– The holidays are upon us. (“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”) Hello and welcome back to Millennial Moms. If you're new here, I am Kimmy, and don't forget to hit that
subscribe button down below so you don't miss any videos and give this video a great big thumbs up. The holidays are upon us. We want to give to our loved ones, our coworkers, our friends, our neighbors, and sometimes trying to find a gift idea can be really stressful. Okay, today I'm going
to be sharing with you four hostess gift ideas
that you can give out this holiday season. Now they're really good for the hostess, but they're also great ideas
for teachers, neighbors, coworkers, all of the above. I'm excited to share this one with you, it's one of my favorites. It's stove-top potpourri and you've probably seen this one a lot but it's so easy and very inexpensive. You can make up a lot of
these and hand them out. What you'll need for
the stove-top potpourri is a cup of cranberries, an orange, a couple of sprigs of rosemary, and as many cinnamon sticks as you want. I have two big ones here. And then we're gonna put
in some whole cloves. So for the stove-top potpourri, I'm going to put it in this
Christmas cellophane bag. The first thing I'm going
to add is the orange, a cup of cranberries, the cinnamon sticks, and a teaspoon of the whole cloves. There's sprigs of rosemary, oh that is going to smell so good. Here are the tags that I printed up for the stove-top potpourri. I will leave you the pin
that I got this idea from, where you can get this printable. You can also put this gift in a mason jar. And it has a printable here, on how you make the stove-top potpourri. All they have to do really,
is just slice up their orange and add water. This is a great hostess gift, and it's something that can
make her house smell so yummy for the holidays. This is a fun one, I kinda made it look like a wreath. I picked out four holiday
scents of the melting wax and tied them up in a ribbon and then just spruced it
up with some rosemary. Okay this is just so simple. Just pick your favorite melting scents, put them together, I'm just gonna make it
festive with this red ribbon. (“Deck the Halls”) Not only is this just super cute, but it's scented as you give it to them. It smells so good with that rosemary. I want to share with you
spa in a bag (laughs) I think this is a great
one also for the hostess. You can put lotions and
body sprays in the spa bag. You can also add in a little massager, that'll feel so good on their back. You can also add in a face mask for them, so that way they can truly
have a spa experience. And you can also add
in a lip balm in there, something nice and soothing. And there you have a spa in a bag. This is also a really good hostess gift. You can use wine or sparking cider, this is sparkling cider, and I picked a very
festive holiday dish towel. This is a thick towel, but it works. So what you're going to do
is fold it in half lengthwise and then where your line is, is where you're gonna put your bottle. You're gonna grab one end, and grab the other, and you're gonna tie it in a knot. Once you've tied it into a bow, okay, it doesn't look too bad, but you could spruce it up even more. And then I added this rosemary, you could use fake floral
things with berries, or twigs if you want, but it's just a nice way to present wine or sparkling cider to the hostess and not just handing them a bottle. It's just wrapped with
a little bit more love. Well thank you so much
for joining me today. I hope that got the
wheels spinning for you on some gift ideas that you
can give this holiday season. Why don't you leave us down below some gift ideas that
you guys have though up for your hostess or
neighbors or coworkers, because we're always looking
for gift ideas to give out. Well thank you so much
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