all right so today I'm bringing to you guys a Christmas nighttime routine this was just something really fun that we decided to do before we left for our vacation just one that lasts like Christmas little party at home and so we decided to make some cookies at first and I was gonna share this recipe with you guys but I'm gonna be completely honest I'm not the best Baker and they didn't turn out like a hundred percent they were edible and they were good but they were not great so I don't know if I'll be sharing the recipe I might just put it in the description box for you guys and I mean I even made the recipe wrong just because I don't have enough patience so that was probably my problem but if I can find the recipe that you're supposed to do then I will include that in the description box for you guys but like I said it was pretty good it wasn't amazing we actually had some of these at my husband's Nana's house she made these and she probably did it the right way because hers were amazing and I mean Nana's make things amazing anyway but so that's the first thing we did was just make those cookies and then after that we decided to make a pallet on the floor in the living room so we could watch a movie in there [Music] [Applause] so the movie we picked was Santa Claus is coming to town we love these claim nations we actually watch those like year round because our kids love those so much and then we put the icing on top of our cookies this really made the cookies like extra good because like I said the cookies weren't that great themselves but once you put the icing on top it was really good go along with that I just put some popcorn on the tray and then I made some peppermint hot chocolate for myself no one else wanted it but I really wanted it and I thought it would look really festive for this video too and give you guys some ideas so I got this peppermint hot chocolate and this was actually a gift to me and I know a lot of you guys are gonna ask about the mug that came from Target and I just put some whipped cream and some peppermint topping on top of it and I loved how it turned out and it was super yummy too [Music] I don't know what got into my kids this night that they were wrestling and like play fighting all night you're gonna see more of that later on in the video but for now we decided to play some games [Music] one of our friends sent it to us in the mail and it is just a Christmas bingo game and the kids love this one and then we also like playing this matching game I got this one at the Dollar Tree and the kids love playing this one as well we play it all the time [Music] so here we go this is all the fighting and wrestling I was talking about you guys might have seen this on my Instagram story the night we filmed this I put a lot of this footage on my Instagram story so if you don't follow me on Instagram you definitely should because you get to see a lot of light the behind-the-scenes footage of all these videos and stuff Molly definitely did not like it she never likes it when they are like play-fighting is just so precious [Music] after that was bath time and I got these Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer bath toys from Target and after that we just read a Christmas book right before bedtime but that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it please leave a thumbs up if you did and this is my last video before Christmas so I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas and is filled with family and friends and like I said follow me on my Instagram if you don't already so you can see what we've been doing at Disney World and I will see you guys in the next video bye [Music]