipe to address on top of this salad and that is so much fun to make as well all that being said I hope you guys are excited to eat because this recipe is so good for this recipe I'm gonna be using my kuvings high speed vacuum blender it blends up every single little tiny seed and it sucks out all of the air so that your food doesn't oxidize and I'll be using it to make my dressing today after we assemble our salad the first thing that we're gonna do is assemble our high-protein rainbow veggie salad in a bowl of your choice go ahead and lay down a bed of fresh spinach leaves after this we're gonna sprinkle in some soap the garbanzo beans or soaked chickpeas maybe half to 1 cup of these when you're ready after this I'm going to add in some sunflower sprouts some green beans even some alfalfa sprouts some colorful baby red bell peppers you can add in some asparagus some colorful heirloom baby tomatoes fresh sage leaves fresh oregano leaves or any other herb of choice doesn't this look beautiful and you would never believe that this has so much protein in it once you've assembled your salad push it to the side and let's go ahead and make our avocado citrus fennel dressing when ready add into your blender approximately 1 to 2 large ripe avocados after this add in either 1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice or simply add in one large navel orange add in one giant stalk of fennel the juice from two squeezed limes or lemons a pinch of Himalayan salt and any other herbs of choice you can add in sage oregano rosemary parsley or basil and if you want this dressing to be even more high-protein you can also add in some raw shelled hemp seeds because I'm using my kuvings blender I'm gonna turn on the vacuum seal first to take out most of the air and then I'm going to use the auto feature to blend it and when it's ready it'll turn off by itself you can see how absolutely smooth and creamy that this looks something else cool that happens is when you release the suction you can see how much air is released from the glass with just like that so it kind of picks me when ready you can drizzle this on top of your beautiful salad and ladies and gentlemen I present a high-protein veggie salad recipe it's fully raw it's vegan and it is absolutely gorgeous Bon Appetit this looks delicious I cannot wait [Music] Wow hmm this is so good this is so creamy and has every single flavor and texture in it oh this is amazing you guys are going to love this salad this is so good I'm convinced that if more people ate one dish like this a week they would want to consume less animal products for proteins this is amazing if you guys are excited about giving this dish a try be sure to give this video a thumbs up and comment below and hit the subscribe button if you want more tips tricks or recipes on how to go fully raw you want to find me on my other social media you can find me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter I'll be above at fully raw and fully rock Christina all right you guys I'm excited to go and eat this salad and I hope that you get to go and do the same sending you all my hugs in my love and I'll see you in my next video bye [Music]